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We are finally getting some updates to Modern Warfare 3 zombies that everybody has been waiting for since day one of the game coming out, so as we all know, Season 3.5. Reloaded is just around the corner, which is when we're going to be getting a whole bunch of zombie content, which we will be going over in this article as well, just in case you guys don't know what's coming out.

But there are two more pieces of information that we have got thanks to Mr. Darck JD, and this bit of information that he has got is something that people have been waiting for literally since the very first day of the game coming out. So of course, with season 3 Reloaded, what we can expect are a couple of news items that are pretty similar to the last season we did get.

modern warfare zombies season 3

We're going to be getting a brand new story mission or brand new act mission, whatever you want to call them. This is going to be based around Jensen, who we did see in the trailer towards the end of the last act mission. And again this is going to be something that we probably have to go and do in game probably go inside the new dark ather Zone you know we can then run around in there we have to complete the mission and then that's going to give us the ability, to fully unlock the new dark ather Zone which we are going to be getting as well, and just like the majority of the missions it's probably going to be pretty simple it's probably not going to be too difficult you're go into the dark Aether Zone but again it'll probably be tier 2 zombies, so as long as you've got your gun to tier 2 tier three Pack-a-Punch you're going to be absolutely fine and it shouldn't be too difficult for you guys to go ahead and complete but as I did just mentioned we are going to be getting a brand new dark ather Zone as well and this location is going to be based around Hydro electric from Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map and I believe hydroelectric, was also either in Caldera, or zakhan.

In terms of the war zone map, if you guys played any of that, you will know where hydroelectric is, and that is where the new dark ather zone is rumored to be around, and of course, along with a new dark ather, we are going to be getting some new schum and atics, and these schematics are rumored to be based around New Gear, so we might get a helmet, a mask, and a tpay.

mw3 zombies

Some boots There might be loads of different pieces of gear that we're going to get, and we're not too sure how this is going to work, what abilities they're going to give, or why you'd even need that gear in the first place. Because they're giving us more gear, I'm assuming it's going to give us extra abilities—maybe a little bit more health, a bit more armor.

mw3 zombies leaks

I'm not too sure how it is going to work, but it could be linked to the fact that the actual new dark area is going to be slightly more difficult than the ones we've already seen previously. And if that's the case that is in my opinion actually a good thing to have because the dark ather zones that we've got the minute yes they're fun to do yes you can get some good loot from them but they're still a little bit easy like they're not that much more difficult than tier three so as long as you're geared out for tier three and you can grind comfortably in tier three, you can get into those dark ather zones and you're going to be absolutely fine you can grind them you're not going to have too many problems and you're not really going to struggle you're just going to get some slightly better gear so I'm hoping with these new dark ather zones it is going to be slightly more difficult but also give us a lot better loot than what we've been getting as well so hopefully we might get a lot more legendary a tools tier 3 Pack-a-Punch crystals, as well as the new schematics and new acquisition, so hopefully we'll see a lot of that stuff coming in, which is going to be very useful and actually good stuff that we've not yet seen before.

Also, in the new season free reloaded update, guys, we are going to be getting a new warlord. And I am seriously hoping that this warlord is going to be actually good; it's going to be worth grinding because I still haven't killed the most recent warlords yet because the loot you get for it is not worth it.

mw3 zombies new content

You don't get anything for doing it. All you're going to do is go ahead and make the game a little bit more challenging for yourself. You need to go and kill a warlord, and then you basically get nothing for completing it, so that's why I've not done it. So if they're going to bring a new warlord in, that's absolutely fine, but let's just hope they make the rewards for destroying the warlord a lot better, or at least if you go into the building where the warlord is, you can get some good loot throughout that building because the last one was so disappointing it wasn't worth doing it.

We really got nothing for doing it. It's just a pointless addition to the game, so I'm hoping that with this new warlord, it is going to be worth going to kill; it's going to be worth grinding for and actually going to take out with your squad. So that is everything that we are getting for season 3 Reloaded, which is going to be the bulk of zombie content, and the stuff I'm going to be talking about in just a moment might be coming with season 3 Reloaded, but there is no confirmed date on it, so it might not be coming out in this update.

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We might have to wait until the next one or even until a later date. We are not too sure when this stuff is going to be coming out, but I think you guys are really going to enjoy it, and you're going to be very excited for what is coming out. What we are going to be taking a look at, like I said earlier, is thanks to a conversation that Mr.

Darck JD had with the actual developers of the game, and they are working on developing it. The stash size, so as you guys know, right now we have a stash size of 10, and everybody since basically day one has said that is way too small. You cannot get enough stuff in there; mine is constantly full.

I'm always having to remove things and actually destroy things, and these are things that I would actually like to use at some point, but I just don't have a stash size big enough, so I'm having to destroy them. But they are supposed to be working on doubling the stash size, which will be absolutely amazing.

mw3 zombies new leaks

I still don't think 20 is big enough by any means. I really don't think it is, and I wish they would implement a way that we could actually go ahead and grind the game. If we complete certain challenges in the game, we get another, like, let's say, two or three stash sizes, so you could go in and you go right.

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