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We've seen the history of the War Zone Meta, so let's take a look at the most broken guns along the way. These are the guns. The developers messed up on the guns that acted in a way that was not intended, with some of these guns only being available for a few days. With that in mind, you're not going to see things like the DMR or the Interceptor or like, really metad-defining guns, although they were very broken; they weren't necessarily gamebreaking.

Also, some of these guns didn't even make it to my history of the War Zone meta article because of how unorthodox they were, so welcome to the entire history of broken guns in War Zone. Right at launch, we had the snake shots, which we've talked about way too much on this channel, so I won't spend too much time here.

Now, a season or two later, comes a couple of patches that always bring a handful of Nerfs and Buffs, one of which was the Famas, which was pretty useless in the war zone up until this point and decided to buff the damage range, among other things, but somehow within this buff, the underbarrel shotgun, specifically the Famas, got caught in the crossfire.

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No pun intended, and it resulted in one of the craziest exploits we've ever seen in war zone history. The attachment was a one-shot kill at a pretty considerable distance, which no other shotgun was capable of at this point. If your first shot didn't down them, it really didn't even matter because the fire rate and the hipfire accuracy were also really good on this, but I would say the craziest thing about this is that it didn't even take up a weapon slot since it was an attachment, so you still had a fully functioning Famas for your mid-range engagements, which wasn't anything crazy but was still pretty dang good than you had probably the K98.

As your secondary, you recovered at all ranges. This was one of those things that did not last long at all and was a complete mistake that slipped through the cracks and probably resulted in somebody getting fired. The new season means new guns, and in season 6, we got the AS Val, which was a fun concept kind of like an AR SMG hybrid type, but with that also came a 10-round magazine that buffed the bull bullet penetration to infinity.

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Now, with the Famas underbarrel shotgun. I kind of understand how that one makes it to life since it's kind of like an unorthodox attachment that nobody really uses, so, like, you know, maybe they just don't test it, and it was also a bug, like it wasn't intended to happen, so, like, you know, people aren't really going to be looking for that, but with this.

I absolutely have no idea how it made it to live—how did it even make it to live, servers? Game the crazy thing about the SpR is that it also launched with season 6 alongside the AS Val, which means everything I'm about to mention coexisted. With everything I just talked about with the AS Val, everyone loves a new sniper, so when the spr dropped, everyone was pretty hyped.


It had one shot to the head and pretty quick mobility, which was looking to compete with the Kar98, which everybody already loved. Well, let me tell you, this was a Kar98 murderer, and it had all the perks of the Kar98. But the only difference was that the damn thing was hit-scan. For those that don't know what hit scan is, it's when the bullet of the gun is a laser and essentially doesn't really exist in real time and teleports across the entire map immediately, which means no bullet drop and no bullet time, so when a gun's velocity is infinite and also one shot to the head, it causes a lot of imbalance and also rewards a lot of people who have no idea how to snipe.

I mean, seriously, hitting 300+ meters Snipes was just like a breeze; the game honestly kind of turned into CS. Go for it for a minute since it was just like all you had to do was aim for the head no matter how far away they were, which was just really, really broken and annoying. I don't hate the idea of a hit-scan sniper, but just make it not one shot, kind of like War Zone 2.

That was the whole thing with War Zone 2; they were really easy to use; they just wouldn't one shot but whatever, and looking back at it, this may have been the most unstable state of the game when you think of this existing simultaneously. With the AS Val, there's also a theory that they purposely make the new guns bugged and broken so it drives up the battle pass sales, but I don't know, but in season 6, you're really looking.


I get that the scope helped with the range, but seriously, what the hell is it? This for the remainder of War Zone 1's life cycle, there wouldn't be anything game-breaking other than all the ridiculous Vanguard guns being very easy to use, which brings us to the launch of War Zone 2, where the Aikimbo P8 90s were like the best close-range option in the entire game.


If you haven't noticed by now, there's kind of a trend here with Kimbo and Brokenness. I'm not sure how, but they can never get the akimbo attachment right in this instance. I'm pretty sure it was bug to double the damage, but the I mean like double the damage per gun so in theory it was quadrupling, the damage in total, this resulted in you being able to one shot anyone who was fully plated as long as you hit bull shots in the head which mind you that wasn't even possible for snipers at this point in the game which was crazy but even if you didn't hit a head shot so only took two shots which was just like super broken, with the crazy rate of fire and also, like insane hipfire accuracy, this was ruining end game's left and right the amount of people who had run right shield and just rush your building with confidence because all they had to do is just Spam left and right trigger was so stupid thank goodness Resurgence wasn't in the game yet because this would have been extremely annoying.

Remember when I said at the launch of War Zone 2 that there wasn't a sniper that could make one shot? Well, that was actually kind of a lie. The new Victus XMR at the time had a bug where if you put the explosive ammo in it, it could take one shot. Now. I don't really consider this broken at all, but I thought it was worth mentioning since technically it wasn't functioning how the developers wanted it to, like they were super duper anti-One-Shot head shots.


We can also sprinkle the fact that a few months later the incendiary ammo would also get bugged into allowing a one shot with certain snipers, which again. I don't think is broken whatsoever, but definitely not what they had in mind. Also, for fun, let's go ahead and mention the St. Patrick's Day sniper.

This was not a bug; this was fully intended. They added this for like a limited time mode, but this sniper would one shot no matter where you hit them head, foot, or torso; it would one shot down no matter what. After all these bugs, like towards the end of war zone 2, they finally decided to make an explosive ammo one shot as long as it was a bolt-action sniper rifle.

Today we take a look at the history of broken guns in warzone. Now this isn't necessarily the same as guns that were overpowered more so guns that were bugged and were exploitable. Pretty much guns functioning in a way that was unintended. Comment which one of these made you the most mad and let me know what videos I should make in the future.
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