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This is the series where I go into great detail with all of the stats as well as some excellent attachment combinations for every gun in Modern Warfare 3. In today's episode, we're finally getting into the sidearm category, and today we're going to be covering the core 45.

Damage & multipliers

Damage & multipliers

And starting it off as always, let's have a look at our damage profile. With this gun, it's a guaranteed three-shot kill anywhere in the body in the maximum damage range, and in the second damage range, it's still going to be a very consistent three-shot kill as long as you're not mixing in multiple leg shots, and then beyond that, it is going to take you four to five shots to kill.

Also, it is worth noting that head shots are effectively useless on this gun; you'll never be able to reduce the number of shots to kill compared to torso shots by including head shots in the mix, so it's just not worth aiming for the head.

Rate of fire & time to kill

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As for our rate of fire by default, this is 400 rounds per minute, which is not terrible for a semi-auto in this game, and what this means is that with a three-shot kill, we're killing in 300 milliseconds, which is pretty much average for an assault rifle up close, and that means it's not terrible by any means, but it's also not great because most SMGs will be killing you faster in close-quarter situations.

And it is also worth noting that as you continue to drop off in ranges, our time to kill really skyrockets, up to 600 milliseconds for a five-shot kill.

Trigger attachments

Now the big key attachment slot for the Core 45 is the trigger slot, because our triggers can significantly improve our rate of fire and therefore our time to kill.

I'm not going to read out all of these, but you guys can see the values for yourselves. I think for many people, a 600-round per minute trigger is going to be just fine. I don't think many people are capable of getting above 600 rounds per minute with their trigger finger too often, and if you are capable of getting to 600 rounds per minute now, our time to kill is 200 milliseconds, which is amazing. In saying that, though for some of us we are capable of at least sometimes getting over 600 rounds per minute and therefore the XRK lightning trigger can help you there, it's got the time to kill potential at 160 milliseconds, but I doubt there's many people out there that are capable of actually reaching 750 rounds per minute on a consistent basis.

Ranges & velocity

Ranges & velocity

Now let's move on to our range values and as we can see here our three shot kill potential will extend out to about 10 m or so not bad actually for a pistol then our four shot kill range will extend out to 30 m which is really good and anything beyond that you probably shouldn't be using this pistol anyway, largely due to the fact that our time to kill is really slow but also our bullet velocity isn't amazing with this at 375, m/s, raate up close and personal that won't be a problem but the moment you start stretching those ranges out like I said beyond like 30 m or so that's when your bullet velocity is definitely going to start holding you back and you will notice that the hit detection feels far worse.

As for hardcore game modes, though the Core 45 is one of the best guns in the entire game for hardcore modes because it's always a one-shot kill at any range anywhere in the body as long as you're not shooting through some form of cover, now again that bullet velocity will be holding you back for those really longrange shots, but at that point you only need one shot to kill anyway, so generally it's still just fine in those ranges.


Then let's have a look at our HTI fire, which is incredible. With this gun, our minimum hit-fire spread is just 1.5° per second, which is incredibly tight, and even our maximum hit-fire spread while moving is just 5° per second, which is really, really good for this game.



After that, let's get into our recoil, and with the standard trigger at 400 rounds per minute, there's basically zero recoil with this.

Yes, it might bounce around a very small amount, but it's essentially negligible, especially again within the ranges that you should be using the core 45.

Handling & reload add time

As for aim down sight time, this is incredibly fast at 150 milliseconds, and our sprint of fire time is also amazing, although it's actually a bit on the slower side for pistols in this game, especially with our tack sprint out time, but in saying that, it's still really, really good and far better than most of the guns that you'll find in this game, so you aren't really punished all that much for sprinting around really aggressively with this, and to top all of that off, our reload ad time is very fast with this at just 1.27 seconds.


And then finally, for the base stats of this gun without attachments, let's have a look at our mobility stats. While all of these stats fall a little bit below average for pistols, that's just because we have one big outlier, which is the WSP Stinger, that brings that average up in general. This is pretty standard for a pistol and therefore great; it's excellent for getting around the map quite quickly, and even strafing in a gunfight is quite fast with this at 3.8 m/s. And there we go, wrapping it up for all of the basics with the core 45.

Xrk ip-v2 conversion kit (binary fire)

Xrk ip-v2 conversion kit (binary fire)

However, however we do have an aftermarket part with this, which is the XRK ipv2. Conversion kit and with this one it actually converts it to Binary fire which means every time you pull the trigger the gun will fire and every time you release the trigger the gun will fire again and you're able to spam this very quickly to the point where it looks like full auto and its rate of fire potential here is 800 rounds per minute, now in order to compensate for that significantly higher fire rate potential all of our damage values are reduced and it is now going to be a four to six shot kill rather than a 3 to five shot kill but even with that damage reduction we still end up with a better time to kill potential compared to the base core 45 rate up close and personal we can kill in just 225, milliseconds which is excellent and even at those longer ranges where we would normally kill in 600 milliseconds, now we're capable of killing in 37 75 milliseconds.

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That is, if you're able to hit your shots, because unlike the base core 45, we've actually got some recoil here, and it's a fair amount of recoil. If you're really spamming this as fast as possible, it will climb up on you quite quickly, so there's definitely a very notable trade-off in that department, and then finally, for this kit.

I did want to show how it affects our range values as well, because all of our range values are actually improved with this, so we can see now that our four-shot kill potential is noticeably better than our three-shot kill potential with the base core 45, and it's a similar story with that final range drop-off point.

Welcome to Modern Warfare III Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats of a gun and share the best attachment setups based on tons of testing and data collection! In today's episode, we're breaking down the new COR-45.
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