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Today we're going to be going over a ton of leaked content coming to Modern Warfare Zombies, ranging from things we'll see next season to stuff we might not see for a long time, and including a ton of game-changing features that will make this mode even better than it already is as we get into things.

We don't have long to wait until we get a new warlord inside of Modern Warfare Zombies. With the season 1 reloaded update, we're going to be getting a warlord called Doabe. We're not quite sure yet, but there are quite a few other bosses and warlords still to come, and perhaps the strangest one of all that might not even be a thing in Modern Warfare Zombies is that at the start of the year, a Twitter user called the office and uploaded a article showcasing.

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An Extinction alien gargoyle boss found within the files of the game and can be fully loaded in it's textured and has working animations that can be applied to any operator animation, this obviously looks extremely weird on article and a lot of you might think this is fake but this is not a fake article this is 100% real and it really does exist within the files of the game for some reason the extinction gargoyle model directly from Call of Duty ghost is in the files of Modern Warfare 3 begs a question of why it exists within the files and what is its purpose is it going to be an operator skin well clearly not cuz that just looks absolutely bizarre but the more likely thing is that this could potentially, be some sort of future enemy that we see inside of Modern Warfare Zombies be it new elite boss type that we discover in the world that that's just really strange to see as it's not technically a dark e for zombies enemy scen before or more excitingly this could end up being some sort of mini boss fight or some other type of in-game, encounter.

Where you'll fight this thing. This could also just end up never being used in the game, and it's just there for some reason, but apparently it's the only Extinction-related model to exist within the game, and it's fully rigged, so it can actually have animations supplied on the model, as bizarre as this could be.

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I'm all for it because I'd love to see more spooky stuff within Call of Duty, but let's now talk about bosses that are 100% coming to the game at some point, and these are new Warlords, we already have doabe which is coming in the middle of January but we have at least five other warlord bosses which are planned to come to the game at some point where some players have already found key cards for some of these bosses within the game already so the other bosses still to come are the chemist, kerries, the rain maker Maestro and all for one that last one in particular is very interesting because that is a my.

Academia, character—could there be some sort of crossover with my hero in Call of Duty at some point this year? Who knows, but as you can see, here's an image of the key card for the rain maker boss, confirming that we are definitely going to see that one in game and another Reddit user during November found another key card for the warlord kries, so I assume the two that we'll see the soonest will be Kerries and the rain maker, but according to MW3.

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Intel on Twitter, there's even more bosses that we haven't seen yet, such as the Juggernaut, the Hamut, the MD fanks. Rush Shower, and Shadow. They specifically say that the bosses, all for one Maestro rain maker, and the chemist are all classified as human fortresses. It is likely these bosses will each have their own fortress location similar to what we see for legacy, but just in a different location or certain buildings could be completely repurposed to then house these new human fortresses.

Only time will tell. Now, a massive feature that will be coming to the game at some point is a wallet system. Hey, I'm Alex over on Twitter. I discovered a menu that was labeled as the outbreak wallet, and this game mode is internally called outbreak, and it looks like this is going to work very similar to what DMZ.

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Later in its season where it added a wallet system where you can extract points that you earn in the game into this wallet, which is in the menus, and you can choose how much to bring in there is currently no exact ideas on how much the max limit will be for this wallet or exactly how many points you can take from the wallet to have on you the moment you start up the game and to me this makes perfect sense because currently you could xfill with hundreds of thousands of points, and you'll lose it as soon as you fill it.

The way the wallet system worked with DMZ was that you had a set amount that you could have in it, and if you wanted to upgrade it to have even more cash, then you had to go and do objectives within a game, which gave you persistent upgrades towards getting the max limit. We could see something similar in Modern Warfare Zombies, although with the number of people using the Tombstone glitch and hundreds of thousands of points in their Tombstone, by complete accident that also works just like the wallet, so until that is fixed.

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I don't know how useful the wallet will be, but I know for people that are playing legit imately and don't want to do a Tombstone glitch, then I think this is going to be really good. We just have no idea when it's coming. Another really awesome feature coming to Modern Warfare 3 zombies at some point is the xill and streak system that was in DMZ.

The way the xill streaks work is that every time you xill, you're going to add one to your streak, and if you continuously xill successfully thereafter, each time you go up a streak number, you're going to be given some sort of reward. Here are all 10 rewards, with the first X full streak giving you 500 points on spawn, then the next one will give you five armor plates, then the next one you'll spawn with 1, 000 points, then you'll spawn with 30% off the perk machine costs, and the next one will start you with 1500 points.

The next will increase your contract payout, and the next will start you with 2,500 points. The next will give you 50% off the mystery box cost. The first will start you with 5, 000 points, and the final one will give you 20% off the pack-a-punch cost. And as long as you don't break that streak, you will forever have all of the streak rewards that you see on screen now.

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It's likely that this will work exactly like DMZ, where you'll have to complete at least on contract before X fills for the streak to count. You can't just jump into a game and immediately run to an xill and have that count; you have to do something in the game for it to be meaningful to count for that streak.

MASSIVE NEW MW3 Zombies 2024 DLC Updates Secrets COMING. ALL Changes.
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