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best class for mw3 zombies

If you do want to check out the class that I'm using, you can see it on screen right now. That is the exact class that I am using, but what I'm going to do is jump straight into Tier 3 with this gun. I'm not even going to mess about tier one and tier 2, because this gun is so good. I want to show you just what it's like in tier three and the dark AA zone.

So all I'm simply going to do is go ahead and just tier 2 Pack-A-Punch it and put on an epic AA tour as I don't have any legendaries as of right now and jump straight into that tier 2 zone so you guys can see just how good this gun actually is. I'm also going to be testing out mags of holding today as well, because I know a lot of you guys do want to see me start using mags of holding more often, so I'm definitely going to go ahead and put mags of holding on this so we can see just how good this gun is, especially when it's not going to run out of ammo, which is one of the most insane things about mags of holding.

best class zombies

So of course, at some point as well, I would upgrade this to Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch, because obviously I want to try out the best. Like I said. I've also run out of legendary tools at the minute my one's on cool down for my acquisition, so I can't take it from there, but we're just going to be okay with an Epica; for all, we'll tier-free Pack-a-Punch it at some point so we can carry on testing it out against all the zombies, the bosses, all of that sort of stuff, and you guys are really going to see just how good this gun actually is.

I also want to take a quick moment to thank everyone who has been tuning into the zombie content recently. The articles have been doing absolutely amazing. You guys have been leaving some amazing support for them, and I really do appreciate everyone that is tuning in to the channel and watching the zombie content that I'm posting.

I appreciate you checking out the channel. I hope you're enjoying the timer and the content. But let's carry on using this BP50, and you guys will be able to see just how quickly this gun melts through absolutely everything in Tier 3 Z with no problems whatsoever. Again, this is just a Tier 2 Pack-A-Punch; we've not even fully maxed out to Tier 3 yet, and it's already doing absolutely insane damage against these zombies.

best gun mw3 zombies

I love giving you guys my honest opinions on some classes. However it's not too bad because we do still have the Epic okay if at all which is still going to actually make a nice difference to how the good gun performs so I'm not too disappointed by the fact we've only got an epic and not a legendary it's not the end of the world, but I mean as you can see here look at how well this gun just holds off hordes of zombies that really doesn't have any problems whatsoever at holding off a whole horde of zombies all tier three zombies armored normal zombies are very easy to get through it's not going to struggle too much of getting through those and now we've got a high value Target Mega Abomination, so what I'm going to do is whip out the flamethrower because why not whip out the flamethrower like I said if you've got a gun that you can get the attachment on why would you not do it I don't really know why you wouldn't do it but there we go most of it health is gone already not going to struggle too much we can just carry on shooting at it.

best mwz gun builds

So there we go. We can just keep firing our flamethrowers at it. We should be doing decent damage to the mega-abomination there, and we will drop it with no problems whatsoever. Having the flamethrower on your gun is just such a broken little cheat code that you guys can use, so if you've got a gun that you can put it on.

I definitely recommend putting it on because it is just a very good gun to put it on. So we've also now got enough cash to go ahead and tier three Pack-a-Punch, so I'm going to make my way round to that Pack-a-Punch machine and get it up to tier three so we can really start testing the gun at its highest ability.

best weapon mw3 zombies

Okay guys here we are tier three Pack-a-Punch in the gun now and this is when this gun is really going to start thriving this is where we're going to really just start melting through any of the zombies that are trying to come near us we've got a Mangler over in that direction, okay them two are probably going to take out that Mangler which isn't the end of the world but we could just melt through absolutely everything now this is tier three I'm telling you when this gun is ridiculously broken at tier three it is actually insanely broken at tier three it just melts through everything with no problems whatsoever as you can see it's just going to carry on melting not going to let my dog go down there, but now we're up at tier three this gun just becomes absolutely ridiculous it is going to quite easily just melt for everything with no problems.

Whatsoever so I'm also going to go ahead and put Chuck on the mags to hold now, so we've got unlimited bullets in the magazine. Of course, we haven't actually got to reload the gun at any point with Mega Abomination up in front of us. Let's see what the actual gun can do against the mega-abomination.

best weapon mwz

Rather than using the flamethrower all the time, let's see what sort of damage we can do against the mega-abomination without actually having to use the broken flamethrower. So we've got a manga that's just been dropped very, very quickly. I mean, these dogs are so frustrating; they're just always on my back.

best weapons in mwz

We can just take out a mimic, so easy. Having them have the mags of holding acquisition on just honestly makes this game ridiculously easy to play. So now we should be a to pop the head of this Mega Abomination for the second time round let's see if I can do it before it takes me down and there we go we just about, literally just about did it before I ended up going down there so we managed to get down Mangler there gets dropped with no problems, whatsoever, very easy to take that down Mega Abomination has only got about half Health left not doing a bad job so far at taking it down the one thing I want to be a little bit careful of is my ammo count but we should be good now I've just picked up a whole load of ammo, so we can just keep spraying towards that head we'll let it open up a little bit I don't know the fact someone's doing a spa contract right next to me I mean you've not really done me too many favors letting a whole bunch of extra zombies spawn in but this Mega Abomination head now should just go, if we manage to do enough damage let's see if we can take it out.

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