News - Unlocking The New Secret Blueprint Made Easy (warzone 2 Season 3 Rebirth Island Easter Egg Guide)


There's a new Easter egg with Rebirth Islands returning in season 3 for War Zone, granting whoever completes it the new redacted blueprint for the DG 56, and today, we're breaking down how to do it. So this Easter egg takes you on a bit of a not quite grand tour of Rebirth Island, but you're going to a couple of different points of interest, all within one game, and you kind of got to race not only the clock if the Zone Pool isn't in your favor but also, you got to race your luck as well because there's a whole game going on around you people trying to take out the enemies and be the last team standing, but for this, there's sort of three puzzles that combine into one larger reward if you do them all, all can be done individually and grants you a bit of gear and loot with each completion.

But you have to do all three to earn that rare blueprint now, to geeky pastimes and cred lag in their crews. They were the first two teams that I ended up seeing complete this, but here's how to do it.

Step 1: restore power in rebirth island season 3

Step 1: restore power in rebirth island season 3

Number one: first, you have to grab an ID badge from the bottom of the main staircase in the manufacturing building. That sort of two- to three-story, larger staircase in the center of that building is where you're looking; it'll be found in a crate just beyond that blocked-off or caged-off storage room that is really dark and shadowy.

All you have to do is shoot that box on the floor, and the badge will pop out along with some other stuff that you can't actually interact with, but anyway, that's one of the first things you have to do here. You have to grab that ID badge, then sneak your way out of there and make your way over to the Coney Control building that was added in between manufacturing and chemical engineering, where those sorts of power stations are.

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There's that new building that you can loot the bottom of, but there's an upstairs, Second Story, that requires a key card to enter. That's where that ID badge comes into play. Use that, and then enter in and turn on the power that's going to turn on the hydr pumps. That's the first sort of little puzzle you have to complete here of the three, and in that, you'll usually be guaranteed a streak that comes along with it.

I've seen UAVs, mostly, but I have seen other stuff as well.

Step 2: stabilize pressure in rebirth island season 3

Well, Then, for the next puzzle, we're going to head over to the chemical engineering building—that long building right on the shore. Your goal is to reset the water level. In this puzzle, you're looking for three different numbers on three different floors that have cerlic letters above.

Two of those numbers will be on the second and third floors of the side closest to the prior manufacturing building, and the other will be on the ground floor closest to the bioweapons. The building you want to note with those three numbers and their corresponding cerlic letters will end up stabilizing the pressure in the control room of chemical engineering.

The furthest you can go on the ground level in chemical engineering, you'll come to a sort of control room that sees you have a big red button that'll reset that water level, three consoles, and three larger tubes. Those three tubes obviously have those cerlic letters, and you have to make them match in terms of number what you saw around those signs elsewhere in the building.

You do that by interacting with each of those consoles, and if you do mess up, it is fine. You can reset the level. You'll just have to restart that part of the puzzle over the numbers that don't change at all, so it's just having to interact with it to raise those numbers. Once you do, it will tell you that the pressure is stabilized, and it will spit out a little bit of loot.

Usually, I think that's always been a durable gas mask for you and your squadmates.

Step 3: decrypt the code in rebirth island season 4

Step 3: decrypt the code in rebirth island season 4

now the final piece to this overall puzzle comes in the industry building, that long building by Bioweapons, and also the helicopter pad in there. That new Second Story has a control room and a display case of multiple different items, and the computer at that desk will showcase a series of percentages.

You'll want to note those down in descending order, so your largest numbers are first down to your smallest numbers. Put those numbers in the keypad behind you at the display case, and if done properly, it will open up and grant you a few rewards, but okay, you've done all three of these individual puzzles.

How do you get the overall DG 56 redacted blueprint and the Easter egg reward?

Step 4: lift island lockdown (unlock rewards)

because you see it in the display case right next to you along with an advanced UAV, but how do you get to it well if If you go over to the right side of that display case, you'll see another big red button where, if done properly, above that big red button you'll see three green lights denoting that everything's done, and then you can hit it to lift the island lock down, and that secondary display case with a DG 56 and the advanced UAV will open up to which you can end up picking it up using that advanced UAV and earning that DG 56 redacted blueprint, and that's it.

That's how you end up getting that redacted blueprint and completing that Easter egg now individually. Each of those three items can be done normally, and again, they reward with specific content, so if you don't want to do it, all this in one game where you can't per se will still give you some loot even if you do just one or two of them.

The Coney Outpost with that key card offers up a free streak every time the water level puzzle will grant you a I've seen every time durable gas mask and the industry control room. Locker will grant you an armor box and your choice of vest, one per player if you're in quads.

The difficulty level of this season 3 easter egg

The difficulty level of this season 3 easter egg

Now, now I will say if you are attempting to do this, this can be tough to do if you go in like quads or something like that, where you're going to see a lot more communication, a lot more players, and perhaps a lot more team pushes.

It is something that can be tough now. I won't lie, the footage that you saw here of me completing it was done on my first try in Duos, but I genuinely don't think that I could have gotten a luckier start. Zone pulled where I needed it to be, so I wasn't fighting time or the zone, and no one really landed with me in my squad, so I had zero pressure for the first two steps, and there really were zero gunfight challenges the entirety of that run.

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