News - Rebirth Island Returns With A Big Twist Warzone Season 3


Ladies and gentlemen, it is a big day because today we got our first look at season 3. Specifically, the big thing coming with season 3 is that, as you can tell by the title Rebirth Island, but not on War Zone Mobile or anything like that, it is coming to War Zone, and there's actually going to be some big changes, and I found some things in the trailer that a lot of people missed, and it's very, very big, not just for the map but also the story of Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone moving forward, and as you know on the channel.

I'd like to dive into that and give you guys breakdowns of what is going on there. Now the biggest thing that we are going to look at here is what happens with Rebirth Island on this map—what's changed, what's different—and that's what we're going to look at as we go through the trailer. I will say there is copyrighted music.

I kind of want to show you what the music is, just for a brief second, but I can't play it throughout the whole thing, but you'll see why all right. So here we are. This is our first look at Rebirth Island, more or less. It looks the same, but I'm going to tell you right now that I don't think this is the full map.

This is what it was like when we played it last time. The only thing I don't remember are these solar panels on the roof, but I could be wrong; they might have been there before. But the same thing: in the new area up in the top middle, we have the boat off to the side, you have the prison in the middle, and your various pois around the outside.


The lighting does look very different, and I will say it looks pretty good, and I hope that this is what it looks like when we're in the game. The one thing I'm a little bit worried about is that glare from the sun, which might be a little bit bright sometimes but is a little bit blinding if you're looking in that direction.

But all in all, that is what we are looking at, so let's start the trailer, and you can kind of see what I'm talking about, so we have the drop-in sequence. Another interesting thing is that the next thing we see is people coming in on boats, and I'm not exactly sure why that's there or how that's going to work, but we have people coming up.

cod new rebirth island

Of course, we have new skins. That season, we kind of saw those here, but you're going to see more of those as we go through now. This is an interesting scene; if I go back a little bit, it appears as though. This is actually a bunker that looks like a bunker door, and it appears as though we're going to have some sort of bunker or Easter egg going on Rebirth Island.

We have seen this before, and it appears as though it is going to be coming back again, as well as some new skins there as well as swimming underwater, which is going to be throughout the map as well. We didn't really see swimming in the war zone, so this wasn't possible, so it's always good to see them kind of incorporate this in ways that work, and here we go once again.

Now, we have the top water tower. I hate the top water tower, and I want to take a quick moment there just to show you something like this, like the scape. So first of all, we have the top of the prison. Here, the top of the prison looks pretty normal. We have the lighthouse in the distance. You're going to see why I'm showing you this in a moment.

cod rebirth island

Now, let's keep it going. We're going to have more of a look at the prison as we go through here, and you're going to see why. But now, let me just play the music for you here for a quick second while we're up top, because we've talked about everything we need at that point, but I didn't expect this.

One, it goes into metal music after that, but I can't play it because it'll get copyrighted. But interesting music choice now as we get into this as our characters drop in from the sky. I want you to pay close attention right here. Sorry, I paused it a little too late, so right here I actually need to remove my camera for a second, and you will see why if I remove my camera, you're going to see off in the distance.

Here, I'm going to slow the playback speed down to 0.25. I want you to pay attention to the distance there and look very closely right there. You see a giant smoke cloud on top of the prison over by Lighthouse, and you can see something has clearly happened there. This is going to come into play in a second, all right.

cod season 3

Let's go back to full speed, and let's go. So we see some gameplay in some various areas; we see some explosive barrels go off, so on and so forth in all areas that we know and kind of expect, and we know what is going on now where things get interesting. We have our trolleys, we have our zip lines, and when we actually get to the prison part of the map, which is going to be right here, first of all, we seemingly have smoke; we can see our characters have gas.

Mass on this appears to be the smoke from an ether nest, which we saw brought over into Fortune Keep and, I would assume, are going to be brought over into Rebirth Island as well. That is why they are showing it here technically. It could be a gas grenade, but I'm guessing this is indeed just an ether nest.

Then we're going to have those types of contracts on this map as well, where you can get the zombie perks, so on and so forth. Now that we get inside the prison, we can't see much as of yet, and in fact, we're going to see a little bit of a cutscene here where Marov is inside the prison, and I really want you to pay close attention to it once we get inside there because there's two interesting things that you can take away from it.


First of all, we have an evil bunny. That's another interesting thing because technically Easter is this weekend. So I don't know if they're putting out this bundle this week or whether it's going to come out to launch season one shortly after Easter, but we're getting an evil bunny as well. Now that we get inside the prison, pay close attention to this because, as of right now, the prison looks completely normal; the roof is there, and you're going to see why I brought that up in a second, but we have Marov here beating down on someone, but the roof is still completely there, completely intact, as you're going to see.

Soon it will not be so; in fact, that was the first scene that we had there. We had a vehicle driving on top of the prison. Driving down into the prison, you have a little thing there that you're going to see in a second, but the prison roof is completely destroyed. You can get vehicles inside, but the question is, how can you do it?

Today we look at the Return of Rebirth Island to Call of Duty Warzone with a big twist in Season 3. In this video we look at what has changed on the new warzone rebirth Island map and things you may have missed in the trailer. I hope you enjoy.
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