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Season 1 kicks off in just 2 days on the 6th, and we know that this is going to introduce Act 4 as a whole new set of missions, which is going to start with a brand new story mission. Normally, we've had a story mission at the end of each act, but this fourth act is going to start with a story mission, and every player can do this regardless of their progress in Acts 1, 2, and 3.

As we know, an anomaly has appeared on the map, and this is a rift that will venture us into the dark. EA to do this specific story mission. Once we have completed that story mission, we will venture back into Urzikstan. And from that point on, the players are going to have to work out how to unlock the dark EPA for Rift, so in order to go back in the dark EA after the story mission, we need to collect what they're calling sigils, which are these consumable drops, and we initially find these by completing contracts in the high fret zone, where there's a chance that there will be a potential drop from them.

modern warfare 3 zombies season 1

You can use these to take you and your squad into the rift to make an attempt to go in there and figure out what's going on to earn rewards. Each sigil that we collect will enable us to go in there once, and once we go in the dark EA, we'll be able to find an additional sigil called an elder sigil, which will unlock an even more difficult version of [__] for Rift, which sounds absolutely amazing, and Tryo described that this will be a higher difficulty than what we're currently facing in the open world, which is much more frantic.

And pretty exciting gameplay-wise, they also confirm that inside the rift, you have a full 30 minutes to play in there, try and complete the objectives within there, and then escape, and you can go in there at any point in the game, so you can use the full 45 or 60 minutes of a normal zombie match and then go into the dark.

mw3 zombies

EA to extend that game play by another 30 minutes now the fact that dark EA is going to be difficult as it is but we can earn these Elder sigils to have a harder. Difficulty version sounds absolutely incredible, now with this being such a high difficulty you want there to be some really good rewards to go after to take on the challenge so that introduces the new schematics which are in a new category of their own called classified schematics and these are only available in the hardest version of the rift which are these really awesome items that everyone's going to want to use so we know all about them but a bit more details is the dog bone which will allow you to start a match with a friendly hellhound which will be the equivalent, of the high threat zone hellhound that you get from the dogghouse which is amazing and we all know that this is the strongest version of the dog with the most amount of health and will always be able to revive you unless it takes damage from the elite bosses and mercenaries.

The golden armor plate is an incredible consumable that coats your vest and makes it so you can regenerate plates over time and still play up. Normally, it will kind of accelerate that process. If you're in a lot of trouble in general, this will allow you to automatically regenerate your plates without having to find any or even apply them.

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The final schematic is the EA blade, which is an incredible piece of lethal equipment that never runs out once you've consumed it. It is essentially directly compared to the Hell's Retriever, where if you throw it in an area, the blade will seek out the nearest target. Ricochet will hit another target and then come back to you, and then come back to you, and then it goes on a brief cooldown before you can use it again.

They didn't want to go so far as to describe it as wonder weapon equipment, but it's definitely between those spaces. Being one try also touched a bit more upon the VR1 returning, which was crazy that Kevin described this as the vill because I've never actually realized. That's what the VR1 was spelling out, but it will turn enemy zombies into Allied zombies that will fight alongside you for about 15 seconds before they reach an untimely death, and you can shoot mercenaries and turn them into zombies that will fight for you.

mw3 zombies season 1

There are scenarios if you're clearing mercenary camps where the mercenaries will just go out and kill the other mercenaries, so that might make clearing them out easier, so it really is like a really dependent version of brain rot, but it works on everything in the map. What's also really cool is that you can shoot other players with it, and it's going to temporarily boost their damage and grant them invisibility.

From all enemies now, this was a similar buff in the original Call of the Dead map, so to have this returning as an incredibly powerful feature is really cool, so an example was given that someone on your team could dedicate themselves as a damage dealer and you could shoot them, and they would be the ones that could do the most damage, so in Future boss fights, for example, this could be really good, and Trych also confirmed that a few more new schematics will be available for us with season 1 for the more high-end items that we've been looking for, such as the tier 3, pap crystals, and legendary EA tools, which is absolutely awesome, but they didn't describe where you'll go to find them.

mw3 zombies season 1 changes

I assume we'll get them in the high threat zone as new rewards from doing contracts there, as this didn't sound like it was a dark EEEPA-specific reward. Now we move on to the quality of life improvements that are coming for season 1, because obviously one of the biggest things that they did was nerfing these zombie x-fills, and they mentioned that they're not in the business of removing people's fun unless it's truly exploitative.

Or is actually altering player behavior to the point where it's so far away from what they intended, so there have to be some corrections made, but being completely transparent. Tryo said they had to do some things that they weren't super happy about, like nerfing the xils, so it's part of season 1 is getting a little bit back to where they want the xils to be; they want it to be a frantic awesome experience challenging in a fun way, so right off the bat they're integrating more special zombies that we show up at xils.

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