News - There Is No New Content Season 3 For Warzone 2 Zombies

modern warfare 3 zombies

We have just got some bad news for Modern Warfare zombies in the Modern Warfare 3 season 3 update, so season 3 is going to be launching on April 3rd, which brings a whole bunch of content to Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, some including zombies. However, we're going to get into the bad news with the zombie content in just a moment, so overall, so far, season 3 looks really good.

We've got some new maps coming to War Zone. We've got some new guns, some new battle passes, some new crossovers, and all sorts of good things like that. So, as I mentioned for War Zone Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, there's a whole bunch of content coming out. We've also got some new weapons, some new operators, and some new perks.

Some new equipment, brand new events, and brand new crossovers like Godzilla and Kong the 421. We've got a whole bunch of content coming in season 3; however, for Modern Warfare Zombies, if I throw the Modern Warfare Zombies section up on screen right now, as you can see, everything is coming again in midseason for Modern Warfare 3 zombies, which is so disappointing.

modern warfare zombies season 3

So I'm sort of expecting this to launch over the 17th or 24th of April, which is going to be a long time to wait just to get some new zombie content. However as we can see from the zombies content if we try and look at a positive side we have got a decent bit of content coming we've got a brand new Story Mission it could be either in act four or it could be Act five a brand new act itself we're not too sure yet but we are going to be getting a new story mission to complete, we also alongside this going to get a new dark ether Zone which again is going to be a really nice thing to have as you guys know adding these dark ether zones just adds a little bit something different to play for at the end of every game and also is going to give us a good chance to get some even better loot so let's say for example you're already lacking on legendary ather tools you might go into the very first dark ether Zone.

mw3 zombies

Because you're basically guaranteed legendary ather tools out of those; however, if you want something like a mags of holding schematic or mags of holding acquisition, you might go into the brand new dark ether zone because that's where you're going to get those from, and now that they've added the newest dark ether rift in, we can then go and get some good loot from that, so again, it's going to give us a nice variety of ways that we can actually loot up and get a good amount of loot together to go into the next game and dominate.

And alongside this, with the new dark-ether Rift, we are going to get some new classified schematics. As you can see on screen right there, we do sort of know what these are already; we're going to be getting a mask, we're going to be getting a vest, some boots, and then a two-pay as well. If you guys want to know a bit more information on how we know that, check out my article that I'm going to leave.

Or even go and kill the newest warlord. However, if we take a look at the positive notes again, we are going to get some new stuff that we can use in zombies. We've got four new weapons coming that we can use, three of those coming at the very start of season 3, and then one coming when the mid-season reloaded update does come around, so we are about to unlock that.

mw3 zombies leaks

At the same time as we're getting all the zombie content, we're also going to be getting a whole bunch of new aftermarket parts. I believe there's about seven aftermarket parts coming in season 3 as far as we are aware as of so far, so that would be really nice to have some new aftermarket parts to try out and take into Modern Warfare 3 zombies.

Use them against the zombies, the bosses, tier three zones, all that sort of stuff, and really test those out to see how good they are going to be, and then, like I mentioned earlier, we have also got the events and the collaborations coming in as well, so with the events, these don't always go into Modern Warfare zombies, so I'm hoping.

mw3 zombies new content

Because of the lack of zombie content at the start of the season, they are going to allow us to actually complete the events in Zombies because there's been a couple of times where we've got events and you could only complete the challenges in multiplayer or war zone, so hopefully all of these will be available to be done in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and then, of course, like I said, in the collaborations, we've got Godzilla Time Kong, and then we have the 420.

Collaboration as well, there'll be some cool stuff for that; there'll be a couple of events and stuff for those coming in as well; and then the only real thing is, of course, the new battle pass and the new operators that are going to get added into the game, but even then, it's really not going to be anything crazy; we've got Snoop Dog coming in the battle pass, a couple of other operators in the battle pass, and of course the black cell version, but that's just a standard for every season; we know we're getting that every single season, so overall.

I'm very disappointed with the zombie content at the moment because of the way they've done it, and I just want to see the zombie content come out at the very start of the season. Everyone seems to be getting all this multiplayer and War Zone content, which is great, and don't get me wrong. I do play a little bit of War Zone and multiplayer off camera, so it's not too bad.

mw3 zombies new dlc

I will be able to play that with some of my friends. However, for a zombie content creator and someone who enjoys zombies. I'd rather see the content coming out straight away rather than seeing all these people get all this amazing content to make articles on or just go and grind, and then we have to sit and actually wait even longer.

Another 3 to 4 weeks of zombie content is pretty disappointing, because that just means zombies are going to be exactly the same as they are today. In the next four weeks, we're not going to have any changes apart from the addition of some new guns and aftermarket parts. However, with all this being said, I am still looking forward to getting the new content in Modern Warfare Zombies.

mw3 zombies new leaks

I'm still excited to play it. I'm still excited to try the new act missions, go into the new dark ether zone, maybe take on the new warlord, and obviously grind out for the new schematics. I'm also interested to see how it is going to play out and what the dark ether zone is going to be like. As far as we're aware, I believe the new dark ether zone is going to be hydroelectric.

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