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You're here because I'm assuming your aim stinks. Just a joke: aiming in Call of Duty is hard in War Zone 2 multiplayer, two-rank play. Knock off people like it's nothing and make your favorite streamer look like they're goofy. Players like Dashy, you mean way not missing a single bullet, to then players like Shsi, who just are ridiculously jumping over flying me, dodging bullets, and still hitting every single shot, and then a question pops up in your head, and you're like.

How is this possible? After spending multiple years of competing. I've received hundreds of comments about having an insane aim like a pro, and now, even when I'm making content. I receive comments left and right about people thinking I have a no extra recoil addition. Today, I'm going to share with you my tips when aiming and make this list of tips to improve your aim and hopefully help you guys become a bit better at Call of Duty itself.

Time to train

Time to train

just like you shouldn't be skipping leg day in the gym, you really need to stop spawning up in rank and thinking that your shot is just going to be like that. First things first, learn how to warm up correctly. In Call of Duty, you need to spend at least 10 minutes. Every single time you hop on, you are going into firing range.

So today I'm going to show you exactly what I do in between matches to make sure you stay focused on your goal.

Rotational aim assist/get more aim assist

I used to do this, especially when I used to compete by accident, but do you see this cursor that's kind of like following as I'm guiding it along kind of mess around Go for this guy, then this guy.

You see how it's kind of snapping on here's my controller. I hope you guys can see this, but see, you see, it's kind of staying locked in when I'm moving my left stick. I'm not doing anything with my r stick, but now when I'm moving my r stick, it kind of slows down when it's right here, but you see how it's dragging, and when you go faster, it slows down when you start going over this operator, and the second thing I would recommend is to just kind of snap and flick a lot of the nasty three pieces and four pieces.

Flick aim

Basically, my reaction is that the problem that most of you guys have when you're aiming is that you're standing stationary, and you're not expecting the second or third guy. I kind of just aim in and kind of like flick right left, right kind of snapping. I look at something randomly, like, Look at that tank; look at that red box right there.

I really realized it when I was watching someone else's article. It is basically a good way of just kind of flicking and aiming, like, Hey, my eyes are kind of looking at this MCW in the top R, so let me just aim in at it. I think a lot of things that people miss are the recoil pattern on the gun, so for example, look at this.

Master the recoil pattern

Master the recoil pattern

This is the recoil pattern of a rival, literally a snake, and all I'm doing is literally just standing stationary. I'm not jumping, I'm not slight canceling, but the biggest thing my tip for when you're shooting bots is keeping your race stick down when you're shooting these guys.

It's just basic recoil control when shooting bots or guys in the game a lot of time. This is what you guys are doing. My God, my rival's shots are going all over the place, and it's no wonder you don't understand recoil pattern control. This is all I'm doing, and this is probably why people are probably like this guy's using AC cronis.

The next principle is.

Jump shots/slide cancel/dropshots

My favorite thing is just to add a little bit of something to help your mobility in the game. Your slide canceling is going this and that, going up and down, and I'm jumping in the game, whether it be side to side, like this, or up and down like this. Let's kind of just work on jumping and shooting at the same time and see if I've been doing this for a very long time, but for some of you guys, you guys really don't add jumping, sliding, or even drop shooting.

That makes a huge difference in your game. If you're practicing what I'm doing right here, it's going to take a huge effort. Now obviously, you shouldn't be jumping on someone who's like, all the way back there, maybe just kind of like.

90 - 180 degree aim

90 - 180 degree aim

Look away, then turn around, and INF flick right. Do that again; kind of turn right and it will look right, and flick the angle if you really want to do this 90° or 180°.


And you're going to just do this snap, this is what truly makes you from a really average rank player to really good player and you can see just my aim is basically warmed up now it's locked in I mean look at that okay we're not going to talk about that lot and the most important thing to add it to this is centering this why preing is so important when you're running around is preing, like this allows you to basically work on your shot now I had a question do I look at the iron sight on this gun while shooting or do I just necessarily look at the bot more so I'm looking at the bot but often times when I'm sitting in a very locked in position on the hard point then I might be looking at the Red Dot look I'm just focusing on my laser, do you see that like I'm not missing on my iron site right.

Now and these are the finest things that you really need to cut down on and detail when you're playing this game. Now, when I'm looking at the bot, there's really not much of a difference, but it's up to you what you tend to prefer. I would probably just say to make it easier, just look at the person like you guys are probably normally doing, but when you're holding a lot of greater positions when playing Call of Duty.

I strongly suggest maybe starting to look at the iron sight of your gun.

Controller settings/fov

Controller settings/fov

Fine, I'll finally show my cronis—I mean, my controller settings—that can possibly help you guys have better aim in Call of Duty. The most important thing is to make sure that you're playing with the proper sensitivity. That's why, often times, 66 and 77 are the best balance for you guys to have that perfect sense.

Have the perfect feel in game if you're still playing on like anything above, like 9 to 10 or anything higher, then that's probably why you're missing your bulletin a lot of shots when you're playing here are my controller settings so these are my dead to one setting minimum right stick These are basic settings that are basically adjusted for my controller, and this right here is my horizontal and vertical stick sensitivity.

call of duty

A lot of pros play from 6 to 8 range, and sometimes people like octane, and a lot of AR players tend to play five or maybe even smaller to four on dynamic; this really needs to make sure your aim response curve type is on dynamic; this really does aim for you, but dynamic is what it allows you to do.

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