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Rebirth Island is returning very soon to War Zone; in fact, if you've seen my previous articles, this isn't any surprise or anything new when season 3 comes about, and Rebirth Island is 99% complete. It feels like a lot of the War Zone player base will finally feel at home with War Zone 3 and feel like War Zone 3 is actually back.

Let's get into it now. In order for the war zone to be saved in this article, we need to talk about three sections: first of all, the maps; second, the items (guns, etc.); and third, the mechanics of the game, all of which revolve around player receptions. Let's get into maps. Obviously, war zone 1 had Verdon.

Verdon was honestly everything that made War Zone in the beginning. It had areas like downtown that allowed for more casual play to snipe, and it had super hot drop areas like Superstore. Every Mega sweat could drop in to improve their work. I felt like Verdance had a lot of identity, with areas like Dam and prison being more secluded.

Rebirth is a map that has yet one clear identity with diverse, wise people throughout it, something that Verdance also shared. There's a theme that runs throughout the map, but at the same time, when you drop in a different area, there are different gunfights to be had that differ from what you know.

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Maps like Vond have a lot of similar building layouts and designs, which makes things less fun, and yes. Verance did have similar layouts like staircases that were the same or buildings that had similar jump-up spots or windows, but at the same time there was also a lot of difference. In Verdansk, you do want that similar yet different feel where yes, houses can be played the same way, but maybe they look a little bit different where the map just plays differently in different elements.

That's something that Rebirth had with areas like tents and control centers, living quarters, bioweapons, labs, and prisons, and that familiarity kind of made it great, not to mention that Dan and Rebirth Island had been entrenched in the different aspects of campaign and lore that just made it a part of Call of Duty.


Now, I think another thing that made these maps play so well was the actual mechanics that went with them, but of course we got to get into the items themselves. Now, in order for War Zone to truly be back, people have to feel like the guns have a sense of identity and that they like using them. This is something you will often see in pretty much any discussion of War Zone 1.

If you go on my channel and look through the comments, you are bound to see somebody say, I can't really get behind War Zone 3 because the guns don't feel the same. I want my Kar98. Grow H4 blixen, MP 40. This is what a lot of people are saying: They want those original guns back now. The problem with this is that it's never going to happen in the Gunplay, and the exact mechanics of War Zone 1 are not coming back, and that's because Call of Duty was trying to match up war zone mobile and regular war zone; they're trying to essentially marry the two and infuse them together but also provide a pathway for consoles in the future.

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Without War Zone 3, consoles never get fov, which was one of the most requested Google searches and YouTube searches. Probably of all time and while it sucks that iconic guns like the kar98, the H4 BX and the grab out and more are gone they could always be added in the future so as far as is war zone potentially going to be saved if you want the game to play exactly as is, you want the guns back exactly as they were if you want to be able to play rebirth and for dance on war zone 1's engine the game will never be back for you the issue is that people wanted to be exactly, as it was and that's not possible now we are going to be getting verance back according to leaks and rumors on places like Reddit and Twitter in the fall of 2024, with the release of Black Ops golf court rebirth island is supposed to come back in season 3 as I've stated in many articles on this channel is it a guarantee.

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I guess not until the maps actually get here and what the maps will look like. Well, we have a pretty decent idea, and you can watch a article on that for Rebirth Island after this article ends, so of course, dang it, you got to say till the end and like this article, but honestly. I'm not sure that war zone will ever be saved unless the player base actually believes and embodies it.

That's one of the main problems with the war zone being back. It depends on the player base who really wants to step way back into quarantine time and get those memories back with friends. The issue is that War Zone will never be reset to Ground Zero again; it will never be as it was originally, but if you take War Zone for what it is now.

I would argue that the game is pretty fun and, honestly, is back already, but we're just waiting on a lot of different players to accept it. But why is that? Get into the next point. Recently, we've been getting a lot of love on YouTube long form, and if you know me, I've been making short form on this YouTube channel for about 2 years, along with mine.

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So, anyway, I just want to express my gratitude. Let's get back to the article. Now, the question of whether War Zone 3 will ever be the war zone is one that I really want to tackle here for the last part of the article because, once again, looking through comments. I see a lot of people saying that there will only ever be one war zone and that they're never really going to get behind the idea of War Zone 3, and trust me.

I get it. War Zone 1 was a phenomenon; it was a culture-breaking event, similar to Fortnite, just on a little bit of a lesser scale. The reality is that ever since War Zone 2 came out, yes, War Zone has been in a pretty good state. Asika Island and War Zone 3 have really started to recover. I mean, heck, even War Zone 2 towards the end of War Zone 2 was actually a pretty good state.

Asika Island and Vond Park towards the end of War Zone 2 were actually pretty enjoyable experiences. There were a lot of great quality of life changes added to War Zone 2, such as just better visibility for everybody, from console to PC players; vests that you could pick up that could give you different perks; a brand new assortment of perks and perk packages that you could pick up on the ground; and, you know, the ability to stash things in an inventory.

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Those are just three of the quality of life changes that really made War Zone better, but really, there's been a ton of quality of life changes added with the new user interface. War Zone 3 is bringing in perks that allow for faster gun play in movement slide canceling returning, potentially bunny hopping coming in a future update, according to recent leaks from developers.

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