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This is DK Dynamite for a full breakdown of the week four update here in Modern Warfare 3 season 3. Definitely, stay tuned. I got a timer on screen because we're supposed to be getting some marketing for season 3.

New event & playlist updates

New event & playlist updates

Reloaded at about 12:00 Central And today's also the start of a new challenge event; we should be getting a brand new playlist for Vortex that's in line with the virus Mainframe. XP-focused event, and then some other playlists as well. I'm sure we'll cover that later on because right now we can't really see them, but yeah, less than an hour from now.

Vortex virus mainframe. I made a dedicated article about this event because all the rewards already leaked out a little bit early as well as gameplay of the binary morality. Animated Camo, so this event It may get a bit overshadowed today if there is a full-fledged reveal of Reloaded with a blog post and a road map.

New patch notes live now


Now, before we get to the week four challenges. I want to go over the minor patches we ended up getting as of late last night on Tuesday, as you could see global gameplay resolved in an exploit involving rear grips on handguns, allowing players to gain an unfair Advantage: multiplayer progression challenges that require quick scope kills are now more lenient in detection when using weapons that cannot kill, and then for six-star grow house and tanked, various mat fixes are available, as you can see with Collision.

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Spawns exploitable areas, one of the chamber-corrected win conditions to prevent the last standing player from incurring A Loss mod for 3 rank play concluded weapon evaluation and content restrictions update bp50 hogar MTZ and then wsp swarm HRM 9 and the ram 9 so as you can see those weapons are now restricted yet again they did a bit of a test over the last couple days to see if they were going to keep them restricted looks like those weapons fail to test but then going into war zone as you could see bug fixes just three of them additional collision issues on rebirth that allow players to exploit geography, an issue preventing the gas mask animation from playing, leading it to function improperly, and then fix an issue preventing players in a passenger seat from using UAVs So very small set of patch notes for both the main game and even War Zone, we should be getting a big set or a relatively big set a week from today with the launch of our midseason 3 update, but as a reminder chat, we have plenty of brand new article coverage going up over on detonated dcom for those who want to read up a little bit more on multiplayer War Zone and zombies Black Ops 2024.

Get a nice preview there of what I'm calling the Ripper, which is the new amp for the BP50, turning the assault rifle into an SMG kind of hybrid called the Jack Revenger, which is really cool. As you can see, our challenges for multiplayer are as follows: Get 30 operator kills with alternate ammo equipped with the recommended weapon.

20 operator kills while aiming down sights with suppressed recommended SMGs, 10 operator long shot kills with recommended ARs, and then it wants you to go ahead and get it. Let me see what it says. 20 operators kill shortly after sprinting with a recommended AR equipped with all five attachments.

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20 operators kill while moving with recommended SMGs; 15 operators kill while sliding or in midair with a recommended weapon; and then three operators kill with one mag 10 different times with recommended ARS. going into zombies, destroy 25 vehicles with a recommended weapon, and get 150 cryofreeze kills with a recommended SMG.

300 kills with the recommended AR in the medium threat zone or 250 kills with a recommended assault rifle while four Cola perks are active. You can also get 300 hipfire kills with a recommended SMG, 750 kills with a recommended Pack-a-Punch SMG, and lastly, five rapid kills. 20 different times, with the recommended assault rifle going into battle royale, they are focusing on this week, not rebirth.

Sadly. I want you to go and open up some lucast in the northwest region, eastern region, southern region, central region, or you can place in the top 10 five different times, complete 15 different contracts, or in the war zone, get 10 operator kills, or assist with a recommended weapon. So those are the challenges for the week.

They're a bit more tedious than some of our previous weeks of season 3, but as far as the easiest challenges go, here for this week to unlock the Jack Renger.

Fast / easy revenger unlock

Fast / easy revenger unlock

Here's what I'm thinking, so I'm thinking 20 operator hipfire kills while moving with a recommended SMG; that's not bad, especially on a small map MOS pit aiming on sight with a suppressed, recommended SMG. Sliding, or midair—that's also not bad, and I'd say that's probably it. For multiplayer, we actually give this one a shot too, with 20 kills shortly after sprinting with a recommended AR again.

If you're on a small map, that's not bad; those are pretty straightforward for MP, and obviously, in a war zone, complete 15 contracts. That shouldn't take you long, especially if you hop on plunder, so I'll go ahead and mark that one for you, but if you're a person that jumps into the zombies to get all these done, then the fastest would probably be if you spawn in with cryofreeze on an SMG, five rapid kills 20 times—that's also not bad at all if you just go to like a stronghold or maybe if you're Xville farming—these are not that bad.

Some other ones, though, are a bit tedious, but those are probably the fastest ones to get done, depending on your play style. Again, if you're into zombies, we'll probably jump into getting them all done in one game, but if you're someone who does them in multiplayer, then these are probably the easiest ones to do, at least in my opinion. Obviously, in War Zone, if you want to open up chess and zhan, feel free to do so.

How good is this in warzone

How good is this in warzone

So all right. Chat, so heading over into the gunsmith, you want to click on the BP50. And then once you have gone ahead and hit Max rank for this AR, a conversion kit should be available to equip, which in this case is the Jack Revenger kit.

I know you guys are going to be like, Wait, how is it the Ripper from COD Ghost? It looks identical, and the concept of it is also almost one-to-one taking an AR and turning into an SMG, kind of a hybrid, as you guys can see, so we're going to gohe and equip that, and thankfully, it's available in private matches, which means that if you go Ahad and do the week four challenges, it will unlock for use in all game modes.

NEW MW3 RIPPER Weapon UpdateUnlock JAK Revenger - Season 3 Week 4 Challenges.
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