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This is DK Dynamite for a full breakdown of season 3, week 3, challenge here inside of MW3, and War Zone. We have brand new weekly challenges to go through and a brand new aftermarket, part reward as a quick FYI There was a driver update as of last night, so make sure they didn't change any of your graphic settings, because all my settings are a bit out of whack.

As of today, everything got set to high, and I'm getting very high FPS even in the main menu while in game. Be sure you guys check all of that out, but speaking of things to check out, be sure to go ahead and click on {740}. For those who want more article coverage on multiplayer war zones Zombie War Zone mobile CDL loadouts.

The Works got plenty of brand new coverage for those that want to read instead of watch articles and just want extra content on the mainline Call of Duty series and even mobile, but once again, we do have some brand new news roundups for Black Ops 2024 for those who want to stay up to date with what's going on with Treyarch's new premium title. Lots stuff to look forward to over the next couple weeks, as far as in-game.

New event & playlist updates

New event & playlist updates

It doesn't look like we have a playlist update as of yet; maybe in the next 55 minutes. I have a timer on screen right now. We'll probably end up getting a playlist update of some sort for multiplayer and even War Zone, but we'll of course keep you guys updated over on {740}tter if new playlists do become available.

There isn't a new event as of today, but there is a double XP weekend event that starts this Thursday exclusively for PlayStation, then Friday, and over the weekend. It'll be for every other platform, but there's no challenge event this week. There'll be one next week for the Vortex Horseman virus crossover, which is pretty damn cool.

There's a lot to look forward to as of next week.

New patch notes live now

When it comes to in-game events, we do have brand new patch notes that I want to go over real quickly, so these got added as of yesterday. If any new ones do get released as of today. April 16th, as of yesterday for multiplayer. We got UIX.


The Maps widget in the quick play menu can now be scrolled to view all entries. Now display the correct icon in the kill feed emblems unlocked, and MW2 will now be stated as such in the customization menu. Address various issues causing certain stats to not be tracked on the scoreboard in COD. Caster mode resolves an issue causing the score to appear as 0 to 0 during the round transition in gunfight and Search and Destroy from 0 to zero.

You know what I mean. Editing a loadout during a match no longer causes the player to be given incorrect loadouts or progressions; executing a player with the Soul Run will no longer grant more XP than a standard finishing move. That's a funny bug result in an issue preventing the winers perk challenge from tracking progress weapons and attachments.

modern warfare 3

We have some changes there for the MTZ house, M16 for MW2, which is interesting. So that's probably because we have an aftermarket part releasing for this M16. It's so cool that they buffed the weapon a little bit. We got changes there for the Ram 9 Striker 9, the regular Striker, which we just used to get on the WSP Swarm, and then the Jack Magift kit for the Haymaker shotgun.

There was also a change there for the Morse. There was an optic misalignment, causing Shasa to travel slightly off center. We also made changes there for the Morse hexer optic. ECS, requir suppressor muzzle also changes there for the EMD grenade, and the frag grenade tactical and lethal remote turret killstreak players no longer forcibly swap to their primary upon the destruction of their own turret, and then limited time weapon evaluation there for mod Warfare 3 multiplayer ranked They've gone ahead and restricted the BP50 hogar.

mw3 allegiances camo

MTZ, and then GS, like the HR. The HRM and the RAM 9 are pretty damn cool, and some bug fixes across the board initially prevented a limited number of players from accessing the MW3-ranked issue, prevented platinum and above players from being able to view their seasonal rewards, and caused an issue with the Seattle Surge 2024 camo pattern that's multiplayer for War Zone.

Let's see if anything has changed here. I was really curious about what we got. We reverted the change that was preventing the C4 from being detonated mid-flight, decreased the intermediate explosive damage radius to 3.8 M down from 4.9, that's for the frag, and then we got some changes there that we already went over from multiplayer, but it also impacted the war zone.

The brand new change that is so needed to change it for the MTZ house. M16, these SMGs. And then, the more snipers, attachments, and then for some small bug fixes, fix issues preventing High Trip challenges from tracking properly, so that's awesome cuz the actual camo that's a lot of molecules, that you can earn by winning a game of High Trip that was bug last week, so they fixed that fix, and where the signal intelligence public event would complete other hacking contracts, that was I think a Champion Quest bug too, fix an issue causing mosquito drones to disappear in a player's hands when hit by a shock stick an issue causing players to hear incorrect voiceover from biometric scanners and an issue causing the amount of bot spawning into the boot camp playlist to be inconsistent, so there you have it for some war zone Buck fixes, that's it for all the patch notes, at least hopping back in game, but folks, as far as the week three challenges do go, it's going to go ahead and unlock a brand new stock called the Jack Cutthroat.

All week 3 challenges

All week 3 challenges

Slammer posted this Twitter clip, and as you guys can see, it's going to provide unrivaled speed and stability with various weapons in the game. I love the fact that Sledgehammer has been posting little snippets of the new weekly rewards. It's available for a number of weapons, as we're going to get to in a second, but what a classic-looking iron sight, as you will see jumping into the challenges themselves.

In Week Three. Jack Cutthroat, as you can see for multiplayer, we do have to get 15 operators killed after reloading with recommended SMGs and five operators killed with the gun butts of a recommended weapon. Place on top of the leaderboard three different times and get five kills using lethals on operators who are affected by a shock stick.

mw3 amp mw2 weapons

Eight operator headshot kills with recommended handguns 15 kills against operators who are blinded or stunned with recommended SMGs, and then two operator kills in a row without taking damage with recommended SMGs five different times going into zombies, five rapid kills 20 times with a recommended SMG.

NEW MW3 ULTRA STOCK Weapon UpdateUnlock JAK Cutthroat - Season 3 Week 3 Challenges.
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