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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about how to unlock the free Warhammer Blueprints and all new rewards in MW3. I do want to remind you guys that there are plenty of other crossovers also coming to Call of Duty with our third season of content.

All upcoming crossovers in mw3

All upcoming crossovers in mw3

Season 3 should be starting during the first week of April, and as of right now, leakers are claiming we're going to be seeing three different bundles for the Godzilla Xcong New Empire collab.

We're going to be seeing packs, not just for King Kong, and that one's coming out before the end of season 2. We also have bundles apparently for Shimo, Scar, and even Godzilla. We're also supposed to see a Cheich and Chong operator pack, so two different skins There is also a new skin for Snoop Dog coming, and lastly, a collab with the NBA with Devin Booker, so apparently all these collabs are set to release throughout the duration of season 3, which will end.

I think, at some point in early June, so we have quite a bit of time to look forward to all these crossovers.

New trailer for cod x warhammer 40k

It was a really cool trailer that obviously was themed around the Warhammer game, just like with The Walking Dead. They put together a really unique trailer; it's really just the thematic elements of whatever the property is.

It's a really well-done trailer, and as you guys will see, I got a nice preview of all the brand new skins coming via the different operator bundles. Aside from the trailer, there are, of course, three different bundles releasing with this promotion.

4 skins, 3 tracers, 2 mastercrafts & more

4 skins, 3 tracers, 2 mastercrafts & more

The first one already came out, which is the Space Marines Pack, which costs upwards of $3,000. Cod points out one of the most expensive bundles in Call of Duty history, and while I'm not going to defend a bundle that's that expensive. I do want to say that it's the only bundle, especially in this game, that actually gives you a reason for why the bundle is this expensive.

I mean, I'm not saying I want bundles to be this pricey. I'm going to make that very clear, but it's the only bundle where the price actually makes sense thus far, so as we roll over UND detonated, it's one of the biggest bundles of all time. You get two different operator skins. two jug skins, three Tracer blueprints, and two chainsaws.

Mastercraft blueprints, as well as one riot shield skin, so again, if you guys out there aren't fans of Warhammer, maybe you don't pick this one up, but this is a very out there kind of pack. It features some really cool-looking skins, so again, if you guys care about cosmetics and Call of Duty, you'll probably end up picking this one up.

I mean, you get a Mastercraft for the brand new Soul render sword on top of permanent jug skins you can use anytime you'd like. I mean, that's really cool, especially on the multiplayer front, but I know so many of the comments are going to say that I'm promoting bundles, and that's not the case here.

I'm just talking about all the Warhammer-related content coming to Call of Duty. There's also two other bundles coming out, apparently on March 14th, so later this week, the sisters of the battle Tracer pack and the Astra Tracer pack so both of these will each cost 2400.

Two more warhammer bundles this week

Two more warhammer bundles this week

Cod points, so I'm sure some of the biggest Warhammer fans may end up picking this one up, or some folks out there who don't really know the source material may still think the bundles do look pretty cool, so you got some cool operator skins coming, additional Tracer Blueprints, and other Warhammer-themed cosmetics, so all these bundles are releasing.


As of this week and it's the first time we've seen Call of Duty drop I think three bundles in a single week tied to one collab as we've seen in the past something like the boys, and even The Walking Dead recently they actually split up the releases of the various theme bundles I think at least by a week or two maybe a little bit longer so this is a very interesting collab like I mentioned on the podcast recently it's kind of an obscure crossover, and I feel like there's a lot of folks out there that maybe play Call of Duty that don't know what Warhammer is so it's cool to see this much effort going into a very random crossover like this and hope to see more collabs in the future that also add in more than just bundles but even game modes challenge events free camos, as we're going to discuss in a second so As of this Wednesday, we're also going to be seeing the new layover 24/7.

New juggermosh ltm exclusive content

Playlist: This is going to feature both departures and terminals. Pretty creative name for this playlist. I'll say, but we're also going to be seeing the introduction of Jugger MOS, a mode that's been confirmed for the later half of this second season, so this game mode actually sounds like a lot of fun.

It's going to be taking place in third person; everyone in the match will be a jug, and ironically, since we just got some new jug skins with that Warhammer bundle we talked about, you're going to be able to play as those Space Marines inside of this Jugger MOS mode, so we're all going to be battling for an on-hit kill melee weapon, which is also the chainsaw mastercraft.

modern warfare 3

Yes, the same one that you can also find in that bundle for 3, 000 Cod points, so it's cool that in this mode you get to use some of this content for free, like the Jug skin or the Mastercraft. But if you want to use all that content permanently after the LTM goes away, you're just going to have to buy that bundle.

But as they confirm in the blog, all players will display a health bar over their heads, so you can better coordinate with your teammates to focus fire on the weakest link in the fight. Use heights to your advantage. These massive suits not only prevent fall damage but also release an area of stun and damage effects on foes when Landing from a high enough drop is a great way to initiate fights.

You'll need every advantage, as only air support killstreaks are allowed, meaning it's solely up to you to inflict damage on your opponent using an array of mode-specific armaments, perks, and reduced melee damage, so it's a pretty unique mode. It's going to take a bit of coordination from your team, as they went ahead and wrote here, and there's going to be plenty of ways to gain an upper hand over your opponent.

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