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This is the second installment of this miniseries-type thing that I'm doing to get Ziron Scale the easiest, fastest, quickest way, whatever you want to say, and we are now moving on to SMGs. The second class in the primaries and the joint biggest I think they've got six SMGs in it, just like the ARs, and there's a lot of unique little challenges to do, so we'll go through every single one in this, so if you do enjoy it, leave a like and let's get on with it.

Getting into the class setup as such, all you'll need here is your gun of choice. I'm using the Rival 9, so for the gun, all you're going to want to have is the highest mag possible, so I've got the 50-round mag because when you pack-and-punch it, it becomes doubled, so it'll be 100, which is beautiful stuff.

I go with this Nidar model 2023, which is my favorite optic, basically just as a way to get it the quickest. It looks really strange to the gun, but that's what it is, and then the DR6 hand stop under the barrel, and for the rifle, you're going to have a rare ether tool. You can store these, and I've got loads of them.

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I've got loads of uncommon ones. I got a brain rot as well, which you definitely need, and my perks of choice are speed cola death reception, stamina up, and Deadshot daquiri. Deadshot daquiri is the best thing to get kills quickly because it locks onto the head when the controller's brain rots. This is what you need; you'll also need a couple more in-game with the different weapons depending on what you have, and for those toxic kills as well as the brain rot, you can also use experimental, gas So keep that there.

You don't need a lethal or frenzy guard; this is the one you need because you need to have 100 kills while using your field upgrade. This thing is perfect because it attracts all of the zombies towards you, as you'll see later on in the article, but it is very, very good. Right, enough talking; let's get into the game.

Right, we are in. I have two teammates. I have no idea why I did not select that, but, you know, that'll do. I don't really care. This is going to be very nice, so the first thing you want to do is get a pack-a-punch. If you have an ethereum crystal, you could have stuck that on, but I didn't at the time, so what I got to do was go find it now, all right?

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I scrap that because teammates ruin everything when you're on this, so play it solo. I only have a couple of things now, so I'm going to stick that on, stick that on, stick that on. So the first thing you're going to want to do is get your kills, so that's literally just getting them all in line, training up, and killing them.

I will show you the best ways to get the kill. Obviously, the xville chopper glitch is that a glitch—it's kind of an exploit—is no longer a thing, so the next best place to go is to go to. If it's one on the map at the moment, which I can't see, then it's not very common. I see one, right on the opposite side of the map, that Outlast contracted.

That is the best thing to get if you want just a bunch of zombies, and that includes your hellhounds as well, so that'll kill two birds with one stone. Pretty much you want your mimic kills, which are. Quite difficult to get, and your brain Rock kills things like that, so the mimic kills would basically be the only one that you can't use because you can't get mimics, so I will show you the best way to get a mimic.

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Now let's have a look. So there's a bounty contract over there that we can get, which is probably the easiest way to get them. There's also another very good way to get them as well, and that is through infested strongholds. So, I will go with Chuck on this bounty now to see if it's a Mimic; it's a Mangler, all right.

If you ever find a mangler like that, or I think there's a disciple as well, you don't need them, so click on your map and then just cancel the contract. All right, we have an infested stronghold here. Let's have a look. Normally, this place will spawn Mimics; there we go, bloody hell. I was just running around in here, and one spawn there, you go and look how easy it is to kill.

Honestly, I actually came out of this little thing here, so you have to, like, run up to these, I think. Ah, hello friend, look how easy that was. Hey, there we go; there's a mimic. Beautiful stuff, right? Let's go and kill that and show you how easy it is. It's slightly more difficult than the other.

modern warfare 3 fastest way to level weapons

One, what is this guy doing? Is he actually just scared of zombies or something? I just got some random guy following me, and for some reason, it's just killed my bounty. I'm not even on the roof, and it's just done that, so on the way past here. I'm just going to quickly pick up Pack-a-Punch just because 100 bullets—as you can see, it's literally like one bullet kills Look at that; it's so easy to kill them through activating the PMD, so what we're going to do isn't actually complete this; we're going to sit here and wait for that progress to go up to about 90%.

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95%, easy stuff so now get out and then as you can see the progress does go down a bit but it doesn't cancel the contract so I'm just going to get my 250 Tax St kills right here, easy as look at all that, and you'll see that little badge popped up meant that I got 10 kills within 5 seconds so you do that 10 times look at all these, that's way more than 10 kills within 5 seconds and your hell hands, killing 30 of these you'll be able to do this within a couple of minutes max because so many spawn especially with SMGs they are definitely good and as you can see this is my brain rock guy that's a toxic kill when he gets a kill that counts as a toxic kill and then when he dies that counts as another one so you start racking the points up there and this is a good example of using your field upgrade, and then get 100 kills like this, use a field upgrade whenever you see this little thing right here because then it just automatically regenerates it gets full power and then you go I can do it.

Again, this makes getting 100 of those kills so easy and quick. This is the easiest way you can possibly even think about doing it, and then obviously, once you get 250 of these kills, just get it back to normal. I don't like tack stance, so the point blank kills are also, as they sound, literally just very close range.

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Just walk up to them like this; that's loads of point black kills 200 points, so that's 10 kills 10 point blanks right there running through them all like this point blank Point Blank Point Blank, barely even got scratched. So, very simple. And obviously I am missing one point here because I'm not in the high-threat zones, but I would give you a word of warning if you want to do that and activate one of these.

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