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War zone has a secret stat that you need to know about right now because it is the difference between your weapons absolutely beaming, and you missing every shot and not knowing why, since the beginning of War Zone meta and recoil control have been the two highest asked for things inside of any Loadout build you are always looking for the fastest ttk on a weapon and the easiest control weapon that you can get, but since the adoption of ö stand and it style weapons from Modern Warfare 3 we've had a secret stat that most people have been ignoring, and a lot of people don't even know it exist so we're going to go over that today and how it's going to actually dramatically improve your war zone gameplay, and the attachments you need to look for to make it happen.

Okay, so the first thing you're going to need is to unbox your Chronis. No, this is just a thrustmaster. No cheats here; this is going to be 100% usable by aim assist users, controller users, and keyboard and mouse users. My friends, this is going to help everybody be able to succeed in the war zone, so obviously share this with your friends, unless you want to just carry your friends and have them ask why your weapon is so much better than theirs.

So we're obviously at the beginning of season 2, but this will apply to any weapon that's come to you for season 1 or all the way up into the Modern Warfare 2 weapons. All the weapons inside the war zone are looking for quite a few different things to make them work. We're going to look at the first, the BP50.


And the Ram 9 because they're brand new, and so I know a lot of you are going to be looking for loadouts for those. Now I have the black cell blueprints here, and I want to let you know that both of these are pretty decent weapons. Not only are they decent weapons, but the blueprints are pretty decent, so if you have the black cell blueprint and you want to run it, go ahead and run it.

It'll be a good old time, and you should be able to get pretty much anything that you need done with them. But if you're looking to take your load one step further, this is going to be what separates your load from everybody else out in the war zone. The first stat we're going to look at is going to be for all of your muzzles, and every muzzle in the game for the most part are going to be offering one of a few different options: vertical recoil or horizontal recoil.

You're going to be looking at damage range, bullet velocity, undetectable radar, and things of that sort, but there is the one that's been being used the most through season 1, which is the Jack BFB. This has been absolutely nerfed to the ground, and it's not because of what you think. Gun kicks are vertical and horizontal.

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All of that is absolutely wonderful. It was just a 5% decrease on recoil control and gun kick for vertical, and then the big part that actually makes us almost unusable for most rifles is going to be the 18% bullet velocity. Nerf Keep in mind that bullet velocity is not only for something like when you're trying to hit a shot over a long distance; this is also how far you have to lead people when they're moving, and so a really big drop of 18% in your bullet velocity means you're going to actually miss more shots as people change direction in combat, so unless a person is sitting absolutely still, this is 18%.


Bullet velocity is going to be absolutely detrimental. To utilize this, this is the first big step in why we actually need to address this secret stat that you're not actually utilizing properly. Inside of War Zone right now, once we step away from the Jack FB, the next biggest fan favorite was the cashes break now this cashes break is the one that was used on the ram 7 almost exclusively until the release of the Jack BFB, but this cashes break is really good because one of the big stats for it is the extreme amount of horizontal recoil reduction while only removing a little bit of your ad speed and taking no other negatives, which was absolutely phenomenal for cutting down that horrible left or right recoil on the ram.

But here's the part where the hidden stat comes in. Most people aren't really paying attention to this, and it is actually the more important stat of what this cash break was providing. Firing aim stability, so if you've ever wondered why your favorite streamer, or least favorite streamer, or your favorite person to accuse of hacking, their weapon doesn't move when they're firing, it isn't actually because of recoil control or an assist for you keyboard and mouse players out there.

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This is actually because firing aim stability is one of the most important additional stats that you can reach on any of your weapons in the game because it allows iron sights to be absolutely abusable while also allowing for your regular optics, the zoomed optics, to have the least amount of rattle in them when you're firing.

Have you ever noticed that when you're firing some weapons, the reticle seems to move a lot but the bullets don't? That's because you have extremely high recoil control, but you have absolutely no aim stability, and specifically no firing aim stability. We're going to look at these weapons here side by side, so this is again the English black cell blueprint for the BP50.

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We're going to fire it, and you're going to see that it's really, really easy to control. This is a really, really low-recoil AR, but you're still noticing it's kicking back and forth. This is because one of the base stats that it doesn't have is actually any really good amount of firing aim stability; the default muzzle comes with one tick of firing aim stability, but the rest of it is very low, so it has it in the barrel, but the stock has none; it actually has negative firing aim stability, which means you're one for one, so that means you have actually lost one of your two.

You only have one stat of firing aim stability, which means this gun is going to begin to kick a little bit to the side. This becomes extremely apparent when you start dealing with weapons like the ram, and the ram 9 has a ton of recoil in the game. Until you learn how to really bring it down, you're going to notice that the entire back side of it rattles a ton.

Well, we're going to go over here, and now we're going to look at the ones that I built, so these are going to feature aim stability and firing aim stability along with recoil control, so now you're going to notice that the back site on this one does not move at all; this is the exact same. Bp50, with the exception of adding the firing aim stability.


Now let's look at the saber-tooth again. This is the same idea. This is the same weapon with the firing aim stability you're going to notice significantly. Less of that wag On the back side, this gun is not only easier to control but also easier to utilize, especially for keyboard and mouse players that don't have the actual added benefit of an assist.

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