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Okay guys, today we are going to be taking a look at the haymaker in Modern Warfare 3 zombies. A lot of you guys have told me that this is now the best shotgun within the game; it's no longer the Lockwood, and apparently it is the hay maker that is absolutely insane in zombies, so let's sort of see if we can one tap, so it's still going to be a two tap in the Tier 1 zone, but of course the great thing with this is you don't have to bolt any bullets and you can just spray and prey this thing with no problem whatsoever.

It's got a nice wide pellet spread, so when there's a big group of zombies around, you can just hip-fire this, and you're going to take out a whole bunch of zombies in one go. I'm so excited to see what this is going to be like. Of course, at stock, we're looking at a 20-round magazine, the biggest mag that we can possibly put on.

best class zombies

As you can see, I'm fully kitted out. We're going to go straight up to Tier 2 Pack-A-Punch. We'll try Tier 1, of course, as we always do, and then, of course, we will try Tier 2, Pack-A-Punch. Then probably tier 2 pack-punch legendary, a for-to in the tier three zone, and then we can go ahead and try a tier three pack-a-punch legendary f tool and really see how good this gun really is, so straight away what we are going to do is tier one pack-a-punch this thing; it should get us up to one shot of course; it's going to take us up to 40 round magazine; and change the name of the gun to the thork cannon, which is now the new name of the gun; and like I said, this should now allow us to onot zombies in the tier one zone with no problem, as you can see that was getting basically down to no health, in the tier one zone anyway.

So this should now allow us to one-shot them. We'll go and test it straight in the Tier 2 Zone as well and see how good it's going to be over there. Okay, so we have a couple zombies here, so this should be a literal one-shot. It doesn't really matter what part of the body we hit them in either; it's just going to be a one-shot.

Obviously, range is not going to be the most amazing, but we are using a shotgun, and we don't expect it to be crazy good at range, so yeah, very viable; obviously, Tier one anyway, most guns are. We always say it's for every article. I don't even know why I bother starting half the articles in the tier one zone anymore, so I'm going to go straight into that tier 2 zone and see how we can get on.

best gun mw3 zombies

So if you guys saw my article uploaded with the six best guns for Modern Warfare 3 zombies in season 2, you would have seen that I did put the Lockwood 680 in there, and a lot of you guys said. Harry, stop using the lock hood and go and try the Haymaker out because it is insane against bosses in this game, so I thought today that's going to be the plan of action.

We are going to go ahead and try this gun in the tier three zone to see how good it is at taking down Mega Abominations and things like that, but speaking of the new zones in the tier two zone, how good is this at tier one Pack-a-Punch? It doesn't seem to be struggling at all, and it looks like it's going to melt through zombies.

It might take a little bit longer to take down the armored zombies, but overall, it just melted through any of the zombies that did come near us. As you can see, tier 2 zombies: one shot, two shots—no problem whatsoever. Same again; it's going to be a three-shot. We got one critical shot in there.

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We start with a critical shot; it's going to do a nice bit of damage to these zombies and not really take too much time to take them out. This gun feels like it's going to be very broken. It feels like it's going to be very overpowered. The zombies just can't even seem to get close to me, and I'm slowing my SHO down, trying to give the zombies a bit of time to, like, restore their health or see if I'm hitting the right parts of the shot and how long it's going to take the zombies to take out.

This sh just really does not seem to struggle; as you can see, you just start absolutely spraying it. The one other thing is that now I don't have to tap my analog stick, so because it's pack-a-punched, I can just hold down the trigger, and it's going to keep SP like just spray firing. We don't have to keep tapping it every now and then every time we want to shoot.

best weapon mw3 zombies

Once it's pack-a-punched, you can just hold down the trigger, and it is going to spray out all of the zombies around you. You can see how good that ammo lasts, like the ammo does a good amount of damage. The fire rate is pretty quick, but it's not too quick where it's going to rinse for your ammo; it's almost like the perfect setup.

As you can see, even in Tier 2 is on at tier one Pack-a-Punch this gun is going to absolutely melt through everything with no problem whatsoever. It doesn't matter what's coming near us or what's going away from us, but if we go ahead and pack-a-punch it in the Tier 3 zone or, sorry, in the Tier 2 zone, we get a mangler.

best weapon mwz

It really shouldn't take us too long to take out a mangler, yet it's nice and easy to take down, so there's no problem at all. So the one thing I will say with this gun is it can be kind of difficult to take out bosses in some of the zombies in certain situations like if you want to be hitting crit shots, it can be a little bit more difficult because of course we are just basically hitfire in this gun you can of course ads and try and hit those head shot which is going to be a viable thing like you can do it it's just not the easiest method and when you are using a shotgun it is a lot easier just to fit fire it from the hip but as you can see if you do ads and hit those headshots you are going to take majority of the zombies out in the tier 2 Zone at tier two Pack-a-Punch nice and quickly, let's see how quickly we can take out into the CLE here really shouldn't take us too long this gun just melt through absolutely, everything it's kind of ridiculous.

best weapons in mwz

How good this gun actually is I'm not going to lie it's kind of, caught me off guard at how good this gun is but, every time you guys do recommend me using a gun it usually is pretty dominant and does seem to do a really good amount of damage so what I'm going to do is take this into the tier three zone now and see how good it's going to be there, okay so we just come in and hug the edge of the tier three Zone simply because I don't want to get caught out in a situation I'm going to end up going down we can hug the edge of the tier three Zone and then we can see what it's going to be like a tier 2 Pack-A-Punch in a tier three, then like I said we can Chuck that Legend a for T long see if that's going to help us do any more damage to the zombies which it should obviously help it normally does and then we will do our best to tier three Pack-a-Punch it as fast as we can as well.

In this video we take a look at what happens when you pack-a-punch the ram 9 in mw3 zombies! Pack-A-Punching the haymaker in MW3 Zombies This Happens. Pack-A-Punching the haymaker in MW3 Zombies Best Weapon.
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