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With the announcement of season 3 right around the corner we're going over all of the known updates and secrets coming season 3 and Beyond thanks to data miners who have found new details recently to paint the 4 season 3 road map for zombies we're talking new schematics, act Mission new warlord and so much more if you're excited for new Modern Warfare Zombies content then like the article I'd hate for you to miss out on more update articles like this so be sure to subscribe with the Bell so you can come back for more jumping into things ahead of the season 3 announcement we know that zombies is not going to get an update until season 3 Reloaded, according to data miners like cod Warfare forum and at Allan the 390, all of the zombies content is labeled for season 3.5.

So the trend we saw of no new content until the reloaded update seems to be something that could happen for the remainder of 2024, which means we won't see any of this content in the game until May until it's 100% confirmed by Activision. We just don't know for sure, as expected, that this will come with a brand new act mission, a new Rift and Easter egg, and new schematics to unlock.

We now know pretty much every detail about how this new act mission is going to work, thanks to Allen the 390. We know that this mission is going to be completely evolved around AA, very similar to what we saw in the last act mission with Renov being there. It seems Janson is going to be an AI companion that at first we're going to have to locate, then we're going to have to follow her around; we're going to be investigating.

modern warfare zombies season 3

Relics we're going to be investigating, orbs we're going to be cleansing relics, and we're going to be shattering, crystals following from that. There's going to be something where we assist Jansen in something, and then we're going to have to beat the brand new boss in the mission, which is called the champion.

According to the pool of codes that relate to each of the bosses, there is a new boss that's been added, which is labeled as a disciple. Here he is. Give me your life force. I don't think so, buddy. He's actually taking care of my health. That's not very nice, but there he goes, and he's dropped the Hades Harbinger SMG.

Next up is Grim Gate because here we've got the curus, boss, so let's challenge it here: shotgun versus shotgun, who's going to win my God? and he's gone, and we get the curus gatekeeper shotgun, and now we're at Mount Olympus to take down Zeus; he's got no henchmen; it's just a 1 V one, and he's knocked down; he's now got a henchman so close that he's gone, and he dropped the Zeus Huntress DMR, and the last boss is at Brawler's Battleground because we got a final boss to take down, which is Aries.

mw3 zombies

Here we go. Boom, final boss taken down, and there's his loot, so here's the aspect of combat and his mythic assault rifle, and that's all bosses taken down in Fortnite chapter 5 season 2 myths, Immortals. Now let's try to win. Game, I'm not going to lose. Let's get back to talking about this new Champion boss, as it seems like it's some sort of beefed-up disciple; could it be an EMP version?

It very well could be, or we could be surprised and have a slightly different take on it where it's some sort of different elemental version of the disciple. I would love for it to be a huge boss fight, like we're talking about the same size as the one in Derizdra, like a massive floating keeper, but we have a disciple.

mw3 zombies leaks

Once we take down the champion and escape the rift, we will, of course, get a brand new cinematic. And then Begins the new dark EPA Rift Easter egg Quest where we're going to have to get some items and we now know exactly what those four items are to unlock the new Rift on beating the champion we'll be given an attuned, giraffe toy but we'll have to go and find a crayon, a journal and a laptop and upgrade each of those to then take to the rift gate now all of these Rift items enhance the backstory of AA Jansen as the crayon is related to an imaginary friend drawing which could be related, to the dark entity that we see talking to her the journal is a science journal and the laptop is described as a laptop with stickers where all four items will unlock the brand new dark EA Rift now there is a slight twist with this one compared to the previous Rift Easter eggs where every item needed to unlock the rift is actually going to give us some sort of perma perk like what we saw Back in Black Ops 2, where the three items are each going to give us a unique trait one of them is going to give us increased, damage to zombies.

mw3 zombies new content

Another is going to give us an improvement to our movement speed and the third is labeled as Vision which could slightly be an extension of death perception where we can see zombies from a much further distance these are all abilities that are tied to the rift items and I'm not sure if they're going to disappear, once we activate the rift it would be really nice that if following the unlock of the season 3 Rift you permanently have these abilities as a reward that way it really incentivizes, players to actually go ahead and do this but the problem is people won't unless the schematics are good and we know about the schematics as well as the contents within the new Rift the ACT Mission and the rift are very likely to be set in the hydro electric portion of Al mazra and this could be the biggest dark for Rift area we've seen yet because there are going to be four contracts in here rather than three we've got an Outlast.

mw3 zombies new dlc

So we'll see it in some capacity, but I don't know if it's related to this schematic or not. Another schematic is called the Warlord Rain Maker Vest, which I assume will be a vest that will give you some extra protection against very specific types of damage. Now what we know with the rainmaker is that this is actually going to be the WL that we're going to be seeing in season 3 Reloaded, according to Allen's 390.

He's pretty much pinpointed where this location is going to be, and it's going to be near the bottom right of the map, where if you go to the Lakehouse Island near the Mansion, there are already a bunch of traps and things laid down will relate to locations where the rain maker warlord is supposedly going to be un like the M suggest he is going to be making it rain but the idea is that his choice of weapon is going to be artillery strike so perhaps, this vest once you get it will give you protection from all sorts of damage like that the last schematic is labeled as the warlord.

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