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Ranked resurgence coming!

Ranked resurgence coming!

The biggest update with season 2 of War Zone is the fact that Fortune's Keep is coming back, and it is also bringing ranked revivals for the first time ever. Just to clarify, there will still be pubs or public lobbies when Fortune keeps dropping on the new old map, so if you want a more chill version, you and your squad can still jump into that.

But for this article, we're going to focus on the ranked update that is coming, where we will go through everything set to come with this mode this Wednesday.

Ranked overview

So jumping right into this ranked revival will only be played on the returning map Fortune. The main criteria for being eligible to play the mode is that you need to be at least level 55.

This will be a trio's only mode, like ranked V was last year, and there are no plans for other squad sizes. At this time, the lobby will have 51 players, or 17 total teams. Circle three fire sale occurs, and Circle four, or restock, happens to hopefully help out towards the end of the game. If you are not fully kitted out, vehicles with turrets will be restricted, along with weapons and other features you would find in the public lobbies.

Ranked play bans

Ranked play bans

The confirmed ranked play band so far has no one-hot snipers, no respawn flares, or spawn tokens, so the only way you come back is by respawning from your teammate staying alive or being brought back via the buy station. No fire shots or snake shots. No thermos, so smokes are still going to be elite, and lastly, no riot shields.

A lot of these rules are similar to those ranked on Big Map last year, so if you mess around with that mode, you already have an idea.

Climbing the ranks & divisions

And the main purpose of drinking is to climb the ladder, and there are two ways of doing that with your skill division and your overall rank that can earn you rewards.

The skill division is probably the one that you've heard about the most, and that is your gold-silver diamond rank, with ranked Resurgence debuting. Everyone will start at the very bottom in bronze. It doesn't matter if you have 100+ days in the game with a 5kd or if you've only owned the game for 2 days with a 0.25kd.

We're all at Ground Zero. You will spend the season trying to climb out of bronze, going to silver gold platinum diamond, and then you got Crimson Iridescent. Finally, and finally, in the top 250 in the world, there are rewards depending on which division you finish season 2 in, as you can see here. The rewards of being an emblem and a decal are a little weak, so hopefully it gets better as the seasons go on , but how do you go up in divisions?.

How to gain & lose sr!

How to gain & lose sr!

It is all dependent on SR, or skill rating. There are several ways to earn Sr on a ranker surgeons map, and it all comes down to placement, kills, assists, and kills by your teammate.

There is a placement bonus at the end of the match that you may earn depending on how many teams were left when your squad was eliminated, as you can see here. The first couple of squads taken out at the beginning will earn a zero Sr bonus, and the winning team has an insane 150 points that will help you climb super quick.

Kills and assists are factored in similarly to gaining Sr, where you earn a couple points. If you eliminate someone, or you put shots into someone that a teammate down and finishes, and the SR gained increases, the fewer teams that are in the game initially. When there are nine or more teams left, every killer assist will earn you 5 Sr.; when there are four to eight teams left, you get seven; and then the top three get 15 Sr.


for each contribution. Kills from your teammates that you did not help with also scale in the same fashion, where you earn two Sr at the beginning, then three, and then in the top three situations, seven Sr. The last way to earn Sr comes from the seasonal challenges that give you sizable bonuses to climb fast that you will mostly complete with just playing, so you don't have to go out of your way to complete them, but that is a solid 1, 000 Sr up for grabs, so there are plenty of ways to gain Sr, but you can also easily lose Sr in a match.

Coming back are the deployment fees. Once you hit silver, it's a set Sr fee that will be taken away from every match, so you start the match with a negative Sr, and you have to play to break even and go positive to keep progressing in your skill division. The blog doesn't confirm the amount of SR per division.

It only says that it will be unchanged, so here are the deployment fees from rank war zone 2 to give you an idea. There's also one other way to lose Sr in a match, and that is the death fee. This is being introduced specifically for resurgence since you come back so often that there needs to be a penalty for full-sending non-stop.

Here's the list that Repuls put out on one of his recent YouTube articles, so every time you get eliminated, you will see that ASR is deducted once you are silver or higher. This will make everyone have to earn their division, and it'll be harder to carry people in higher ranks, as if you have one person that keeps going down over and over again, their senior gain will be significantly greater.

There is a safeguard to this, though: you cannot go more negative than the deployment fee you pay at the beginning of the match. So if you have a 20 Sr deployment fee, then you start out the game with a negative 20 Sr and say you get downed and wiped right away. You will stay at that -20 regardless if you keep going into the match and getting eliminated over and over again.

Overall rank & rewards + outro

Overall rank & rewards + outro

Aside from the division, there is also rank that you can progress with during the season, as there are stars that you can get every game you jump into. There are up to three stars you can earn per game, and it depends on the number of teams left in the match.

You can get one star for being among the top eight, two stars for being among the top five, and then three stars if you win the match. Here are the rewards you can earn for your overall rank. I'm a big camo guy, so that weapon camo at rank 30 is the goal for me, but that about wraps it up for this article.

I appreciate you hanging with me. Stay safe out there; I'll catch you next,

RANKED RESURGENCE is COMING TOMORROW! Here is a FULL BREAKDOWN of everything you need to know about the new mode! Along with Season 2 and Fortunes Keep, the brand new mode of Ranked Resurgence will debut February 7th.
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