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What's going on everybody this is DK Dynamite for a brand new update here for you guys today in Modern Warfare 3 and even war zone we are going to go through our week six weekly challenges which are going to drop in about 2 minutes but real quickly just wanted to mention our brand new playlist over 247, which is about to go live in around an hour from now it's going to feature departures and terminals so what a fitting and perfect name for this playlist as you can see but we're not going to be able to look at the Jugger MOS LTM playlist, as of right now when I'm recording this that's not live for whatever reason but should be dropping in the next hour once the Warhammer 40K, for the emperor event does begin as you guys are watching this article the event will have probably Gone live already but as of now when I'm recording this I can't see it just yet but just to recap.

Warhammer 40k event live today

Warhammer 40k event live today

These are the rewards for the brand new Emperor event. As you can see, we got a sticker decal emblem weapon charm, a grenade tactical sin skin (excuse me, called Psych out we also have an animated calling card, an animated emblem, and a loading screen. The final reward for the Warhammer XP-focused event will be the Righteous Storm WSP 9 blueprint.

If you equip either of the operator skins from the Space Marines bundle, which looks just like this, you will get an XP boost towards your progression on the event, but it's unclear as to where the blue steel. Universal camo is and how we're going to unlock it. That's a question mark as of right now: will it be like a free gift pack or will it be added to a bundle later? There is no event that seems to be tied to it, so it's unclear when the Space Marines-themed camo is going to be dropping, but I'll keep you guys posted on that event.

New amps parts for mw2 weapons

New amps parts for mw2 weapons

And also to remind you guys. I did post a season 3 news roundup as of yesterday when I'm recording this, and in that article.

I did mention that there are some pretty cool amps coming to Modern Warfare 3. We have a couple left for season 2, but there are some Mon Warfare 2 weapon aftermarket parts that are scheduled presumably for season 3, and beyond that, there are ones for the M4. M16 KV broadside, even the Lockwood, and MK2.

But you can check out my big news roundup that I posted yesterday about our third season of content.

Patch notes for mw3 & warzone

But we also got some minor patch notes inside of both multiplayer and War Zone that we're going to go through real quick, so as of today. March 13th, customization added missing visual effects to the muzzle of the lint black cell blueprint multiplayer UI.


We also got some bug fixes here for improvised performance while scrolling in the calling cards menu track. Prestige challenges will no longer disappear from the calling card menu. Seasonal content in offline mode will now match the available content in online saving. Custom mods in the gunsmith will no longer remove certain camos, and for progression gilded The mastery challenge for the SOA subverter now displays the correct requirements, and the crisis camel challenge for the A is now properly tracked, which makes sense because it's been bugged.

I've seen a lot of comments about that skido. Additional spawn points were added to decrease the probability of an unfavorable flip, and private matches increased the maximum player and bot count from 12 to 24. That's pretty cool. That's very random, by the way, to just see those out-of-nowhere weapons and attachments.

modern warfare 3

Hogar 556 they have revised the attachment description to better reflect its true statistics for the ascent Lord stock F Sprinter and Recon stock pad stocks. Replace sprint speed with attack sprint speed in the list of pros according to the true statistics. Rival 9, Treuchet break muzzle Replace the duplicate Jack BFB with the correct name in the description.

That was an issue that we noticed a couple of weeks ago. Jack Magift increased his minimum hip fire and his maximum hip fire. So we got an aftermarket part update there, Longbow, and they've removed 30% of the hipfire spread benefit and increased aim-down sight time for the Jack Tyrant 762 kit. That's hilarious cent restrictions: they have banded a jack glassless optic from Advanced Warfare.

Sadly, over in the competitive multiplayer experience, pretty sad gameplay for zombies addressed an issue that prevented Elder C from dropping in the new season 2 dark The Rift players have not completed season one. Rift, that's weird. Address an issue that would knock back containment levels by one tier when exiling from dark ether rifts.

Address an issue that prevented containment levels from knocking back one tier if a player left the match and had various crash stability fixes as a reminder for your containment levels. If you guys are on Xville Farm and you just keep calling in XO helicopters, that will knock back your containment level if you don't go ahead and jump on that helicopter.

I hope hopefully that is clear moving into war zone minor updates here just for our weapons. Again, for the hoger, they've updated the description for the ascent, Lord Stock. F Sprinter and Recon Stock Pad have the same deal as multiplayer; they've also replaced Jack BFB. They've adjusted the Jack gift.

The Longbow is all the same as multiplayer, but for the cluster mines, which require two mines from a cluster mine to down a full-plated player, a player with no plates will be down by one mine. By a cluster mine, increase the drop rate of the blacksite keys to 5% up from one, okay, then bug fixes.

Fix the issue causing the bunker buster to fire from the incorrect position when on a moving platform. Fix the collision issue on Fortunes and keep allowing players to exploit the map. Fix the collision issue that caused the Guer counter to be irretrievable.

All week 6 challenges

All week 6 challenges

And that is about it for our patch notes. Taking a look at our brand new weekly challenges, as a part of week six, you unlock the Jack backsaw kit to double barrel attachment, which is really damn cool for the Hoger 556 in multiplayer as you can see 15 operator hip fire kills with recommended ARS.

10 operator hip-fire kills with recommended LMGs 30 operator hip fire kills with recommended SMGs and 15 operator point blanks with the Hogar 556 could also get 10 operator double kills with recommended SMGs, 20 operator Tex dance kills with recommended LMGs, and 20 operator kills while aiming down sights with a recommended shotgun.

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