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We still haven't gotten any new content for zombies in season 2, but leakers and data miners have already begun to find details. First, you may or may not recall that a few weeks ago there was a lot of discussion about a leak. PVP mode is coming to Modern Warfare Zombies, and with the season 2 update, there has been some updated code referencing that the mode does exist, but we have no idea if this is actually going to come to the game or not.

If it is, it looks like it will be a completely separate game mode from the normal Modern Warfare Zombies mode. Surely there has to be more to the mode than simply being able to kill other players; there has to be some other point to it. Now there is a chance this never makes it into the game itself, so until we officially see it announced and confirmed by Activision and Triarch.

I wouldn't personally worry about this too much, and I don't think it's much of a surprise at all, but the main gist of the season 3 content is going to be very similar to what we're going to get in season 2 reloaded. where it's going to be a new story-act mission that involves going into another.

modern warfare zombies season 3

Rift, and then the assumption is that there will be another Easter egg quest where we'll have to find items to then open the rift so we can re-enter that dark EA location and play it like we do with our current act four dark EA quests. Now, the leaks we know for the season 2 quest involve, lese, and items that relate to his childhood, but season 3 seems to be focused more on Dr.

AA Jansson again, where similarly to the Act One story Mission, she's physically going to be there as a character in game as they rel leaked strings for the actual objectives of this mission, but they seem to be a little bit out of order, but they will involve us investigating. I'm Alex just say to defeat Champions, so I have no idea what this could be.

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The foil hat on this could just be another worm boss fight because Treyarch did confirm that there are no new enemy types planned to come to the game and the worms have been a bit of a repeating factor, so we'll just have to see if there's further details, including investigating. orbs investigating The Relic following Jansen, locating Jansen and then shattering a crystal so at this moment in time none of that really makes any sense but I'm sure when we get into season 3 especially following the cut scene that we get for season 2 reloaded story that might make a little bit more sense as to what this is relevant to but one of the biggest talking points about this season 3 act mission is apparently the rift items that we're going to need to get in order to open this new Rift are actually going to be items which are going to have significant, gameplay benefits, where each of these Rift gate items will have their own unique ability that will make you more powerful in game this is according to MW3.

Intel on Twitter, where there are three items, one of which will give the player extra zombie damage. A second item will give the player extra speed, and a third will give the player special vision. They are currently unsure which item gives which ability at this time, but this is really intriguing.

mw3 zombies leaks

First of all, an item that will give you extra zombie damage sounds a lot like a double tap persistent perk, where there will be an actual point to doing this Rift Easter Egg Quest because the outcome is that you will end up having the perma perk of being able to do more damage to zombies. The second item is giving the player extra speed.

I don't know if that means just like stamina up, you'll be able to run quicker or just every movement in the game will be faster and more fluid, and this could be very similar to the Zar Core Power Up that's currently in the Fortune Keep M, which lets you run and mantle quicker, which I think would be a welcome change to have in zombies, and then the final one, giving the player special vision, sounds a lot like death perception, but as a persistent perk, this again is a zombies power up in the Fortune's Keep Mode called Undead sight, which allows you to see enemies from a distance, which I assume would be the exact same effect that we would see within zombies, just like with death perception.

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Judging by the fact that the code for the season 3 act mission is already in the game, this familiar pattern of finding items to unlock a dark EA Rift suggests that the pattern that we're seeing here of each season being a new mission with a new Rift and then an Easter egg to unlock that Rift will just be a very similar drop of content.

I mean, I'm happy that we're going to get some persistent upgrades by the sounds of these Rift items. I'd love to know what you think. Rift gates for every season, where it sounds like it's following the exact same pattern every season, is one other really unfortunate thing that the data miners managed to discover, and this is according to the COD Warfare Forum as well as MW3.

mw3 zombies new dlc

Intel is that the season 3 Quest and everything that's been discovered is something that's going to be coming at season 3 Reloaded, so we've been waiting a heck of a long time for new content and we're not getting it until season 2 reloaded but then following on from that when season 3 drops there's a chance that we won't get any new zombies content on the launch either and that every new zombies drop is going to be in the reloaded, updates of each season rather than on the launch of each season now this is just according to the data miners themselves we don't know this information to be 100%, accurate deadlines could change and content can be moved around so you never know until it's announced an official concrete but if that does end up being true then that is obviously a very disappointing.

Now that there haven't been any leaks about any new schematics coming for season 3, we already know we're getting three new ones for season 2 reloaded, honestly the new mags of holding schematics sounds incredibly, overpowered. This, to me, sounds like the real highlight of season 2 reloaded, and I hope that with season 3, they're bringing in more cool schematics like this that are going to completely mix up the game play.

mw3 zombies new leaks

Now this next point is a real kick-up because @ Cod Warfare Forum on Twitter has shared basically every stram that was found for season 3 in the new update, including a ton of references to rebirth. Island where the fact that they believe rebirth Island will be coming in season 3 as far as rebirth Island being added to Modern Warfare Zombies the response that at COD Warfare Forum gave was nope don't get any hopes up for any major changes or new maps coming to Modern Warfare Zombies as it's a dead mode not being supported like DMZ was I was really surprised to not see fortunes, keep have support for Modern Warfare Zombies seeing as there are Act.

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