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modern warfare 3 zombies

So as we all know. Season 2.5. Reloaded, has been out for a little while now in Modern Warfare 3 and Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and we've already got a load of leaks going in towards season 3, which we're going to be going over today. So we're not going to mess about it; we're going to jump straight into it, and the first thing we're going to be taking a look at is where the new dark area is potentially going to be, and this is thanks to a data miner called Hey.

I'm Alex on Twitter, and the new dark area for Rift is likely to be in Zaka. Hydroelectric, from Modern Warfare 2 If you guys remember the multiplayer map, it is likely that the new dark EA Rift is going to be going there. As we know, we've been taking previous maps and going there as the new dark Ather zones, so that's what it's going to be for season 3.

It should be hydroelectric, from Modern Warfare 2, but of course the map is going to have a full new dark Aether aesthetic ball over it; as we know, it's going to have the crystals; it's going to have that darker field to it, the pinks. The purples in the dark, a field that we all know and love, is exactly what sort of aesthetic it is going to put onto hydroelectric.

modern warfare zombies season 3

Coming alongside this, we should have a new act mission, some new contracts to complete, and also, alongside this, of course, a new Easter egg quest that we can do so we can open the portal alongside the ACT Mission, and it is likely that this new act mission is going to be based around Ava. As you guys know, from the last one, it was a base around Renov; we actually saw him in game, and then for the cut scene towards the end of the ACT Mission, we did see AA coming into it, and it is very likely that we are going to see AA, and it will be based around AA within this new season.

And we can also expect AA to come in as an AI just like Renov did in the story Mission, so hopefully we will get into the new story Mission and then we will have AA appear in it at some point. As you guys know, in season 2.5 reloaded, we got Renov; all we had to do was wait for him to do the escort mission with him go around the map, and he was actually visible on the map shooting zombies and taking down zombies, so we can probably expect a very similar thing with AA in the game.

mw3 zombies

So Cod Warfare Forums on Twitter did actually leak the four Rift items we are going to need to actually get into the brand new dark AA Zone, and it is going to be a toy giraff, a crayon, a journal, and a laptop, so we're going to need these four things obviously upgraded to that gold rarity, and then we are going to be a to get into the dark AA Zone, open it, and use a sigil or Elder sigil to be a to get in and do the schematics and dra the contracts and all that sort of stuff, and within this new dark AA Zone we are expecting to see a new boss as well, and this boss is going to be called the champion.

Obviously, this is going to be a boss we've already got in the game, like a mimic of a disciple or something along those lines, or it could be another worm. We are not too sure yet; we have no information on what it's going to be, but as we already know. Track has already announced and told us that they're not going to be adding or they don't have any plans to be adding any more boss zombies, so as of right now, it is likely that it's going to be a worm, a deciple, a mimic of a mangl, something along those lines, and that is what we can expect to see for the new Champion boss within the new season 3 Rift.

mw3 zombies leaks

So once we complete the ACT Mission, we should actually get the gold giraffe, and then we can take that into a game, and we are already on our way to be a to activate, and open the new Rift, however of course like I said before we are going to have to go ahead do the Easter egg find the other items upgrade them up to that gold Rarity, which is then actually going to allow us to open the rift and then like I said with our residual or an elder sigil we are going to be able to activate it which is going to allow us to get into the dark ather Zone to start grinding a new contract which we're going to get into in just a moment.

mw3 zombies new content

So something a little bit different with these Rift items, though they are actually going to give the player extra unique abilities. So as we can see by this tweet from Modern Warfare 3 Intel, we actually have a couple of unique abilities that we can now see, so some of the items are going to give the player extra zombie damage, give zombie object damage, give the player extra speed, give the player special vision, and give the player special vision.

So we're not too sure what this means exactly and how this is all going to be planned out, but when I get into the new contracts that we're going to talk about and some of the stuff we can get, you're going to understand sort of what this is going to be talking about. It's not too clear that we don't have the craziest amount of leaks; we've not got the craziest amount of information.

mw3 zombies new dlc

But this is what we are expecting, the abilities to be from the new Rift items and again we're not too sure how the rift items are going to work we're not sure if you have to have the rift items in your stash to actually have these abilities we're not sure if you can get schematics for these down the line so you can use them on a bit more of a regular basis, we really don't know how these are going to work so it' be very interesting to see how they do actually add this in how they implement and how they actually allow us to use these abilities, outside of different zones but this could also indicate that the new dark Aether zone is actually going to be a lot more challenging than the previous two that we've seen because if they're adding extra unique abilities that is going to help the player out and give us more of an advantage.

mw3 zombies new leaks

It probably does indicate that dark AA zone is going to be slightly harder, and then you're going to need all the perks the unique abilities of the best weapons and stuff like that to actually go ahead and get through the dark AA zone so it we'll have to see how that does play out and how we do get those and like I said earlier we got contract, so as we'll know from the original dark AA Zone there was three contracts an escort Mission an extractor Mission and an Outlast Mission and then for the newest AR a for Zone we have had an Outlast we've then had a bounty Target and then we' have had another extractor, as well whereas in the new dark ather Zone that we can expect to be coming in season 3 there's going to be four contracts that we complete we're going to have an Outlast, a bounty an escort and a weapon stash contract so the weapon stash being the new one there that we've not yet seen in the dark ather zone so we'll have to see how that does play out again they're very similar to outlast contracts they're not really too different to an Outlast contract they even might be slightly easier.

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