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There's a secret Call of Duty Battle Royale, and nobody knows about it. Everyone thinks the timeline is plain and simple when it comes to War Zone 1 and War Zone 2, but today we'll cover a secret plot to overthrow War Zone and replace it with a battle royale you've never heard of. You probably know about the success that War Zone was unless your name is Patrick.

Star War Zone came out in 2012. If you played War Zone at its peak, you probably remember that the Cold War was one of the most dominant times in War Zone history. There were fresh metas, a new rebirth island map, and War Zone seemed pretty much untouchable. But the Cold War Zone, which for me was my favorite time period in War Zone history, was actually all a mistake.

Do you remember at the beginning of the Cold War when all the Cold War guns had insane recoil and never did what they were supposed to do? The damage and stats from the Cold War never transferred over to Modern Warfare 2019, and there were an assortment of glitches, issues, and problems that had to be solved, and that's because it was never supposed to happen that the war zone was actually supposed to come to an end.

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You see, the Black Ops Cold War actually had a battle royale. That was supposed to replace War Zone, and after asking the creators and seeing the popularity of War Zone, the Call of Duty Studios, you know, combined with Sledgehammer. Raven software. Treyarch, and Infinity Ward, decided to continue with War Zone 1.

Seeing just how much of a cultural phenomenon it had become, they thought it would be too risky to switch over to the Cold War engine in the Cold War Battle Royale. Every Call of Duty was supposed to have its own Battle Royale, and that's why when War Zone 2 came out, it was kind of just the trajectory of Infinity Ward and the Call of Duty Studios.

Had been on since day one, just so happens that war zone 2 was the most colossal failure ever, but the same would have happened with the Cold War. We would have switched over to that engine and had a brand new battle royale, but what was this battle royale? If you've ever been on the main Black Ops Cold War menu, you've probably seen the fire team mode.

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How it was supposed to go is that this new fire team map was actually going to be the new Battle Royale map, replacing dance. Here we are actually in the Black Ops Cold War menu, and if you scroll down, you can see fire team, so if we click this, we have fire team moshit and elimination, and the sad thing is if we actually click into this mode.

We can't get a match. I've tried this for like hours where I've just gone and done errands or cooked and like tried to leave this up and see if anything gets in and you actually can't join fire team anymore because there's just not enough people playing it to support the Battle Royale mode this was actually planned to be, the Battle Royale mode following war zone 1 and for dance which leaves a lot of questions, as far as what was the plan and what was it going to look like now a lot of people are probably reacting to this like yo are you serious cold war is trash, but I don't know how this would have gone I think a lot of people would have protested.

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War Zone 1 being taken away kind of like they did, you know, recently with War Zone 2, but it's kind of hard to say whether this mode actually would have been successful or whether it would have been trash, like we'll never really know the Cold War mechanics are really good for multiplayer, really clean and balanced, but.

Once again, there's just no way to really know whether this would have been a success, whether the map would have actually been good, or whether the community would have been really pissed off. It's safe to say that the Black Ops Cold War fire team was almost like Blackout 2.0, and in many ways, some people are saying that Blackout was a better Battle Royale than War Zone; it just never got the publicity and firepower behind it, and the map that the fire team was on was totally fine, but it's safe to say that the community doesn't like the mechanics of Black Ops Cold War as much as they did MW 2019, the gunplay, the smoothness.

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The overall feel and even sound immersion of MW 2019 is something that people are still searching for, so had this mode replaced, war zone 1 wouldn't have been as successful, and in many ways, avoiding this fire team mode kind of saved war zone in a way. Imagine we didn't have Black Ops Cold War and the war zone integration, the most fun time in war zone history rebirth Island Resurgence, which now is coming back into the game and is probably going to save war zone 3, we never would have had the Mac 10 the F AR, the beautiful Swiss and Kar98 combos with all the Cold War metal loadouts, the tragic DMR.

And Aug Metas and some of the best times that you had towards the end of the pandemic with the Homies—all of that would have been deleted in favor of the Fire Team and Black Ops Cold War Zone. It's safe to say it wouldn't have gone over well, so in many ways, war zone 1.5 was the tragedy that we never knew, that we avoided, and a lot of times when the Call of Duty Community complains about certain changes that are implemented, they don't know about the changes that would have been implemented that were just canned and never saw daylight.

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If we're to take anything away from this, it's that it's a really good thing this never happened, and the sanatorium and fire team map were really good and maybe could have been mixed into war zone 1, but the trouble of coding everything into war zone 1 is kind of why war zone 1 doesn't exist and why war zone 1.5 exists.

A lot of people don't know that outside of Blackout, Warzone 1, and Warzone 2. 0, there was a SECRET WARZONE BATTLE ROYALE that almost ruined Warzone 1. and yet it's a complete mystery.
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