News - The Crossbow Got Buffed & Its Broken Warzone 2 Zombies

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This has actually had a recent buff, and it is now one of the best guns in the game. It's not quite as good as a flamethrower. But it's about the closest thing you can get without a totally broken attachment, and one thing we're also going to be testing with this is putting mags of holding on it just to see if it's going to make a massive difference to the gun or not so from what I've heard since the recent update when this got buffed this has now become a ridiculously broken gun in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, we can quite easily take out zombies in tier one with just one shot as you can see we have got the explosive tips on them to do a whole bunch more damage and help take out the zombies that are going to be there we can just tap them once run off in a different direction and then the ammo is going to blow up and take them out for us, so we already know it's ridiculously broken in the tier one zone so let's just head to the tier 2 and see what it's going to be like there, and of course we do also have a legendary fol tier one and tier 2 Pack-A-Punch and then I will just go ahead and tier three Pack-a-Punch it as and when I can.

But as you can see, head shots in the tier one zone are just going to take them out the game straight away without even having to do the explosive damage, if we shoot one in the foot for example and run off it is going to still take them out because of that explosive tip but if we headshot them they just going to go down and that is going to be perfect but as you can see the reload time is quite long on this crossbow which is exactly why I want to try mags of holding and see if using mags of holding is actually going to stop us from reloading the bolt in and hopefully it does because then if it does this gun's going to become ridiculously, ridiculously.

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Broken okay, so we're in the Tier 2 zone. Now let's see what sort of damage we can do to these Tier 2 zombies if I can hit my shot. That is, let's see if we can head-shot them. Okay, so head-shot is then just going to take it into, obviously, going down with that ammo, so it looks like it's still just going to be one shot in the Tier 2 zone.

It doesn't matter what zombies we're coming up against; it doesn't matter where we're hitting them; it looks like it's still just going to be one shot because that explosive damage is then going to finish the zombies off when it gets to the end, so I guess now the question is, if we do go Ahad and Chuck mags of holding on to it, let's just shoot this zombie.

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Can I then just shoot AR so it doesn't actually look like mags of holding are going to make the difference, which is unfortunate? I was kind of hoping mags of holding would make a difference to this gun, but it's not going to, but it is still going to onot in the Tier 2 Zone with no upgrades done to the gun; we haven't got any AA tools on; we've got no Pack-a-Punch; it is still just going to take zombies out with one shot, which is actually kind of crazy, so one thing we definitely need for this is Speed Cola.

We do need to go ahead and get the Speed Cola perk just to make this reload a lot faster because, as you can see, it is a bit of a slow reload, so we are going to have to go and get Speed Cola, and I'm also going to lowkey just go into the Tier 3 zone. So what I'm going to do is start this bounty that's here, and then once we have started that.

I'm just going to go into the Tier 3 Zone after testing this and see what it's going to be like in the Tier 3 Zone. So we got a high-value Target in a Mangler again, no upgrades done to the gun; this is simply just the very base gun; we've got no speed Cod or anything like that. If we struggle a little bit, I might go ahead and just Chuck on a Tier 1 Pack-a-Punch and see if we can do extra damage to it or not, and we'll just sort of see how we get on if I had.

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I mean, if I had speed C, it would have made this a little bit easier. I'm not going to lie to you guys; it would have made it slightly easier to take down this mangler. What sort of health have we gotten so far? So far, we've done a decent chunk for just three bullets, but I think I do want to go ahead and tier one Pack-a-Punch it.

Just see if that's now going to make a much bigger difference to the damage we are going to do to this mangler. Let's just keep shooting at it. If I had speed, I could just lay bullets into it with no problem whatsoever, but of course, a Tier 1 pack-a-punch. We do have the two shots as well, and you do get the additional shot once you start Pack-a-Punch in the gun, which is going to help us take down this mangler.

As you can see, for tier one, Pack-a-Punch takes down a high-value target in the tier 2 zone. It's really not doing that bad damage; we got three shots there, we can just unload into it, and another three shots we can just fry, like it is really, really good for just taking down zombies once you start Pack-a-Punch in it, because as you can see, you can just unload a whole load of ammo into it.

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All three of them are going to explode and do good damage, and as you can see, it's really starting to take a good chunk of its health out now. And one last shot that should now be The Mangler gone down which is absolutely perfect so it's definitely usable, in this Zone if you wanted to go ahead and try it out it's definitely very usable but I'm going jump to tier three Zone and see what sort of damage we can do to the zombies in there, so this was kind of where I was hoping mag of holding was going to come into play to be honest because once you do Pack-a-Punch it you don't need to keep like reloading, every single shot you do get a couple of bolts so I was kind of hoping it wouldn't actually need to bolt at all like it would just do that first shot and then mags of holding could kick in but apparently that isn't going to be how this does work which is kind of unfortunate it would have been really cool if that was how it worked.

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And of course with this crossbow the one thing you do need to pay attention to is your ammo Reserve that you've got because you are going to get through the bolts quite quickly, but you can also pick up quite a lot of ammo for this and of course the good thing is zombies are going to drop the ammo unlike something like the flamethrower, where you have to go to an ammo cach every single time you need more ammo but let's jump into the tier three Zone and see what a tier one Pack-a-Punch crossbow can do in the tier three zone is it going to be usable I genuinely do not know we're going to have to try it out and see if it is still going to on-shot the zombies, so we'll hit that zombie there it does look like it's going to take it out and do a lot of damage to the other one that was around it as well so lowkey looks like a tier one Pack-a-Punch.

In this video we take a look at what happens when you pack-a-punch the crossbow in mw3 zombies! Pack-A-Punching the crossbow in MW3 Zombies This Happens. Pack-A-Punching the crossbow in MW3 Zombies Best Weapon.
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