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So probably at some point this upcoming week we'll see our first reveal start for season 2 reloaded, ushering in a new update for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone. not this Wednesday, but the following on the 3D So I figure, in the meantime, let's take a look at what we know about season 2 reloaded in a sort of first-look sense.

So today, that's what we're going to do. We're taking our first look at Moder Warfare 3's new multiplayer, zombies, and War Zone content upcoming, which you should be on the lookout for. So as we go along, drop your thoughts. Drop a like and consider subscribing for more Cod and FPS content. I'd love to have you in the community. We'd love to chat with you guys, but for now, let's dive into season 2 reloaded.

The modern warfare 3 weapons in season 2 reloaded

The modern warfare 3 weapons in season 2 reloaded

So firstly, let's talk about some of the stuff that is going to apply to sort of everything: weapons going to be seen in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, zombies, and war zones. So we know of the weapons that Thea, Subverter, and the Soul render, one of which is a melee weapon.

Now the S SOA subverter is going to be a battle rifle here that's chambered in 762, and it states that it has a great rate of fire and accuracy, manageable recoil, and best-in-class sprint to fire and movement speeds, so when I think about that. I kind of think of it like the bass B, almost chambered in 762 rather than 277.

So it'll be interesting to see how this works in terms of damage, balancing that out with an excellent rate of fire in quotes, but if it's anything like battle rifles we've seen historically so far in Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, well. It's got a decent track record and a decent chance to make its way into being a tender for a weapon worth using.

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I mean, two of three have already been that throughout the first two seasons or so that we've had multiplayer and war zone out there, and then the Soul render is going to be a melee here, which the difference is that this now will allow you to have a sort of block mechanic too, which is pretty cool, but honestly, it's a melee weapon.

I'm probably not going to use it, but if it's up your alley, I love that for you now. Both of these weapons will be available again for free as always, but the SOA subverter will come in a weekly challenge, so just like we saw with the tack evolver, like we saw with the current aftermark market parts and other items that come along with that, you'll just have to complete five of the tasks available in that week across either multiplayer, zombies, or war zones.

It can be any number of those five; it doesn't have to be five from multiplayer. Zombies or war zone exclusively; it can be any number of those, but also given the fact the battle pass has a classified sector once again that you can end up seeing. I'm imagining the soul render is going to be a part of that as well, and what we've seen in the past is that you have a couple of challenges that lead up to that, and then you can unlock that as the sort of sector reward. I'm not a huge fan of that for a melee weapon unless they end up giving us a hidden weapon we don't know about just yet, but anyway, you can expect that kind of stuff.

The modern warfare 3 maps in season 2 reloaded

The modern warfare 3 maps in season 2 reloaded

For maps in multiplayer, we'll have a couple here that are: Air quotes are new, but they might be familiar to you. First, Dos House Remastered is coming here with this, where it is Dos House as you remember from Vanguard minus the destruction, so you won't be able to destroy parts of the map.

Other than that, the layout is seemingly exactly the same, but the difference is setting and aesthetic. it's no longer at night time it's the sort of construction area of a training facility for any special forces instead it is the sort of in construction area of a penthouse, but anyways this is going to be another great map for grinding in addition to what we already have with the small map playlist where you end up having things like Stash House meat rust and shipment in the game you have another one that is not necessarily as small as those but it's still a great map for that kind of stuff, but then we also end up seeing two additional variants for the vortex.

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Style maps we've seen introduced with season 1 last season: you have Airborne, which is going to be a variation of Terminal, and you have Skid Grow, a variation of Skidrow. Airborne is sort of like a zombie nest and has an infected-looking aesthetic to it, a bit darker in approach, whereas Skid Grow is something that seems to be more in line with The Walking Dead, just overgrown, with vines and nature kind of reclaiming this urban area.

Both of those look pretty cool if you ask me, but these two are going to be a part of the updated Vortex mid-season playlist. Andor the Hordo mode rotation, but the nice part about that in particular is that because we're seeing this as a part of the vortex modes, we'll end up seeing the return of Satan's Quarry spard and tetanus, the variance of Quarry scrapyard and rust from season 1, that we have not seen since that mode was taken out personally speaking.

I think that's great. I always think it's kind of weird that we get these cool map variations and then they're only playable for like 2 weeks ever, so it seems like we're going to perhaps as the year goes along seeing this particular rotation come back sporadically, perhaps once a season with new variants added in all together, so I mean.

I'm here for that. It returns to the different aesthetics of maps and then thus doesn't waste assets or time in development by having them as this one-off thing we'll never see again, so I'd be cool with that, and honestly. I'm kind of hoping that in addition to the Hordepoint and the Vortex mid-season playlist.

I'd be cool if these kinds of maps were just in the regular rotation as well. I think they do break up the monotony of the maps that we're probably familiar with since 2009. 15 years now, almost. I think it keeps it fresh a little bit, you know, but anyway, that's just me.

The modern warfare 3 modes in season 2 reloaded

The modern warfare 3 modes in season 2 reloaded

Moving along, we'll also see additional modes to look forward to here with Jugger MOS and Bounty. Now, starting with Bounty, this is a returning mode from what we've seen in last year's introduction. It's pretty straightforward; it's eliminations go towards a score similar to TDM, but the difference is that the player with the most kills from each team is designated as an hvt, or high-value target.

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