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My name's Grizz. We're in Modern Warfare 3: Zombies today, and these are all the working glitches in the update. 1.40 now season 2 reloaded just dropped, and a lot got patched over, man. We still have the tombstone duplication glitch and one pileup glitch. But be sure to subscribe for more glitches in this glitch series and activate that Bell notification if you want to level up fast in zombies.

I'm currently in Prestige 3, level 177, and still grinding, and over in that season 2 reloaded battle pass, I'm currently at 12%.

Urzikstan - tombstone glitch #1

Okay, first up is the tombstone duplication glitch. You're going to make sure you have the act four story mission called Bad Signal, and the first step for those of you who have a tombstone stash is to go collect it and break the stash.

You're going to need all the items inside it and the tombstone to break. Now, if you don't have a tombstone stash available, what you're going to do is go to the perk machine of Tombstone and buy it. It costs 2, 000 zombie credits, and we're going to go ahead and pick up that sucker, so you're going to need to buy Tombstone first.

This is the first step, and then we're going to fill our rucksack with everything we need. In the zombie essence, we need all the items we need in our rucksack that we want to duplicate, and we're going to take a down, so we've got to give up. Go ahead and give up, and then we're going to plead for help.

Hold down on the d-pad to plead for help, and you're going to need somebody to come revive you. And once they revive you, your tombstone stash is now saved. So you can give out all the items in your rug sack to your zombie points, and it'll be fine.

Urzikstan - tombstone duplication glitch #2

Urzikstan - tombstone duplication glitch #2

You'll have it when you come back, but now we're going to move on to the duplication part, and I'm going to highly recommend you pick up stamina as a perk, so we're going to need to spend a little bit of the money or just go do one contract, but stamina up is important. So from the dark Ether Portal, we're going to come into the building right next to it, and what you're going to do is spawn in this fast travel, and you need to enter in these symbols in order.

This is going to take us to a certain spot on the map where we can get out of the map really quickly, so there's quite a process here, and timing is important, but after you do this the first time, it's easy. You're going to buy the portal for a thousand, hop over the ledge, and make your way directly to the Ether Portal.

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You're going to turn it around and activate it. So now that you have a 30-second timer starting, we're going to make our way right back to the portal that we just activated with the symbols inside the building, so just follow the path that I'm following, and if you have stamina, you're going to have enough time.

Ideally, you want to hit the portal with 10 seconds left. The timer's happening to your left right now, and we're at about 10 seconds when we hit the portal. We're teleporting in and heading directly to the left towards the water. We're going to pay attention to that thing because we need to activate and vote.

Yes in one or two seconds, all is right. Once it's voted, you're going to have a countdown timer, and you need it to be seven or six seconds. To enter this combat area, and what this is going to do is eliminate you, so this is going to be able to keep your Tombstone stash, and what you're going to do after the elimination.

What you're waiting for is the upper right to say searching for a match. You'll see it there; it's a little icon, and you can quit the game then and restart it. And what we know for sure happens is that your rucksack is saved and your tombstone is saved for the next game. I'm not sure why my loadout doesn't show up; maybe it's because I didn't enter right at 6 seconds outside of the map at the very end.

Urzikstan - excavator pile-up glitch #3

Urzikstan - excavator pile-up glitch #3

I'll be showing you this at the excavator location in the Tier 3 Red Zone; it's in the plaza, and what we're going to be doing with this excavator is we're going to be going underneath it. This creates a god mode pileup glitch. They don't hit you at all unless you get close enough to them, so as long as you're sort of centered here, zombies are going to pile up; they're not going to Chuck meat.

This is an awesome pile of glitches, so you can round him up and then just come right under this excavator. You've got to be kind of quick though, but you'll be able to get a lot of zombie kills here in this location, so it might be good down the road. We're just going to put it in our back pockets, and this glitch works all across the map.

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Any excavator you see in any threat zone works, and that's going to do it for this article. That's all the working glitches in the update. 1.40, there are a few more dealing with the scorcher, but it's a hassle and not everybody has the scorcher, so I just wanted to include the ones that you can do, but for more, be sure to subscribe for more glitches in this glitch series and activate that Bell notification if you want to continue to level up fast in Zombies.

I appreciate you guys watching the articles. Let's try to enjoy this Tombstone glitch while it's still there, but it's on its last leg.

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