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I'm Alex on Twitter, who says that the next AR Kee for Rift will probably be Zarqua Hydro Electric. Looking at the last two dark EA Rifts, which are all Pi Wise from our Mazda, this makes a lot of sense, and just like the last two, he will be given that dark EA aesthetic with his own dedicated act.

Story Mission, an Easter quest to open that dark EA Rift, and new schematics. As far as the new story mission goes, this is going to be focused heavily on Ava, as we got a little tease of her background during the season 2 reloaded cut scene, but for season 3, it sounds like it's all going to be about her, as thanks to the @Cod Warfare Forum on Twitter, we already knew before Rift.

We're going to need to unlock this new Rift, and these will be a toy giraffe, a crayon, a journal, and a laptop. There aren't a ton of details known specifically about what the ACT Mission involves. AA might be physically present as an AI like we saw with Renov, and there will be some sort of encounter with an enemy called the champion.

modern warfare zombies season 3

Now we don't know if this is going to be a new dark EA worm or if the idea from season 2 could be reused with a new EMP, but this could be tied to an elite that we've not seen in this EMP variant, like a disciple. I would like to be entirely surprised, and it may be a new enemy, but we already know from Treyarch that there are no new enemy types planned, and they're more likely to be cleverly redesigned.

Some of the enemies in the game already have a new boss. Once we defeat the new boss and finish the mission, we'll be given the gold version of the toy giraff, but we'll then need to acquire the crayon, the journal, and the laptop, and then upgrade each of those items to be put in the rift gate to fully gain access to the new dark EA Rift and both the sigil and elder sigil versions.

Now What makes this quest so different from the other dark EA quests we've had up to now is that apparently, these Rift items are also going to give you some sort of additional perma perk that is tied to each of the rift objects posted on Twitter in February by COD 3 Intel. These include the ability to give the player extra zombie damage, another to give the player extra speed, and another to give the player special vision.

mw3 zombies

Now each of these unique abilities seems to be tied to the rift item, so I'm not sure if these are permanent abilities you get once you complete this Easter egg, if you only get those abilities while you have the items on you, or if those abilities are going to be necessary. For the new dark for Rift itself, potentially hinting at a massive creep up in difficulty either way, this is the first time we've seen Perma perks in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, so I am super intrigued by what this could all mean.

We also know what contracts are going to be within the new dark for Rift, and with the first and second ones, there's only been three contracts, but according to the code, there were going to be four, these being an outlast, a big bounty, an escort, and a weapon stash, which is a new contract we've not yet seen in the new dark for Rift.

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Things get even more interesting when we talk about the new classified schematics. As without context, these are easily the most confusing-sounding schematics that we've gotten, yet within the classified schematics tab, we're going to be getting three new items that will change the physical appearance of your operator, which will each give you some sort of benefit, and the weirdest part is that all of these schematics are pieces from the outfits of future Warlord that we've not yet seen in the game going into specifics.

The coding mentions that there's going to be a schematic classified warlord, Beret, a classified warlord chemist mask, a warlord rainmaker vest, and a warlord Maestro mod. Now it's assumed that the first warlord mentioned was {634}, which could be referencing. Legacy, as we know, is a warlord that wears a beret, but the new schematics apparently involve unlocking the warlord's beret to wear, as well as the mask from a future warlord called the chemist, the vest from a future warlord called the rain maker, and a mod from a future warlord called Maestro.

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Now we've know since the launch of the game that we've in the game's coding there has been the existence of a lot of Warlords that were only just seeing being added slowly into the game with each season but rather than the new chemist Warlord the rain maker and the Maestro being added sounds like we're going to be getting pieces of equipment that belong to each of these Warlords, instead perhaps these schematics are going to be what gives those unique abilities that we mentioned before but as permanent abilities to use and that does make a lot of sense if we look at the mags of holding it's such a powerful schematic, but it can only be used for the duration of the match if we were getting unique special abilities with these Rift items there's no way that they would only exist just for the duration of you holding those Rift items and there not be a more permanent way to unlock them and this might be it There's also mention of the code for all of these being consumable.

mw3 zombies new dlc

Items as well, meaning that you'll be able to get these in the normal sigil version of the dark EA, but then to unlock the classified schematic to craft them in the future, you'll have to get them via the El de Sigal dark EA. Looking at our recent Modern Warfare Zombies drop, we had to wait all the way until season 2 reloaded to get it, and according to this code, it looks like going forward, every zombies update will be on a reloaded update rather than at a season launch, as all the coding mentions this being season 3.5.

There is a chance that this could all change, but that's how it's looking at the moment, and for the longest time, we knew that an Xville streak system existed within the files, and we finally got it. We've reloaded, but one thing we haven't got yet is a wallet system that has also been in the files for a while, and this would allow you to fill in all the points you gained within the game so you can bring points into a future game.

mw3 zombies new leaks

Plus, there isn't anything found by data miners or leakers to suggest it's coming in season 3 Reloaded. It's safe to assume that this could be a feature. We will see one feature that isn't safe to assume is the very controversial. PVP, a mode that has been within the game files for quite a while now, back in February.

According to Alan the 390 on Twitter, a lot more code for this mode was added in February. We're still very in the dark with regards to whether this is actually going to come to the game and if it's going to be just a limited-time mode separate from the main mode or a limited-time event that happens within the main mode.

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