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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about all the challenges and rewards as a part of both 420 events coming in Modern Warfare 3. And here in the background, we do have some early gameplay of Grow House, a brand new 6v6 map that is going to be dropping later this week.

Early access to growhouse

Early access to growhouse

It's currently available to try out in private matches, in case you guys weren't aware, and yes. I think a lot of folks who played Vanguard probably noticed that this was a reimagining of the spear.

Fun fact for you over in the season 3 Creator calls sludgehammer did confirm to us that grow house was the original version of spear that was going to drop during Vanguard cycle but the 420, event for that game ended up getting cut hence why they ended up changing the scenery and aesthetic of the map to what we know as fear but it looks like they got to bring out the original version of the map here for Modern Warfare 3 so I think it's great that they ended up holding on to this map and didn't drop it right at the start of our third season.


I think Cold War did this a few times as well, where you start off a season with a number of new maps and then save one for maybe a week or two after the season begins. On top of the extra maps that are being saved for the mid-season update. I think doing it that way really feels like it's keeping the game fresh nearly every single week, but we do have plenty of content going up over on detonated decom for those that want some article coverage of multiplayer war zone and zombies war zone mobile loadout CDL.

And even some bundles, plus there are plenty of tweets every single hour on Dees.

Cheech & chong bundle showcase

On Twitter, April 20th is, of course, an upcoming Saturday, but it looks like this week is going to kick off the big celebration. Inside Call of Duty, let's start off with some of the bundles that are going to be released.

Although we don't have any bundle release dates since they no longer leak out and Call of Duty doesn't publish them in their blog posts anymore, we still know about what's going to be in some of these bundles that are going to be released. So first off, Chich and Chong, it'll cost about, I think, $3,000.

Cod points out that it'll feature both Cheich and Chong as operators; you still get smoke and tracer on a couple of blueprints, one for the MTZ.

Stoney sloth bundle showcase

Stoney sloth bundle showcase

modern warfare 3

One for the HRM and even one for the haym maker you're also going to get up in smoke death effects the secondhand smoke finishing move then the Bello and cheich and Chong's Seltzer weapon charms followed by the blunt buddies loading screen there's also the Stony sloth Tracer pack which is actually a skin for Price surprisingly, you're going to be looking at the sloth skin himself Blaze tracers on a couple of blueprints one for the wsp Swarm and another for the xrk stalker sniper you're going to see ding-dong y bong death effects as well as the leafy greens large decal Slow Rolling weapon sticker the slow and unsteady animated emblem the letter rip weapon charm followed by a 1hour double battle pass XP token now there might be another bundle or two that are also going to release at some point throughout season 3 that are kind of themed around 420, but don't feature any tracers or crazy operator skins but the ones I just mentioned are of course the important ones that are going to be heavily, marketed.

Now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch Cactus, Com, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game Mitch Cactus, which is also supported by Trust Pilot and has over 10,000 fighter reviews.

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G3t h1gh (new parkour map)

Now, what's also really interesting is that a couple of days ago, following the launch of season 3, gameplay ended up surfacing of what appears to be another map called Get High, which seems to be a small, different type of experience kind of similar to Free Run from Black Ops 3 seems to be a parkour-type LTM for multiplayer.

mw3 420 event

I believe Bob Network UK ended up hosting the gameplay of it over on Twitter. There were articles written about it all over the Internet, but none of them ended up getting DMC claims, so it should be safe to talk about it here within this article, but I'm assuming this experience is going to end up being released.

With the launch of our challenge events as we're going to get to in a second, or it could even be some cut content hopefully it's not because I think we need some more parkour, type of experiences like we saw with free run in Black Ops 3 just an extra type of fun mode that maybe you could jump into while waiting to get into a match while you're Lobby surfing that would be cool if you can access it through somewhere in, one of the tabs up top while you're in a Lobby unless you have to go into a private match or somewhere else in the game to actually access this it's something different that we really haven't seen in just about any previous Call of Duty title so let's see what ends up happening with this get high map and are there rewards, for you know beating this in a certain amount of time are there Milestones.

I'm really curious as to what's going to happen with this since, of course, it was not marketed with the recent season 3 blog post.

When does the 420 event start?

When does the 420 event start?

Now within the battle pass menu, you could see a timer currently counting down to the beginning of the 420 celebration. So that should start this Wednesday, likely at 9:00 a.m. M pacific, which is 11:00 Central and 12:00 Eastern. I'll keep you guys posted on the exact Z-star times once you learn more information.

All blaze up multiplayer challenges

Get X operator kills with the dragon's breath attachment equipped while sliding or and we're not sure what the other requirement is get X operator clean kills with the akimbo, attachment equipped that means going ahead and killing an enemy before they end up shooting you we next up have get X operator quick scope kills with the stalker boots perk equipped then get X operator kills while in smoke with the Jack purifier attachment equipped hit X operators with gas with the TAC mask perk equipped, use the stim or battle rage x amount of times get X operator kills within 20 seconds in one life then get X operator stuck grenade kills with the grenader vest equipped I believe that's just a demolition vest if I'm not mistaken get X operator direct impact launcher kills and lastly deploy an inflatable decoy field upgrade, so we have well over 10 different challenges here for multiplayer.

And I'm assuming you end up getting a reward for each one.

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