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all new mw3 zombies 2024 dlc

We're talking about future content for Modern Warfare 3 zombies, as with the recent announcement that Triarch is no longer working on the game mode. L Hammer games are picking up the pieces, and there's a chance that they're going to be shaking up the mode. Quite a bit in this article, we're discussing potential season 4 and season 5 news found by data miners and leakers over on Twitter.

That being said, this is all stuff that's been discovered by them in the game files, but when it comes to game development, anything is subject to change. Take all of this with a little pinch of salt, as anything can change at any point. diving straight into one of the biggest controversial talking points that's been added continuously over the last few seasons: references and systems to a PVE mode within MWZ.

In the latest season 3 update, even more PVP stuff was added to the files, and we know a lot more could be coming thanks to Allen the 390. On Twitter, he shared a ton of references to different contracts that exist within the PVP mode, and this was only added with the season 3 update. Some of these references include: Bounty contracts a bounty squad contract Squads reassign strings so that players can leave teams and join new teams.

modern warfare 3 zombies

What's also interesting is that there are several references to weapon cases being acquired either by an enemy, acquired and extracted by an enemy, or acquired by yourself. This is really interesting because the last time we've seen a weapon case mechanic inside of Call of Duty was in DMZ, back in MW2.

Where there was one significant boss AI that you had to take down, it would drop a weapon case and you'd be able to pick it up and xill with it, and you'd gain up to six unique rewards for doing so, but because of this weapon case and the way it works once you pick it up, anyone in the game can track exactly where that weapon case is at all times, so if that is the case that they're adding it to, this is sounding a lot more like a DMZ, hybrid than anything else, which is really weird to see them basically adding DMZ into Modern Warfare Zombies, rather than the mode just being DMZ, from the offset, and as alarming as this all sounds Alan the third 9 also was able to find out that the pvpve.

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Mode that we're talking about is a map event which is inside the normal Modern Warfare Zombies which means in theory if it is to come to the game it would activate like a story xfill, where you would activate it You' wait for it to infill and take you out and You' be put into a brand new session the only difference being that PVP would be enabled, within that session it was also able to find out that Commander Green would be talking to you during the infill, into this new mode and according to him as well in the code of the game there is simply an option for them to enable or disable it at any point in time now none of this is confirmed but according to Allen the 390.

And other leakers on Twitter say that there is currently no coding in the game for a season 4 cinematic cut scene; it goes from season 3 straight to season 5, meaning that there might not be a cut scene with season 4. On top of that, there is no coding for a season for Rift Gate Unlock or a season for Rift Mission Completion.

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According to Hey. I'm Alex, there is coding for season 3 Rift Gate Unlock and Mission Complete, and then it jumps straight to season 5, and if that is the case, then it adds a bit more weight to the idea that season 4 is going to be a. Pvpve focus season which would be really surprising and interesting to see them do because it would be a slight variation, on the same copy and paste format we've seen with the dark EA Rifts now at Allen the third 90 was able to find a ton of seasonal Rift items that haven't been used yet which we're going to use in future Seasons to open up a new [ __ ] for Rift some of those items he's found are both for season 5 and for a new contract that might be added in the future called A Relic hunt contract, which is to use an item called an ether counter which will be very similar to the nuclear radiation contracts in DMZ where you'd pick them up and then use them to try and find different radioactive areas around the map but in this case it is a relic hunt and the EA counter is a device that displays signatures of the closest epha object and the epha object that have been found within the code relate to renov, as well as different items from AA during various points in her life such as items she had as a child as a teenager.

mw3 zombies 2024 leaks

And as an adult, what's interesting is that it's all labeled under a character called Dark AA, potentially hinting at the identity of who this dark entity is within the dark EA that we've seen throughout season 1. We've been teased. Season 3 is going to have a big reveal to do with the entity. If it does happen again, we have no idea, but just from interpretation, the leakers are suggesting that season 4 could be an entirely PVP-related season.

Very soon after the release of Modern Warfare Zombies, we did see that PVP was enabled for some players in Lobbies very sporadically. Which could have been them testing it and could be the smallest glimpse of what this could be, but if we look at this logically, it doesn't make a ton of sense for them to be adding PVP.

mw3 zombies leaks

This late into the game's life because surely if they were going to do it, they would have done it at the very beginning because I'm sure the idea of it was toyed with a ton before the actual release of the mode, and what these leakers could be revealing is simply that a ton of development work was done on the PVP version of the game, but that development was never fully finished, but that's not to say that Sledgehammer.

Games wouldn't pick up the pieces and try to finish them when it comes to Sledgehammer Games. Another huge addition that could be coming to the game with season 3 Reloaded, and if not, definitely season 4 or 5, is the introduction of a wallet system. The XO streak system was leaked for months inside the game files, and it finally arrived with season 2 Reloaded, and the wallet system could finally be added with season 3.

Reloaded, as according to @mx leaks on Twitter, minus a few tweaks, the feature is essentially ready to ship to the public, and if this feature hasn't been cut, we should be receiving it very soon. This tweet also includes a Bare Bones menu that shows you can add the amount by plus 1, 000 minus 1, 000.

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Max the amount, clear the wallet, or update the wallet. This was a feature that was in the DMZ mode, so it's likely this has just been carried over and slightly adapted. If it works the same, then you should be able to fill this wallet with up to a million points, which you can bring into a future infill.

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