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modern warfare 3 zombies

We just got the full reveal for season 3 of Modern Warfare 3, so we're going to be breaking down everything coming for zombies, but if you expected any more zombie content than what we got with season 2, then I'm afraid you're going to be a little disappointed. Just like with season 2, this content will not come until season 3 Reloaded.

Which won't be until around the beginning of May so we've still got a little while to wait for it but breaking down the summary of the content we getting a new dark EA Mission a third Rift new schematics and challenges and a new warlord, starting with the new act for Mission this is going to be around leaving Dr Jansen as an unknown force of disturbing power has its psychic tendrils wrapped tightly around her and the doctor's been lured into this new region of the dark ether under this influence, as you can see from the screenshot it looks like this new Rift is also going to be in the high threat zone more towards the middle and that's where we'll enter to take on this new dark EPA Rift which we get a look at here and it's confirmed based on the rumors that this is going to be based on zarqua hydro electric from Al mazra but of course in the dark EO and I have to say the Skybox from these screenshots.

modern warfare 3 zombies season 3

It looks really nice. We'll be going into the dark EA with Renov again to try and locate and rescue her from the unknown. Once rescued, we'll need to complete another dark EA gate hunt so that we can gain access to the new schematics. Now we spoke about most of these schematics in leak articles a week or two ago, but we got a surprise one that we didn't get from leakers, starting with dead wire detonators.

The description is: Are you still shocked at the impressive electrical damage the dead wire ammo mod inflicts? Then you might want to employ the dead wire detonator and attach it to all your explosive weapons, including lethals and launchers. So on paper, this sounds like a dead wire ammo mod buff that is significantly buffing launchers and leafs, which will make explosive weapons a lot more useful.

mw3 season 3

With dead wire, imagine that this will allow you to transform the RPG so that it works like Wonder Woman, meaning there's a massive chain of electricity along with an explosion. Part of me is still a little confused about how exactly this works. The second is the golden mask filter, and it's described as a prize schematic with a shiny hue and an impressive long-lasting effect gain, a self-regenerating gas mask for the rest of the match.

This comes in extremely handy for surviving zombie strongholds and any surprises in the Rifts, and I think this is a pretty cool addition. We obviously have the golden armor plate carrier, which is a self-regenerating arm plate, and now we've got a self-regenerating gas mask. Having this option instead of having to spend 5, 000 points to get the durable in the high threat zone is also a good alternative, but is this a game-changing schematic?

I don't think so. The mags of holding were pretty game-changing. The dead wire detonator sounds like it has the potential to make certain weapons way better, but we'll just have to see, and the last one is called Sergeant's Ber, where the description is that your outcomes no longer need to be terminal when dealing with Zak's hired guns.

mw3 season 3 content

Simply Dawn the Sergeant's ber to disguise yourself among the Merc and summon a trusty MC bodyguard who shadows you to the end. Now this sounds like a genuinely useful schematic because this, like we mentioned in previous leak articles, is a take on the disguise item from DMZ, where the actual Soldier AI will not shoot at you for the entirety of the game, which is an interesting concept.

I think if that were in the game earlier, I think it would be a lot more useful because I think players have just gotten used to how the Merks are, but is it an entirely needed and useful schematic? I'm not quite sure. I feel like in season one they came out with some banging schematics; in season 2, we got the mags of holding, which is pretty cool, but outside of the Dead Wire detonators.

mw3 season 3 roadmap

I just don't think the golden mask or the beret are very useful, and a new zombie season wouldn't be complete without a new warlord, which is everyone's favorite thing, and this one is called the rain maker, who is going to be situated. In a fortress on Raha Island, which is across the water from Shaheen Mana, and interestingly, right now there is already traps and all sorts of things laid in that Mana like as if the rain maker warlord is already there so it's a bit of a teaser in the game on where it's going to be, but this is going to be an artillery and demolitions expert, where mortar rounds and RPG fire are going to descend upon you as you try and take down this warlord, and the compound's brimming with trip wires and traps, he will be on the map permanently for the first week could release, and then there'll be a rotation between the other warlords in the game for the love of God.

mw3 season 3 update

Trio Please update these warlords so that they actually drop some unique, amazing loot so that there's actually a reason to go for them. As far as I know, they updated them recently so that they all drop weapon cases for Wonder Weapons, but I want something very different. I want something super special that's tied to that warlord that you can only get from that warlord that is completely unique, and that is literally everything that zombies are getting in season 3.

The only other thing to look forward to is, of course, that a new season brings new weapons in all modes, and those weapons will be coming to zombies, and I'm genuinely pretty excited about these weapons for once because most of them are from Advanced. Warfare, which is crazy, one of them being the Moos sniper rifle, which is in the battle pass available on launch, which I think is really cool and interesting to see how strong this will be in Zombies because this could be a meta weapon in Zombies.

It really could, and then the Bow 27 assault rifle is coming midseason. Which is one of the most iconic weapons in COD history, let alone from AW, which I'm really excited to see? There is also the FJX Horus SMG, which is going to be available at launch, which looks like a new weapon to me unless that's also from Advanced Warfare.

mw3 season 3 zombies

You might be able to correct me if I'm wrong. There is also a Gladiator melee weapon that was available at launch, and there's also going to be some really unique aftermarket parts, including what looks like the return of the model 1887. A kimbos, can you imagine them with mags of holding that sound like a really cool aftermarket part, and then as we go through, you can see some of the examples of the aftermarket parts where again, these could have really game-changing abilities inside of zombies, but it's kind of frustrating that these are the big parts of the zombies content that we look forward to now and massive new meaningful additions of content.

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