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This is DK Dynamite for a full breakdown of the week seven update. Here inside of season 2 reloaded, we have a brand new aftermarket bar that is actually a pretty overpowered one that breaks multiplayer: the lever action part for the bass B. We're going to get through that, but.

Playlist & event updates?

Playlist & event updates?

As a bit of an FYI, it doesn't look like there's a brand new playlist this week for multiplayer. I know war zone should be getting a bit of a rotation nothing too drastic but we are going to get a bigger update from Modern Warfare 3 next week with the start of the vortex event you'll see a Vortex dedicated playlist to play on all the remix maps and you have about six days left to complete the Warhammer, for the emperor XP event make sure you guys go through all of these stones to get your hands on a free blueprint, hopefully you guys already got that done, in case you guys out there just want a free blueprint or maybe you guys are fans of Warhammer so you can go ahead and get an XP boost by running the Space Marines bundle in particular but also don't forget to finish your battle pass your sectors classified challenges, so on and so forth but got plenty of brand new coverage also going up on detonated decom for those out there interested in some brand new news roundups on season 3 got a concept, art road map depicting all the rumored and confirmed information There are lots of introductory articles to Wars on Mobile and a lot of starter guides, so to speak, on how to unlock all the ghost skins in the best settings so far.

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How to download and link your account—all that good stuff is up on the website. There will be plenty of mobile coverage every single week, alongside the mainline Call of Duty series. Hopefully that is clear, but I appreciate about 24, 000. I just posted a tweet about the lever action BBY aftermarket parts, and yes, as of right now, condemned ghosts are available to claim inside of wars and mobile I'll make a separate article about that for those who want more information on why it's not accessible in the mainline Cod series. There will be some ghost skins that are.

Patch notes for mw3 & warzone

Patch notes for mw3 & warzone

But getting through some patch notes really quickly, these dropped as of yesterday, and I figured I'd go over them here inside of this commentary. I didn't get any new patch notes today, which is Wednesday. Sometimes they drop them on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, even as late as Thursday, but on March 19th, as you could see, global customization improved visibility through the glass of the Aus Imperials riot shield blueprint that's for the Warhammer bundle.

I believe the resolved graphical corruption on the hands of the Battle Sister operator skin got some bug fixes for MP in the quickplay filter menu. The maps widget will now only display maps available in the selected modes; the operator unlock challenge will not properly display the requirements removed for locked and unobtainable mod Warfare 2 calling cards from the customization menu inside of MW3.


Completing a Wily challenge will no longer display an empty Splash Noy in private matches, and the HUD will no longer disappear during the escort phase of operation. Tin Man Jugger Mosh Jugger is no longer immune to the following tack equipment: stun flash or shock stick. That's actually funny that wasn't working correctly.

That'll make Jugger a little bit different. Now address and exploit align players to equip custom loadouts; that's not okay, and entering water will no longer cause the player's weapon to lose functionality. I've had this issue: Soul render sword players no longer experience a delay after throwing equipment or swapping to the soul render, and then for zombies, they addressed an issue where players could encounter an error message when viewing their containment levels from the player card and added various crash ability fixes—a pretty minor update, but we're a little over two weeks away from the start of season 3, so we get a big drop in patch notes on that day.

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But moving into the war zone, they got some weapon adjustments here for the ram 9 and the HRM 9, so two SMGs. It decreased some near-mid damage, and then the Max damage range also decreased, to 11.3, down from 12.95. Soul render players no longer experience the delay after throwing equipment or swapping to the soul render.

This is massive. People have been asking about this for the last couple of weeks. Night vision is completely disabled in the gulock, but laser attachments have been removed and replaced in gag loadouts. This was more frustrating than anything; I just feel like gags aren't even about who's better.

It's just more so. Did somebody else shine their laser the wrong way at the wrong moment because they're used to just running and gunning or being aggressive? You just couldn't really play the game the way you'd want to with laser attachments. it just no just no the introduction provided a fun twist.

Yeah, that said, in order to accommodate, we had to add lasers to weapons, which subsequently affected the loadouts of every other Kak variant. Yeah, that definitely wasn't the move, man; they disabled it, and they're going to work on splitting the G loadouts up to better serve each play. Space variants are pretty cool, as are bug fixes.

They fix an issue causing the final elimination cam slow motion effect to persist after getting the final elimination in with the vehicle and fix an issue on Fortune Keep that allowed unmanned vehicles to remain attached to the research vessel and would eliminate players that came into contact with it. That's a really weird bug, but that's all for the patch notes.

All week 7 challenges

All week 7 challenges

Moving into our week seven challenges, we again have two more weeks worth of challenges. Week number eight will unlock a free blueprint; we're going to get to that next Wednesday, and it will also give us the rotten Inferno, an animated camel that actually looks really damn sharp.

I love how that looks on certain blueprints as well, so we can get this next week and make a separate article on that as a part of this new Wednesday weekly series that I'm doing. So here is the Jack Outlaw 277 kit. It turns the bass B into a lever action weapon; gameplay has already surfaced of it, and it looks extremely broken.

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They'll probably tweak it as needed, but it could be meta for the next couple days. We'll have to wait and see as far as challenges go with multiplayer. Get 20 operator-clean kills with iron sights equipped with a recommended Marksman. 10 operator quick scope kills with a sight equivalent to a recommended Marksman; seven operator long shots with a recommended Marksman; or three operator kills with one mag five times with recommended snipers.

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