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This is DK Dynamite for a full breakdown of the week two challenges inside of Modern Warfare 3 season 3. By completing at least five of the challenges, you will get your hands on the brand new aftermarket part for the KB broadside known as the jaw breaker. So it looks pretty damn powerful and may end up being the meta for the next couple of days, or however long that's a really nice new logo animation from Sledgehammer.

Fjard has been absolutely killing it with the coverage every single hour, on the Twitter page itself, but don't forget about our article coverage on detonated dcom for multiplayer war zone and zombies. CDL loadouts ranked war zone mobile, and even more, including bundles for those that do have interest.

We do have an article about all the weekly challenges. Since for the last couple of weeks we've known about weeks 1 through 4, they ended up leaking out because of the usual data miners over on Twitter.

New patch notes live now

New patch notes live now

That being said, for those wondering what's going on with MW3, is it safe to play? I know there were some really weird false bands going on over the last few days; apparently, it's safe to play now, but there are some other updates here really quickly. I want to go over the disabled rebirth in a private match while they investigate an issue.

They're investigating an issue causing an unintended delay when attempting to detonate a C4. Last night here was a big one. They deployed an update to address the following issues that arose: restore count data following a temporary service outage; killstreaks are once again usable while using a controller; resolve hitching that could occur after killing an enemy on rebirth; and upon startup, players will be taken to the Cod HQ rather than the multiplayer menu, and the menu is no longer unexpectedly closed while viewing the after-action report claiming battle pass rewards or purchasing AB Bund.

There have been some really weird issues over the last few days, but that's to be expected. Whenever there is a brand new season, stuff happens like that, but they also deployed a fix that restored loadout functionality.

Playlist & event updates

With that, in less than an hour as I'm recording this, we're going to see the stars of the blaze-up and high-trip events for MW3.

And War Zone, respectively.

All week 2 challenges

All week 2 challenges

I'm not really sure about any other playlist for multiplayer, but Going into our week two challenges, as you can see, they are live as of right now to unlock the Jack jawbreaker. Going into multiplayer, get 30 operator quick-scope kills with recommended battle rifles. 20 operators kill with a scope equipped with a suppressed recommended shotgun.

10 operator long shot kills with a KV broadside, and get five operator King Slayer kills in a single match. 10 different times. 20 operator-clean kills with recommended shotguns 15 operators double kill with recommended weapons, and then what is that? What does it say operator quick scope kills while shortly or quick scope kills shortly after sprinting with recommended shotguns, and yeah.

modern warfare 3

KB broadside big focus this week, as you guys can tell for zombies? 500 kills with a recommended battle rifle, while Speed Cola is 250 kills with a recommended epic rarity or higher pistol. 150 kills with a recommended weapon in the high-threat zone Five mimic kills with a recommended weapon; 200 fire damage kills with a shotgun.

10 kills with a recommended shotgun without taking damage 30 different times. As well as 200 hit fire kills with a recommended shotgun, which is pretty cool. The battle rifle and War Zone Rebirth opens 30 loot boxes in the Northeast region, so that's cool that Rebirth has been incorporated into the weekly challenge; you don't have to play Ersan or any other map.

You could also go and open up the chest in the Northwest region, the Central region, and the Southwest region. It tells you exactly where that is on the map. The exact point, as you can see in the war zone, is in the top 10 seven different times. You can do that on any map in the war zone. Complete 20 contracts, or in a war zone, perform a squad assemble seven different times.

I think it's the matter of dropping with your team at the beginning of a match, so if you want to just restart a bunch of times, you could do that if you so please, but yeah, those are weak two challenges to go ahead and get through aftermarket parts, which you can actually pre-preview or you cannot preview.

Guess you can't but believe you could preview the Allegiances camo This is going to be released after completing eight weeks worth of weekly challenges, so that's five each week. Obviously, the camo is just, you know, the blue animation you could see; that's a blueprint that it's on. That's why it's reactive, but yeah, that's week number two.

Fast / easy jawbreaker unlock

Fast / easy jawbreaker unlock

Now, as far as the easy challenges go for week number two, here's the one you could probably get done the fastest: In all honesty, operator double-kills and hardcore won't take you that long. I'm going to ping that one right now. 20 operator-clean kills recommend shotguns.

Also, on Hardcore, you're probably going to get a one-shot kill every time, and as long as you don't get shot while shooting another enemy with a shotgun, you should be okay. Five operators, King Slayer kills in a single match 10 times. If you know which player on the enemy team has the best score, then going after him shouldn't be too bad.

You can try to do that on regular core; you don't have to be in hardcore for that. That's probably not bad to do; we'll skip the scoped one since folks probably don't like those in war zones. I mean, assembling a squad won't take you long either. Just dropping in with your team seven different times shouldn't take you that long.

mw2 kv aftermarket part

I'll ping that one in case you guys have interest. But, then, on zombies, what could be done pretty quickly—five M kills with the recommended weapon? Yeah, you could just scout those out at one of those infested strongholds or through a bounty; five mimics aren't that hard to find and shouldn't take you that long at all, so those are the easiest challenges, in my opinion, that you can get week two challenges done with.

I have them tracked right here, as you guys can see. It's totally subjective as to what you find the easiest to do, but I feel like those aren't that bad to get the brand new aftermarket part update. Requires restart; update requires restart Baby got to pause that recording. Quick, now before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {723}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3.

These guys do not use unlock tools or any banned methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trust Pilot, with over 10,000 barfi reviews. You can use Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order.

NEW MW3 SUPER SHOTGUN Weapon UpdateUnlock JAK Jawbreaker - Season 3 Week 2 Challenges.
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