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In today's article, I'm going to be giving you guys some reasons why you guys aren't playing so well. You're not doing so well. You're not playing as well as you once were. You're kind of getting [__] on every game, and you literally don't know why you can't get a kill. You can't find a time. There's just a lot of things I go into it.

I'm only going to talk about this for a little bit because there's not really much to talk about. But if you're just an absolute dog, the only thing you can really do is get better at the game and just get to learn and shoot bots and just get a lot of reps. If you're new to the game, you're not going to get good right off the rip; it's just not possible.

People who have been playing for years and years and putting a lot of time into the game are just going to naturally be better than you. You might be able to have some little gun skill, but they just have the knowledge, and the Reps, overall, are going to be better than you. I'm sorry to tell you that, but for everyone else, that has Maybe you guys were doing so well in the other games, but this one is just so different.

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It's just so hard to be consistent in this game. One of the reasons is because of the maps. These maps were made back in Modern Warfare 2 in 2009, when hardpoint and control were not a game mode yet, so they kind of forced these game modes into these maps, and these maps were not made for those game modes at all, so when you play like Invasion.

Skid Row Highrise, or Karach, subbase, terminal, all those maps, just think about how they weren't made for this game at all. The hills are not made for hardpoints, and the spawns are not made for hardpoints. And it is one of the most annoying things in the game; take P2, for instance, on Skido, which is probably one of the most unbreakable.

Hills in the game, the only way you're breaking that hill is if the guy top P2 absolutely throws his life and children out of the hill, which if you have a teammate that does that or you do that, you're absolutely stupid. Just sit down, lay down, and have your teammates watch over you, and you guys could get a full 60 on the hill.


I actually do like this game, though it is actually one of my favorite game modes. This is the first game in a while where I want to get sand and rank. Play Just Because the respawn maps are so bad, it's like you're either playing invasion control, dog [__] high-rise control, not dog [__], or karach control, which is okay.

All the other maps, even for hard points, are so bad that they make Karachi skid. They make it seem good, but in reality, compared to all the other competitive maps and the other games, they would all be D-tier, and that is just not okay. We're literally playing a broken game with an old map, and another thing is, you guys all know this: this is a big factor in the game around right now going around the community, and it is the hackers.

There are so many hackers in this game just blatantly doing it; they're also so delusional. I actually think they have a mental illness. In my games. I'll get like a diamond 3 level seven, and I'm like, there's actually no Pros aren't even doing that; they're literally tracking me through the walls and the kill cams, and it's just a lot of them still sucking, though that's the thing.

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We beat some people the other day who were just blatantly hacking, and the thing is, these guys will call out the whole game and talk [__]] to you like they're not hacking; they're blatantly doing it in the kill cams; they're not even trying to hide it anymore, and a lot of people even start rage hacking once you start slamming them, beating them like 150.

To 30, they'll turn on those hacks, and they'll just start randomly [__]] on you out of nowhere, which is actually unbelievable. I don't know how low-rank hackers are, but I am Crim 2 right now on my way to Iridescent, so I am running into so many at the moment that it is unplayable. And for some reason, you guys might be thinking that the timings in this game are so bad you just can't catch a timing to save your life, and I absolutely agree with you because I was thinking about this the other day and I was watching some VOD and some clips going through it, and I was like.

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The only good map in the game right now, in my opinion, for respawning is Rio. Rio is a new map, and no wonder it's so good to play. The spawns make sense; it's kind of hectic like a boow cage, but it's way more fun, and all the hills make sense. It is a brand new map, so it is made for this generation of cod.

You know what I'm saying—very fast-paced. Cod finds it really hard to be consistent in this game. I'm not going to lie. I'm almost Crim 2, but there was a long there was a while where I was just consistently getting [__] on, and I had no idea why it's not that I was losing my gunfights; it's just that I wasn't even being able to get into a gunfight.

I feel like once you die in this game, it is so easy to get put into a blender, and you can just easily go on like a five-death streak right off the RI. Don't get me started on the controls in this game because you can get spawn trapped like crazy. I literally have a article explaining how to spawn trap on high-rise control; I feel like everyone should know how to do it nowadays.

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If you're playing a good for stack, you're literally going to get spawn trapped unless you guys kill them and [__]] on them, but it's you're literally just going to get spawn trapped, so I don't know what to tell you, but other than that. I don't know if there's any other reasons why you think you're getting [__]] on because those are like the main reasons, because I know a lot of us have gun skill.

That's one of the big things in Call of Duty that a lot of people have: gun skills. Obviously, some people are way more talented than others, but when it comes down to it, it's all just the other factors. And, to me, it pisses me off. Trust me, I think it literally gets me so chocked, and then I play Rio, and then I'm regained all over again because of how good that map is.

It just makes sense, but when you spawn me in on the invasion hardpoint, I'm nine times out of 10 losing complete composure. Every single time I play that map, if you guys are still trying to get better and you're a low rank in this game, just keep practicing, just keep going through the motions, and you will get better over time.

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You just have to try to get better consistently, play and look at your mistakes, and try to find a team to play with because you're not really going to get better alone; it's just not going to happen. I'm sorry to tell you I don't know how you guys play solo, it just, I can never do it it's just not going to work out for me.

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