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best 1 shot sniper

M est running games with you guys so come on by man I'd love to talk to yall, but all right, guys, I love y'all. Let's get into the article. Coming in at number one, we have my favorite sniper in the game, the XRK Sniper, so in this article. I'm going to go over three different builds for each sniper: the most aggressive Kar98 style aggressive sniping build, the in-between build, which is going to be a mixture of bullet velocity and ads and aggressiveness, and then I will also go over the max bullet velocity, you know, hit scan big map type sniper build, but first things first, man, you know.

I got to show you the clips, so let's run. All right, let's get straight into this XRK. So, like I said, guys, we're going to be going over all three builds, so we're going to start off with the fastest ads. All right, all right, all right. Starting things off with the barrel, you're going to run the kg 09 short barrel.

As you can see right here at the range, this is a Max One Shot damage range of 50.8. But if you guys have been to my streams, you've seen that I've been messing around with the Handler lkp, short barrel, and honestly, even though the max damage range is 30.5, this has been a ton of fun to run. As you can see underneath the mobility and the handling, it absolutely buffs it through the roof.

best sniper on rebirth island

You're going to be leaving people speechless. This is pretty straightforward. For the laser, we're going to run the SL Razer Hawk laser light. For the optics, we're going to run the X80. Again, guys, the optics are always a personal preference. the six times magnification though that the sx80, has is absolutely perfect for war zone and it's going to be even better on rebirth Island for the stock we're going to run the no stock attachment and to make this sniper even more aggressive for the bolt we're going to buff the fire rate with the xrk stalker light bolt and the only reason I'm not really showing a screenshot, is because some of these attachments kind of get blurred out if you do want to take a screenshot here you go like I said we're going to go over the in between build as well and then we'll do a br1 real quick so as you guys know I just had the kx09, short barrel and with that being a 50 m one shot it's not the best but it's good enough it is the kar98, at the end of rebirth Island but if you guys go ahead and run the fishion 60 Barrel it takes it all the way from a 50 m to a 62.7.

best sniper rebirth island

M one shot head shot and now for all my BR players this is the best xrk stalker build you're going to get so as you see here we have that Medium build and now to take it through the roof we're going to remove the laser we're going to remove the no stock we're going to head on over to the muzzle we're going to add the Sonic suppressor XL and underneath the ammunition, we're going to run the 50 cal high grain rounds but all right guys I've talked enough about the xrk stalker let's get straight into the next one all righty guys coming in at number two we have the fjx Imperium, aka the intervention, again a beautiful all-around sniper you can definitely run this on Resurgence or BR like I said I've already been talking too much let's get straight into the.

One there we go, right? Let's speedrun this FJX real quick, guys. For the laser. I got the chimer r y 33 laser light; for the optic. I got the sx80; again, for the stock. I got the fjx luux 7; for the rear grip. I got the skull 40; and of course, because this is an MW2 sniper, they still haven't changed this for the ammunition.

best sniper warzone

I got the four-weight explosive rounds now, and as you can see right up here, guys, the bullet velocity is absolutely tanked with this ammunition type, but if you want to get a one shot, this is what you have to run, so here's a screenshot real quick, and now let's get right into the medium build. The first thing you want to do is remove the stock head on over to the muzzle, and again, guys, we're going to run these Sonic suppressor L all right, and moving on to the big br map build, we're going to go ahead and remove the laser head on over to the barrel, and we're going to run the fahrenheit, 29.

As you can see up here, guys, it almost buffed to 600 on the bullet velocity, and everything else in the range is in the green, but keep in mind, guys, with these big barrels, you're definitely going to take a hit underneath the handling. All in all, the FGX is definitely a good all-around sniper.

best sniper warzone 3

I still wouldn't recommend this over the XRK or the Cad AMR on Big Map, but all right, guys, let's move on to the next one. All right guys, for the last sniper in this article, we have the McPr 300. Overall, this is probably the most versatile sniper in the game, so without me getting into it too much, let's get straight into the Enem.

No, let's speedrun this thing. We have the Sonic suppressor L for the laser, we have the SL Razer Hawk laser light for the rear grip, we have the Cronin Cheah grip for the magazine, we have the five-round mag, and again, because we want that one-shot capability for the ammunition type, we have the 300 Mag Explosive Rounds all righty, and here's the screenshot, if you like it, and we're going to go right into the medium build, so we are going to take off the Cronin Cheetah rear grip head on over to the barrel, and we're going to run the 22 omx, 456.

As you can see up here under the range, it definitely puts it in the green, but again, you're going to take a hit on the mobility and the handling, and other than that, this would also be the build that I would be running on Big Map, so this is pretty much it, guys. Anyway, that's all I got for you in today's article.

fastest sniper warzone

It means the world to me, but more importantly, guys, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day, and I will catch you all on the next one later.

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