News - All New Season 2 Reloaded & Season 3 Operators Just Leaked Out. Warzone 2 Early Gameplay Showcase

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In an early gameplay preview of all of the upcoming season 2 reloaded and season 3 operators, we have paid bundles, new free skins, and much more, the first of which is the Metamorph Tracer pack. Ultra skin: here we have an operator skin for Doabe. This is one that got leaked out a couple weeks ago, but it's going to be part of this bundle.

She's going to be ultra-skinny as well. Overall, it has a pretty solid look and comes with two weapon blueprints, some cosmetics, and some double weapon XP. The next one here is another Horseman Decay bundle Ultra skin and Tracer pack as well. We have a preview. Of the operators here, it's a Corso operator skin with some green flames or gas emitting from the skin itself, which is pretty cool.

We have a WSP 9 blueprint as well, with some interesting tracer and dismember effects. a decent blueprint look there, and that's all we have right now, but still a decent look, and before we go any further, a quick reminder: check out you for GM for cheap C points. rare unlock codes the new season 2 zombie schx, and much more.

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There's a bunch of stuff over there. The event is beginning on March 14th, next week, but the operator bundles will of course release throughout the week, early in the week and late in the week as well. During this event, the first one we have an early preview of is the Space Marines operator bundle, which comes with two different skins, a blue and a red Space Marine version, which both look pretty cool.

We have the Ultramarine Scout and the Blood Angel Scout as well. It comes with a Sidewinder Angel's Fury weapon blueprint with Warhammer tracers and Gor Hammer dismemberment. It looks like a decent blueprint overall. The tracers look pretty interesting, and of course we're getting that chainsaw blueprint as well.

Not really chainsaw, but it's for the soul render, but it looks like a chainsaw, a pretty cool look. There is a red version and a blue version of that as well, so not too bad there. Of course, we have the other ones as well: the Astro militarum, the Operator skin, and the whole pack as well. So we have the main operator here.


We have the militum issue blade, which looks pretty interesting. We have Gore Hammer dismemberment effects on that one as well. We have an MTZ Interceptor blueprint here, a green type of look with slightly different tracers. LZ rifle tracers here, and then we have an MTZ 556, Hammer of the Emperor blueprint, as well as the same type of look and the same type of tracers and dismember effects there.

We also have a tactical pet Servo skull finishing move here, so the skull that comes out and helps kill the enemy is, okay, kind of interesting as well. You have an early look at all the different versions of it, the standing proned and down finishing moves there, and of course we have the s of battle operator skin as well as a new skin for Doc here, and we don't have a full look at it, but it's going to come with, of course, some other weapon blueprints.

Cosmetics stuff like that is now available for some other operator skins here. This one actually leaked out a while ago but wasn't released. It's going to be coming very soon. It's the detained operator skin for Enigma, a prison suit skin that we thought was pretty cool, or at least I thought was pretty cool.

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It had a bit of a different vibe than what we've been seeing. We've been seeing a lot of mythical and crazy skins, but this is more of a real, realistic type of skin. We don't have a lot of those in this game, so this one releasing, I feel like, is a W for sure. More just normal skin like this but still cool would definitely be appreciated.

Here we have the heretic pack. Here we have a look at the main operator. This looks kind of cool here. A little preview of the War Zone infill scene; it's called Nighthawk, so interesting stuff. Another cool, low-key type of skin we have, girl boss. Okay, let's have a look at the actual main operator.

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Bundle men I should say it's a skin for Raptor here. Another solid, low-key skin Sincerely, there are two blueprints and no tracer; unfortunately, I mean, it's not the craziest bundle. Hopefully it is a bit cheaper, but it still looks like a decent, just low-key, chill operator skin. We actually have a look at the war zone infield cut scene as well as the operator coming through, and in the operator menu as well, it's called Executive, so decent skin there again.

The next one is here. I guess around St. Patrick's Day, we have the GIC. Ghillie, operator, pack here. Another ghilly suit operator skin. Look first at the Wor Zone infill cut scene. It's called Lucky Charm here. This is a super green ghilly suit, so is this the most hidden ghilly suit skin we've seen?

No, a darker shade of green would probably be better to stay hidden, but this looks like fire. Sincerely, I love the look. This here is a super just out there ghilly suit skin for St. Patrick's Day, so I probably will be getting this one here. It comes with a tack evolution, weapon blueprint look of the draw, a pretty standard St Patrick's, they look there green some Shamrocks, on there as well decent stuff comes with a striker blueprint as well as a lucky shot here.

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Okay, the same type of solid stuff there. A look at it in the firing range as well. Unfortunately, there are no tracers. This would have been fire with, like, green, maybe gold tracers as well. It is what it is, I guess, and apparently at the end here we're getting a free event camo for St. Patrick's Day, which I did talk about on the channel previously.

It's just an XP progression event, which is the most likely scenario, but still, a free skin is fine. I'll take it, although I feel like the bundle skins we're getting look better than the free skins we're getting, so if that were switched up, that'd be better, but it is what it is, and I'll take the free skin.

Why not for more stuff? Here we're getting an emerald pack as well. This is a pro pack, so it's going to cost 20 real dollars, but in return, you get 2,400 cob points, and you also get an operator skin and other cosmetics as well. You're getting the main Gale operator skin, which looks pretty cool.

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Another low-key look, although I feel like I've seen a skin like this before in the past, but still a decent skin. I guess overall, not too bad. The next one here is the chroma pack, which is interesting; stuff comes with at least the main chroma operator. Here we just have an early preview of the operator herself in the war zone infill cutscene.

We don't know what else we're going to have—probably some other blueprints and cosmetics as well. But for the next one here, we have a zodiac Scorpio Scout operator called Bios. Interesting stuff This one actually looks kind of cool, has a bit of night vision, and vibrates as well. This one here looks kind of cool.

ALL NEW Season 2 Reloaded Operators just Leaked Out! MW3 Early Gameplay Showcase.
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