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Triar has just dropped the season 1 zombie update, and Holy Mother of God, they have nerfed so many things in Modern Warfare 3 zombies. The acquisition and schematics, which are going to be exciting, are a brand new class of classified schematics. But let's go ahead and talk about the big changes here.

mw3 zombies

So we now have the scorcher having a new launch ability, where if you are under low ammo conditions, it will automatically fire this launch ability, which I think is pretty cool. They've closed a duplication exploit for weapon cases. If you were using Vehicles you could somehow duplicate the ray gun to have 10 of them which is obviously pretty bad so when it comes to missions, they've actually gone ahead and changed quite a few of these missions so that they're a little bit easier to deal with and also a little bit more clearer to deal with as well shocked though that's actually going to take you a little bit longer to complete, than how it initially worked upon launch and they've also changed storm the castle again so now the required Mission item will always drop when the warlord is killed regardless which I think is fantastic now here's where the negative comes in when we come to the game play they've nerfed the defend ground station where mercenaries will continue to fight you after completing it which is crazy, the eliminate Bounty contract if hvts are lowed far away from the original spawn in an attempt to exploit their behavior now return faster to their spawn and heal more so they're going to be harder to deal with but this is the one that I'm really not happy about Outlast.

This is what we're using to rank up our weapons and also grind weapon camos, as it's one of the easiest ways to get infinite amounts of zombies. The enemies will no longer spawn if you're not progressing through the contract. This is not a good change because there is literally no other way to get infinite spawning zombies to easily get your camo challenges and weapon levels done, and I don't understand what harm this is doing unless there is some sort of stability issue where having, like.

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I don't know, thousands of zombies spawning from someone doing this in 45 minutes is going to cause the game to crash. That's the only reasonable excuse I can see to have this be a thing. But this isn't hurting anyone; it's an EV mode. Let us, you know, find our ways to have infinite zombies, like what's this all about, and the same for raid weapon stash, where enemies will no longer spawn if you're not progressing the contract, so you can't use that either to farm infinite zombies, which I think stinks, man.

I don't like this change at all. Spore control: they've adjusted the spores to prevent them from spawning on a player, resulting in instant death. That's a great one, but now the acquisitions. No, they've addressed an issue where players could store more in the stash than intended, so I know I definitely have more than 10 items; I think I might have 30, so now you will no longer be able to get more, which I think is the issue here.

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TR, because we just need more stash space otherwise people wouldn't be storing more. I mean, I can see why they've done this, but again, I don't know why EA Tools addresses an issue that prevents players from playing with players driving vehicles. Okay, that's all well and good now. I genuinely don't know how they're going to fix this because I think it's something that's within both the client of the game and the servers themselves, where there is like code that needs to be completely rewritten in order to fix this issue, so I don't think they've actually fully fixed the tombstone duplication; it says they've closed various duplication exploits associated with Tombstone.

But according to a few people I've spoken to, there are still methods to duplicate stuff using Tombstone anyway, and even without using Tombstone. Hopefully it's going to be as close to or if the equivalent of season one of the games launches. Sorry, we had so many zombies that' be incredible, and the final X will receive a significant boost in enemy count and enemy types.

mw3 zombies season 1

This could also be where we see the E for worm if we don't see it at the start. Ammo cashes are now always refilled with applicable player ammo reserves. This was an issue with some special weapons like the crossbow, where you would have no ammo go and refill and it only filled one clip you needed, like one clip, in order for the ammo cach to completely refill, so that's fantastic.

I made a article on this about a week or so ago, and I'm sure a lot of you know it is incredibly powerful against the order boss. Like the order boss, the EA worm boss—sorry, you can literally kill it in a minute by just throwing down these gas grenades. It was incredibly powerful, and they've now reduced the amount of damage that those do.

I mean, I think that's fair enough. The boss isn't too difficult anyway, but I'm a little bit sad that they've done that because it was a really cool trick if you knew it was a thing. But decoy grenades treyo, why have they reduced the number of grenades that can be stacked or equipped from 3 to 2?

mw3 zombies season 1 act 4

Now, I don't think this is a crazy thing. If this were the only Nerf, I'd be fairly happy with it, but this is a controversial change. Here, they reduced the decoy grenade duration from 8 seconds to 6 seconds, so it now lasts 2 seconds, less than what it lasted before. Of course, they're quite overpowered; they're basically like a mini-monkey bomb, but they already had quite a short time frame.

I don't think they needed to reduce them. I don't think there was anything wrong with them, and I don't really agree with this change. Now, when it comes to the kill streaks, there was a glitch or an issue where if players threw a jug or care package on top of an exil helicopter, you'd completely destroy it and you wouldn't be able to xfill, and if this happened on a final xfill, then there was just an absolute mess there, so thank God they fixed that, and now you can no longer kill yourself or others, and placing down a Sentry turret didn't even know that was a thing.

mw3 zombies season 1 changes

They also updated the Borealis, Bioluminescent, and Camos so that the animation rate increased, which is really cool. I have to check that out in game, but I still haven't got the camos yet. This is going to be in both zombies and multiplayer, which is a pretty big thing, and it comes to some issues where pings on looted items and caches are prevented from disappearing automatically.

They've addressed an issue where players who attempt to equip a mission reward in the gear tab will sometimes equip the wrong item objective titles on occasion, not display or load into a match objective test would display outside its panel, and an issue where players will be returned to the lobby screen.

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