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We've got some great news from the rotation that six-star is going to be replacing skit hardpoint in the CDL map set, so that is confirmed to be happening, and then as well, the pros currently voting on six-star SMD and control and potentially terminal search destroyer and invasion control are going to be replaced by six-star, so we're going to run through the map, go through the hard points, and give you my thought process.

You know certain places to hold certain higho locations; the best plac is to rotate and give you guys my thought process, so let's get into on this map.


We're getting into the callouts here. I think here it's going to be quite easy to just call out water or fish tank, but probably fish tank is going to be better because it is obviously water mid-balcony, which is obviously a nice little easy cool-out for this one.

6 star callouts

You got sofas here, and then on this side of the bar, I'd call this side sofa bar because You' then got a DJ booth here, so you call this DJ and then DJ bar. This is just called midcut, midcut to sofas, midcut to DJ. It's pretty self-explanatory, obviously P1; again, you know their side P1 left side P1 rather than potentially DJ.

Booth, going into this side of the map, obviously you've got a pool; you've got the Tiki Bar; you've got the pool. Seats, you can obviously have the pool, plant lounges just for these little lounge chairs here obviously P2 is this area here P2 AC or P2. Cuts would be a good callout for that P2 connector for this little jump-up, or maybe even P2 jump-up P2 stairs.

It's probably going to be a nice little call out for here; probably an easy call out for this is back P2 rock and then just back spawn. This is obviously little. Circle is probably the easiest call-out for that one connector top office, just because this is a little office building with a bottom office, a top office, and then an office.

6 star cod ranked

If we're going to move around to the rest of the map, this is a control point. I believe this is a control point, or you could just call it Courtyard. That's a sea destroy just there. You could obviously call it a statue. Their statue is our statue again. That's mid-cuts we'll move into this part of the map.

The easiest call-out for this one, I reckon, is like walk-way or catwalk. It's probably a nice, simple call-out. This is probably a palm tree. It's probably the best way to call this rather than another statue you call this, palm, and then I believe this is P3. If I'm correct, yeah, you got P3 bar P3 balcony; it's this little bit here P3, stairs going around to the side obviously; you got tiki bar again here P3.

Stairs this little bit you can call this Tiki with wall or maybe even like wall one and wall two there's even a phone here so you could say phones get specific and then maybe like wine one on wine one on phones if you're trying to distinguish between the different areas you can call this bit. Towels and showers here, just obviously the pool-based showers.

We're back in P2 here, and this is obviously P2. AC, and this is fish, tank mid-balcony, back onto the cuts, and then this is P4 again or plat, so quite a self-explanatory call out for this map. I think that is pretty much all of the map covered there. We just run through again, quick light statue call this catwalk or.

Runway, obviously, this is obviously the other spawn area like the front, reception the stairs here this is obviously P3 so P3 maybe back stairs obviously we have got two sets of stairs so P3 back stairs P3 front stairs put the stairs on the left and obviously pool or P5 Circle would be a great call out for that one so that is all the call outs guys, for. Six-star.



So it looks like the first hard point here is going to be directly in the middle of the map, which is a little bit different from normal, so you can see it's very much like a again this bit here is like the plaza map from Black Ops 2, so there's going to be a lot of places to hide around this hard point.

6 star cod ranked play

The actual hard point location here looks like kind of the best spot is going to be to like lay down this side, and then your team is going to want to be like this side of the map, holding down these corridors. Making sure that you got maybe like this mid-lane bit blocked off cuz people are going to be running from the other side of the map, this side might actually be the better side because you know you got a bit of a head glitcher, you can sit on here you can potentially even like stair glitch the reverse way just trying to see if there's anything like this looks like a nasty head glitch here when you just crouch down that looks like that's going to be like some almost God T just crouching behind that and we got a bit of cover either side, but then you have also got this PO side on the left.

6 star hardpoint

Which you do need to watch out for. But definitely do like this first half Point middle of the map easy for both teams to get towards, plenty of places to lock it down and you can actually sit inside the hill quite comfortably so into the second Hill here quite an open space I feel like this, depends on how it's being held you know there's a little like AC vent you can actually Sprint through this bit I've not seen this part of the map you do have to Crouch through that first bit that's coming straight from P1 so the P1 to P2 rotation is going to be quite easy to slide through there, you're definitely going to want to Anchor from the back side of the map you know you can run through to this water you do have to swim in here so you're not going to get too many people you might be able to hear people swimming from this side, again you know you can easily set up here I'm not too sure you can jump on that jumped off the map.

6 star iridescent

But you know you can jump up there; you might be able to catch a couple of people off the side, and it's going to be quite an easy point to hold. You know you're not going to get pinched from the back too much, and you know you could quite easily just have someone watching these. Lanes, quite comfortably and flipping into the P3 here, we're on the other side of the map now this is what used to be the basketball side quite interesting here you can jump up that that's always good to know there's quite a lot of locations on this high point where you can get pinched on think of like skidrow which is obviously going to replace it like there's only like one or two doorways for each hard point so, it's quite surprising you can't catch the Hill from behind here they're kind of forcing you into bad positions obviously people are going to be stair glitching this jump up you also got a few stairs here where people might stair glitch to try and kill you on the hill so that's something to watch out for 100%, just trying to see like little lines of sight.

In this video I'm showing the ultimate guide to 6 Star for MW3 Ranked Play when it is added to the ranked playlist.
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