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Ever since Rebirth Island was removed from War Zone, a lot of players have been asking for it to return, and now that we've had a series of leaks, including the loading screen, aka the map that you look at before you actually go into the map itself, as well as data miners finding a season 3 or Rebirth file, which was shared on Twitter a little while ago, and the lighthouse picture with the specialist icon that Raven Software tweeted out about a few weeks ago, we now have a series of leaks confirming that Rebirth Island is likely coming back sometime between April 1st and April 4th whenever the season 3 update is finally announced, and trust me.

I've asked around. I've tried to ask developers, when is this coming back, and there's no exact date yet, but in today's article. I want to cover something that I've seen floating around, which is that Rebirth Island won't save War Zone 3 and that War Zone 3 will never be as good. As war zone 1 now, it's important to talk about the fact that right now War Zone 3 is almost as good as War Zone 1 was towards the end of its life cycle, yet nothing is ever going to make War Zone as good as it was at the beginning of Vernan and Rebirth Island when both of those modes released during the pandemic were just in a different place for you most likely, and it's impossible to compare what we had then to now, but War Zone 3 as it stands is a pretty dang good game, and when Rebirth Island drops with supposedly new Advanced Warfare weapons such as the MP9 and apparently some sort of mode that will allow for wall running and potentially jetpacks.

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Although, from what I'm hearing, if it does come, it'll be a limited-time mode, and it's not even confirmed, we have a lot of quality of life changes coming and potentially a new specialist mode dropping to me. War Zone 3 will be in the best state that it's ever been, and it's already a lot of fun right now, so today's article topic is why rebirth island won't save war zone for you or why War Zone 3 is already better than war zone 1, in a lot of ways, but before we get into that topic.

I've seen a lot of comments of people not happy with the fact that I'm making articles on rebirth island, and these people. I just wanted to say this. I have made a ton of articles not on Rebirth Island, and you keep clicking on the ones that are on Rebirth Island. If you go into my comments after this article and say that I only make articles on Rebirth Island, stop the capping, brother.


I know that some of you are the CEOs at Lids, but I don't care if you like my articles or not; I'm going to make what I want to make and if you want to watch. I can't even be critical of that, right? Let's just get into the article. So the first topic I want to cover is: Can rebirth island really save War Zone 3 in the sense that if you're not enjoying War Zone 3, will rebirth island save it for you?

And my answer is, actually, no, see, a lot of people are sitting there waiting for rebirth Island to save War Zone 3, and the reality is that I don't think it will if you're not enjoying War Zone 3 right now with Bondle Park and Fortune's Keep. I'm not sure that one map is just going to save that for you if you're not enjoying the mechanics.

If you're not enjoying Call of Duty now, it's been in the best state it's been in a while. In my opinion, I'm having a lot of fun with War Zone. I'm doing all sorts of fun challenges, gameplay, and stuff that has just brought back the passion for me, but for a lot of people, it's just not enough for them, and I think those people should play the game as they enjoy it and realize that Rebirth Island is going to bring a lot of surge and energy back.

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Maybe for you, Rebirth Island will save the game, but I don't think that magically having that map back for you is just going to change everything. I think if you're enjoying the game right now but you need something new, maybe something old to bring the spice back, maybe rebirth, will be enough for you, but for those of you that just despise the game and sit there cursing out Call of Duty every day and talk about how it's just not going to ever be good again, you might just be a negative person with the with the potential that nothing will save this game for you, and for me right now.

Call of Duty is fun. And when something's fun, I play it and I enjoy it, and if it's not, I do something else. I wouldn't be making this channel or playing so much War Zone if I didn't enjoy the game. Now, when Rebirth comes back, I think it's going to bring back a whole lot of people who left the game.

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I think for me, I'm going to be streaming for 4 hours every night. I'm going to be loving the game. So for me, I'm ready for Rebirth Island and think it's going to be perfect, but I'm already going in with a positive mentality. You have to ask yourself, Are you enjoying War Zone right now? The second point of this article is to talk about how, in many regards.

War Zone 3 is actually better than War Zone 1, and I know this is going to seem like a hot take or something that I'm doing for clickbait, but let's actually be logical because a lot of time the Cod Community. We aren't very logical, and I'm throwing myself in here too. We like to hang on to nostalgia and talk about things that really don't make sense.

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Call of Duty fans were literally crying, asking, and begging on their knees for a new map, talking about how if they just had a new map. Call of Duty war zone would be fun again; it would be a revive, but there was also a cheating problem, so people complained about a new map and a cheating problem, and once there were sort of pixes for both of those people, they still complained, but at the same time, war zone 1 had a lot of issues when Caldera actually launched; it was bugged, it wasn't working, and in many ways, it wasn't a fair launch.

By the end of Cder's life cycle, when Raven software took over and gave a lot of quality of life changes, it was actually a pretty decent map, but the Call of Duty Community had already made up its mind; we went from asking for a new map to begging for venance, back People have been begging for Ver Dan back ever since, and it will be coming back according to leaks in the fall of 2024.

When Black Ops 4 releases, we'll have Rebirth Island, and we'll have Dan, but for some people, this isn't going to be enough, and that's because all they can do is complain. I implore you, watching this article, to actually think for yourself: War Zone 3 is that bad of a game, and right now I think the answer is pretty solid.

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Yes, the gun play could be smoother compared to War Zone 3. I just saw a comment on one of my P YouTube articles about this recently. Yes, the game doesn't feel as smooth or as graphically pleasing as War Zone 1 did, but the changes that we've made from War Zone 2 to now are pretty good. The coloring and graphics actually make it easier to see on most consoles and PCs, and now there's a favorite slider for every single device.

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