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In this article, we're going to rank every single war zone map that War Zone's ever had and crown an eventual winner of the best war zone map of all time, and we're going to start off with the most obscure map that you probably don't even remember. Alra, Fortress is a map that is so bad it's not even really a map.

PT Resurgence was a section of Alaz that was released towards the end of War Zone 2, and not only was it delayed when it actually launched, but it turns out that it was just a mini-royale mode that disappointed. The entire player base is now funny enough. I actually like this map a lot and thought that it should have stayed around, but it turns out that Call of Duty either didn't plan on keeping it around or it just wasn't popular enough to even warrant being in the game, and with so many resurgence maps existing now like Vond.

Fortune's Keep Ashika and Rebirth Island, there's not really a place for a map like this, especially one that has so few players. One of the big issues with the map was that the zone was always rotating, so sometimes you would have a huge amount of water that was not really even that much of a playable area on the map to begin with, and I'm one who went out on a limb and said that this was Rebirth 2.0.


But it turns out that this map is not even a map now, while Fort Resurgence left the community wanting more and questioning what exactly went on. The same cannot be said for Asika Island. Asika island is next on this list but honestly it got a lot more hate than it deserved, that's because asika Island dropped when war zone was at its absolute, lowest war zone 2 had just came out with some of the worst mechanics in the world you couldn't plate and run the hit points and health were all over the place and honestly Community sentiment on war zone was in the pits and asika Island was the first Resurgence map after rebirth Island and Fortune's keep, so with the player base holding those two maps on such a pedestal asika Island honestly never really had a chance from the beginning and recently I made a article on how ashika island is probably deleted from the game because it hasn't returned and doesn't make sense that it ever will the way you could play Aika Island was very unique; there weren't a ton of tall buildings to camp on, unlike Vondo.


It's less about positioning in Aika and more about a diverse terrain with a lot of options for rotating and playing underground. And the only thing holding it back is the color scheme. I've always said that Shika Island kind of feels like you're playing on a Bob Ross painting because there's so much deep green and color that just doesn't feel satisfying to look at, but if you were able to get rid of that.

I actually think Asika is a pretty good map, especially with the movement in War Zone 3, but I think once a map drops and it has a poor sentiment, just like Alpha Fortress, the last map we looked at, that's kind of it for the community adapting and loving it, but that's not always true for Caldera.

cpreds rebirth island

Caldera is our next map on the list, and it's honestly one that people probably want to forget about, but it's hard to forget about something when the entire game gets named War Zone Caldera, as War Zone 1 did, even on YouTube now. If you look for War Zone 1 gameplay, it's been renamed War Zone Caldera, which is pretty weird because War Zone 1 was mainly impacted by the presence of Reber Island and Veran, but when War Zone Caldera dropped, it kind of ruined the game for a while.

There were some weird visual glitches where Xbox and PlayStation 2 players couldn't even play the game whenever they would load in. There would be sort of glitches that would prevent them from seeing anything past 50 m, and a lot of people thought that the game was over because we gave up Verance, one of the greatest maps of all time, for this garbage, but when you look at Caldera as a map, there's really two things that hurt it as a whole other than that it wasn't a terrible map.

fortunes keep

the first was that it was mainly a jungle but it corresponded to the launch of Vanguard, which was a World War II game it was very different from the terrain of her dance which mainly had cities, open areas, and general things like roads and rocks to fight on meanwhile now you're fighting in a rich jungle terrain where you can hide in bushes and among trees and there's not that many building fights, but that part is all fine and dandy except for the biggest issue which is that Peak was at the center with a large mountain in the middle you inevitably had to cross this in order to get to the final zones meaning that if you just stayed on top of the mountain you could hold everybody out the center zone of her dance having Superstore.

Hangers, and downtown was replaced with a big mountain and a jungle, and that didn't sit well with the war zone community, who honestly went to Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep during this time, but Caldera was at least good enough that people went back and played it towards the end of War Zone 1.

fortunes keep coming back

However, this next map I don't know if you can say that much about the next map that we're talking about, and I'm going to be honest. I'm going a little bit hard on Alaza because, well, compared to the other maps. I feel like Alaza was probably one of the worst ones, and that's because of its open desert terrain, the terrible mechanics that it dropped with, and the decline of War Zone overall as a result of its release.

On the surface. Alazar could have been one of the best maps ever, with great maps like the dome, which was based on a Modern Warfare 2 map, as well as the alra, cityscape, and therefore high-rise buildings, which once again should have been a hit. Alaza had a lot of different features, like massive resurging and the DMZ mode, that could have made it a huge success, but unfortunately, it was slowed down by the fact that there was so much open area, and War Zone 2 was the worst aspect of War Zone we've ever had.

However, when you compare Al Mazra to Ukan and his fans, I just don't think it comes close, and the only BR map that might be better than that is Caldera. Technically, you can go back and download DMZ in Modern Warfare 2, and you can still play all of Mazra as well as Shika Island to this day, but there's one map that you can't go and play, and that is Verdan.

new map

Verdansk is probably the best war zone map in the history of Call of Duty, and that's because it dropped at the height of the pandemic and gave everybody an escape from reality, but the terrain was extremely cool. Not only was there diversity where you could land in places like military bases and have wide open runways, you could also go to a very compact downtown and sit there and snipe with your HDR.

Today I'm ranking EVERY Warzone Resurgence map from S tier all the way to D tier.
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