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Case from doing some contracts out here in the red zone, or maybe you just did the regular dark ether with a bunch of people or something, but that thing paired with the scorcher case is going to make doing this dark ether run incredibly. Easy, plus we got this dog bone in our back pocket just in case we ran out of self-rescue.

Also, we might end up just popping this thing, as it gets a little bit HEC during that escort mission. As you guys can tell from the backpack coming in here, we're definitely going to be a little bit overprepared, but that's never going to be a bad thing, especially when you guys are running solo and you don't want to lose what you got on you.


But almost everything that we're bringing in here honestly does have a purpose. I'm going to be using all of that, like the monkey bombs and stuff, to do those ether extractors. We got a turret mod to put inside of that turret for along this escort Mission here which is what we're going to be doing first here in the dark ether I usually like knocking this one out of the way first when I come in here just because I know if I can get this contract, done then the rest of them will most likely be a breeze now sometimes when you start this escort Mission you can get lucky and there won't be a mega Abomination, over here but most of the time he is over here and for me, yeah he's here and of course he tried beaming me as soon as I go over to this escort thing but we're just going to dip behind the wall and make sure that those beams don't hit us and I actually do have a plan for him as long as we can get this thing over to that very first turret it's usually.


There, sometimes it doesn't spawn in right there but usually it is and if it's not there's going to be another one that's just up the street there also is a couple ammo caches that you can refill your decoy grenades around so if you need to use a couple of those just to get them off of this thing for a second you can do that and I do believe in this run here I had so many extra like monkey bombs and stuff that we sacrificed, a couple of those during this escort Mission just to make sure that we get through safely here now another thing that I would usually like to do but I didn't have one on me in this run is I would put a sentry gun on top of this thing that just kind of helps keeping those zombies off of here but what I'm going to be using mainly in here is the scorcher, now the plas, for this thing or the damage that the scorcher actually puts off is great for keeping those zombies off of the vehicle and there is a nice little stretch of land in between the ammo caches here so just be sure you're stretching out the ammo that's in your vr11.

Strictly for repairing the vehicle. I mean, you can shoot a few zombies here there just to kind of create some decoys and stuff like that, maybe clearing out some zombies for you, but I would try to mainly focus on using that for the vehicle also because picking up an ammo off the ground for some reason does not replenish the ammo for the vr11.

I don't know why that is. I think it's kind of stupid. Also, if you ever have to, you can stand directly in front of the ACV, and it's still just going to push you along; it won't hurt you or anything like that. I had the mega-abomination right behind me here, and he was trying to shoot me with his beams.


I just dove in front of this thing and let it push me along. Also, yeah, having the golden armor and the ether blade are really going to help you with this elder dark ether, especially if you're solo. I mean, finding armor in here can honestly be a challenge, and sometimes having that is just infinite like a boomerang.


Just because of all the traversal, and the Damage that it's doing this thing is crazy now it has been a while since I've attempted to do this Elder dark ether run completely solo especially doing this escort Mission here and I don't remember it being this intense, in here so just a fair warning for you guys especially if you're coming in here solo just be prepared now I think it was a little bit towards the end of this escort mission where I just decided you know what it I'm going to go ahead and pop that dog bone just in case not only will he help me if I go down but these dogs actually make for great decoys, and just kind of distract the zombies away from the vehicle and also away from yourself, we actually ended up using all of our monkey Pals too but that's all right we have quite a few cashmir to get these ether extractors, done and we still got our decoys so I'm really not worried about it and we can replenish our decoys so we're going to be on our last little stretch here with the escort and this is where things just get absolutely.

Insane, this is where you're really going to want to stay on top of that vehicle. I don't necessarily mean standing on top of it; I mean just staying on top of the health, like really watching that health, because you'd be really surprised at how fast this thing can go from 100% health to just completely destroyed in here.


I feel like this last little stretch here, especially when this thing stops and it starts to do its last little thing, like that is the apocalypse. Here in the dark ether, there's just going to be so many zombies and manglers and a mega abomination. They're all going to be on this little stretch of street right here, and everybody's going to be trying to explode.

This vehicle, man, it's just like hell in here in the dark ether. That's why I usually say if you can get this contract done first, then usually the rest of the dark ether run is going to be a breeze for you to heal this thing one last time. Now we have three more rounds left in this VR11. And I think that's going to be just about enough this thing should be done right here and I do believe this is also around right where I went down in here now don't worry if you guys do go down that is why we always bring in those extra self- revives, and that dog bone that's just for moments just like this I swear even the best of the best zombie players all go down we all get caught off guard, sometimes it just happens it always happens so fast too like you can literally just do a 180.


And you just B-bap, and all of a sudden you're on the ground, but look at that guy's very first contract. Is down, our escort mission is done, and honestly, that's usually the hardest contract to get done in here, especially for solo players, so the rest of this should be smooth sailing. We got our dog bone schematic.

Today we look at a great way to get the classified schematics in mw3 zombies. Using a loadout with the the VR11 and Scorcher Case. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost.
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