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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be going through the week eight update, which is closing out season 3 of Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone. Drop a like, and as a reminder, I'll be live streaming as of today with the launch of our brand new weekly challenges. We'll be checking out what could be minor patch notes, some playlist updates, and even more. With that, we also have plenty of brand new article coverage going up on {787} for those who want to stay up to date with all things Call of Duty Fun fact: as of the last season and a half, the usual data miners have been posting the weekly challenges quite a bit early, several weeks in advance, and we've been updating plenty of articles on the website with that information for those that want a bit of a heads up, but as of about 24 hours ago, a brand new mini trailer did release for our multiplayer maps coming in season 4.

New season 4 maps trailer!

New season 4 maps trailer!

We obviously have Paris and even Tokyo. The maps look absolutely gorgeous, and as Call of Duty usually does, they also went ahead and posted map guides over on the Cod blog website. These don't get marketed all that often, but they do provide extra insight into our new 6v6 experiences. They give us brand new images and an explanation of all the spawn points and how to play objective modes on these maps.

What's going on with multiplayer? It's not getting as many maps as we got in season 3. Well, I predicted this, and I was kind of worried about this when season 3 initially got revealed. I was like, okay, they're adding in this many maps in one season. We're likely not going to get this many in seasons 4 through 6, but Sledgehammer confirmed in their blog that they're living up to their promise of adding at least 12 original 6v6 maps post-launch, which probably means that in the next season and a half they'll likely just end up adding in more map reimaginings, repurposed maps from campaigns and War Zone, and maps that just aren't completely original like the ones we've been getting, which is still fine. I'd expect more map reskins for The Haunting later this fall as well, but I think Sledgehammer has been killing it when it comes to the post-launch support.

Mw3 is on a historical run of dlc

Mw3 is on a historical run of dlc

Now that Detonated went ahead and tweeted that Sledgehammer Games is absolutely on a historical run with post-launch DLC, it has been crazy to see what they've added, especially when it comes to the multiplayer.

I'm not going to talk about zombies because obviously that was a trait in Le mode that I think is now being handled by smaller teams at Sledgehammer. Moon and Infinity Ward, but in terms of where Sledg Hammer's focus has been, which is the MP, it has been beautiful to see what they've been able to accomplish.

And yeah, War's also been offering quite a bit since the overhaul and integration back during the first season. It's been great to see what's been accomplished over the last couple of months, and I hope that this historical bullion support is a staple and becomes a precedent for all future Call of Duty releases.

Which one have you been using the most?

Sledgehammer melee weapon challenge

but Hey, speaking of Sledgehammer. A sledge melee weapon was confirmed for our fourth season, and I do believe it's going to be released through weekly challenges, unless there's a challenge event or some other method by which we'll end up getting it.

It looks like, according to the battle pass sector map that was revealed for our fourth season, the Spaz 12 Gallow shotgun is going to be released during mid-season through the classified sector. We were kind of flipping a coin as to whether or not the Gallow shotgun or the sledgehammer would be available in the classified sector unlock, but it looks like the image already revealed it will be the shotgun, so with that, it leaves the sledgehammer up in the air for a weekly challenge unlock or something else.

I'm going to guess it's probably going to be around week five or six where they'll end up releasing this brand new melee weapon, but we've seen a sledgehammer a couple of times in previous Cod titles. I'm really looking forward to this one.

All week 8 challenges

All week 8 challenges

But moving into our week-eight challenges here for Modern Warfare 3's third season, starting off with multiplayer, Get 20 operator kills with the BP50. Get five operator double kills with a recommended battle rifle, then get 10 operator kills while sliding or in midair with the recommended ARS.

Get three operator triple kills with the Jack Wardens Equip to the Lockwood MK2, then get 15 operator kills with a Jack Cutthroat Equip to a recommended weapon, followed by 15 operator kills from behind with recommended SMGs, and lastly, get 10 operator kills with recommended battle rifles. Going into zombies Get five rapid kills with a BP50.

20 different times. Get 300 kills with a recommended epic purple Rarity battle rifle, then get 300 kills with a recommended assault rifle while Juggernog is active. Get 500 kills with a Lockwood MK2 or 300 kills with a pack-a-punched amr9. Coming towards the end, get 500 kills with a recommended rare blue rarity SMG, and then get 100 kills with a recommended battle rifle while four perks are active.

Last but not least, we have War Zone in War Zone's Fortune. Keep open 20 loot caches in the North Region; open 20 loot caches in the East Region in war zone plac in the top 10 three different times. Get five kills or kill assist with a recommended weapon, and then, en fortune, keep open 20 loot caches in the West Region or open 20 loot castes in the South Region, followed by in the war zone.

complete 10 different contracts, so these are Fortune's Heap Centric weekly challenges as of right now.

Fast / easy bp50 blueprint unlock

Fast / easy bp50 blueprint unlock

But the easiest challenges I would say would include 20 operator kills with a bp50 that one's pretty straightforward, then 10 kills while sliding or midair with a recommended AR that doesn't require too much effort, 15 operator kills with the Jack Cutthroat equi that's pretty straightforward as well, and I'd say after that, 10 operator kills with a recommended battle rifle shouldn't be that difficult either, but if you want to wrap things up with an easier one over in Zombies, getting five rapid kills with a bp50 20 different times that could easily be done by farming an xville or going to an infested stronghold starting a contract of some sort, that's really it.

I'd say if you want to play War Zone because you don't own Modern Warfare 3, then obviously going ahead and opening up a chest is pretty easy on top of that, and then, you know, placing in the top 10 just requires a couple of games or just completing 10 contracts. You can do that in plunder, and that can help you get it done relatively quickly, but I think it's cool.

NEW MW3 ALLEGIANCES Camo Unlock Update Squad Games BP50 Blueprint - Season 3 Week 8 Challenges.
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