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And contracts in this game are actually very easy to complete. I'm not too sure if completing tier one contracts has a difference to completing tier 2 and tier three, but I'm assuming it does because obviously tier three contracts are more difficult to complete than tier one contracts, so if you're going to grind contracts and get your containment level up, what you're going to want to do is jump into that tier three zone, and there are plenty of easy contracts that you guys can do.

And even if you're not a confident player in the tier three Zone there are so many people that run around tier three now that you can quite easily run in there request to join a squad and majority of the time you are going to be able to join a squad that are completing contracts, so if you go down a couple of times it's not going to matter they're going to be able to revive you and they're going to help you complete those contracts that you are struggling with but if you're a more confident player that's happy to go in to the tier three Zone do the contracts by themselves then you're going to be absolutely fine doing it that way, of course the easiest contracts to do in the tier three zone are going to be ones like the deliver cargo.

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The Bounty ones aren't too difficult, and the Outlast ones and the weapon raid stash are also very easy to do. You just have to hold down the a for a little while, which really isn't too difficult. The more annoying ones are something like sport control, and I suppose the bounties can be quite difficult if you're not fully kitted up.

If you don't have a Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch with a legendary fol gun, you might struggle a little bit more if you are solo, but like I said, if you are joining a squad, there's a majority of the time going to be six of you on that team that can easily take down a high-value target doing Bounty contracts.

And realistically, it's not going to be too difficult to do at all. The thing I definitely recommend having guys is a couple of perks like stamina, and jug and PhD Flopper in the Tier 3 zone are three that you definitely want. Speed col is going to be a nice bonus, and any other perks you can also have are also going to help with this.

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Also, when you're loading into the game, make sure you're going in with a gun that you're comfortable with, whatever gun that is. I know a lot of people prefer different guns to what I prefer, and a lot of people will prefer different guns to what you prefer, so whatever gun you are very comfortable with does a good amount of damage in that tier three zone when it's tier three Pack-a-Punch.

Definitely going in with that. Also, put on the highest AA tool that you can, whether that's a legendary, epic, or rare; it doesn't really matter. Of course, the higher the rarity, the more damage it is going to put on your gun and allow you to do within the game, but just make sure you've got the highest AA tool that you can take in.

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Like I said, try and tier three Pack-a-Punch it as fast as you can as well, so you're going to have the most damage that you can possibly have out of that gun in the tier three zone, which is of course going to make completing those contracts a little bit easier. And then any schematics, you guys might have the Aether blade case, the Golden Plates, the dog bone, anything like that that's going to really help with taking out zombies, and just helping you survive for longer is something you definitely want to try and get your hands on and take into the game because once again, it's going to make completing those contracts much easier in the Tier 3 zone.

So if you want to get up to the highest containment level, which is, of course, 100 points, what you're going to want to do is just spend two to three games completely grinding contracts. It might not even take that long if you're just purely grinding contracts. Like I said, get into a game, go into tier three if you're confident, run around yourself, and just go and do the contracts.

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The one thing I will say if you're solo is that you might struggle to actually find contracts to do because, like I said, there are so many people in the Tier 3 Zone. That's one problem I keep finding: I'm going into the game. I'm completely in contract. I'm going to start the next one, and there's just no contracts available because there's like 20 people running around the tier three zone just picking up every contract that spawns in, so it might be more beneficial, even if you're confident playing solo, to join a different team because it's going to make the chance of you getting a contract to actually complete a lot higher because you're going to have different teammates that are going to have a much higher chance of getting to those contracts to be able to start them up, and then you're not going to be going against the entire zone in tier three.

So what you do want to do is start the contract. Obviously, go ahead and complete it. It doesn't matter what contract it is; just go ahead and complete that contract, and as soon as it's finished, do the rewards. Get whatever rewards you want from the rift. Go ahead and start the next contract, and just grind through contracts.

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Time After Time After Time After Time Every time you finish a contract, be looking to start the next contract right away and just grind out as many contracts as you can. You want to try and get into the Tier 3 Zone within the first 5 minutes of the game. If you can, like I said, try and load in with schematics and things like that you can put in your backpack straight away to give you a good start off the rip, then you can get straight into the Tier 3 Zone and start completing those contracts.

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If you do need to do a couple contracts in Tier 1 and Tier 2 to get some loot, it's not the end of the world. You are still going to obviously be increasing that containment level. But of course you want to get into Tier 3 because you're going to start getting better rewards. you're going to get a little bit more XP towards the containment level and overall just get better loot out of the game you're playing in anyway so it's a bit of a win-win, you're going to increase that containment level which is going to give you the nice rewards to load in with and every time you complete a game obviously your containment level is going to be higher so you're going to start the game with a few extra little perks every game as well which is a nice bonus but you're also going to be grinding, tier three, which is going to give you a nice bit of loot to actually come out with so then when you do go into the next game you're really going to be nice and kit out to go ahead and make this game and this grind a lot more easier.

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