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In this article, I am going to show you all how to defeat the red-warm boss in Modern Warfare Zombies. I really don't care, and let's get right into the article.

How to spawn

All right, every This guide will be split into three parts. The first part is going to be how to spawn the boss; the second part is going to be what you need to fight him.

AKA, prep everything; and then the third part is going to be all about the fight and what goes on. All right, here's how to spawn the boss at the beginning of the match: There is going to when you spawn, you're going to look for these locations on the map. The closest one to you works out. All right, in that building, there is going to be a map of the ARG stand with four other pictures.

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Those are the locations that you need to go to, and of all the locations on the maps, one is normally in Tier 3, one is normally in Tier 2, and two are normally in Tier 1. I don't know; I can't fact-check that, but for Tier 3, I can fact-check. It just saves me a lot of time, not having to look at that small map or even honor the game map.

So once you got all those, you took a picture, and now you have to go find the USB drives. Once you reach the closest location of said location that you decide to go to, to save time, you are going to look for a little UAV tower-like thing you need to interact with, and once you're done typing on the little computer, it is an animation; not zombies can hit you while you're doing it, so I would be like, throw decoys or whatever.

And a USB drive will pop out. Congratulations! You now have one USB-speed drive of four. Now, after you have gotten and collected the other three, you are going to look at your map and note where The Ether Storm is on the map. The boss fight is going to take place in one of four locations; it can be any of these, but it is determined by where The Ether Storm is and where The Ether Storm is the closest location to the thing I just showed on the screen.

This is where the fight is going to take place, and you know it's going to be there because of the two ammo caches that are near each other now that you know the location on the map. With whatever time you left, I would go into preparation. I'm about to get on that in a second. But once you're ready to spawn the boss, you are going to go to that location, and it has to be at the end of the game once the Ether Storm starts expanding.

Once it covers that area, you have to insert the USBs into these little devices, right? These refractors, I think they're called, And, basically, going to spawn the boss after like 30 seconds once they're all activated, and no, this is a fight because of the ether, Storm, all.

Prepare for fight

Prepare for fight

Right now we are on to preparing for said boss fight, so when you're on your menu, I would suggest bringing a Flawless Crystal.

If you do not have one—refining works, raw works, whatever—you can get as many perks as you can. Just general prep stuff, all right? Just to make sure, you definitely need Tiers 2 and 3 packs to do this; there's no argument. The two guns I would recommend using are either the Swarms, the WSP Swarms Kimode, or what I use, the XRK stalker, which does insane damage if both of y'all are running it.

After you find all the USBs, I would go into getting as much cash as possible to tier three pack and get every perk. Now to do that. I would do tier three bound Mones escorts whatever you can do to get up there because you are going to need a lot of essence to prepare for the fight because not only are you going to need a gas mask to survive the anther sword, preferably a durable one, but a regular one.

You are going to need a lot of sentries and self-references; preferably. I would go about eight centuries; in total, maybe four people; five people if you have multiple people; as many cents as you can bring; and at least three self-references. It makes the fight a whole lot easier with whatever perks you can get that work the best.

I didn't have every perk. I know my bad. You can also put out in the chat that you are going to do the boss, and someone may help. I did that, and, overall, preparing until the fight is essential for even killing the worm. So you got to make sure you are 100% prepared for this fight because it's nothing to joke around about.

In my opinion, it is the hardest of the worms. I personally haven't fought Act 3 yet, so don't get me on that.



All right Now it is fight time, so after you put in all those USBs you have around, it is sentry time. Put all those sentries down around this circle in the area; it'll distract the worm. I would also make sure to bring Casmir; they're not needed. I didn't have any; I don't think Delta did; I'm not sure, but I stepped back.

Step back, because he is going to pop up in the middle. My strategy is that because of the Aether storm, your gas Maxes is going to take damage. You are going to stand at one of the ammo caches, at least near it. You don't have to be right about it. I was right up on it, but, like, I'm me. And once your gas mask is about to break, hit it, and then rotate to the other ammo cache until yours is about to break again, and then you rinse and repeat.

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And make sure they lay fire on that box. If it's needed, be sure to shoot the purple orbs that fly out of him; those do a lot of damage. I had golden armor plates and an ether blade; those aren't needed but are very helpful. That's why I wanted to keep my gas mask up, so I had the effect of the golden armor plates, but overall, you should be safe with the sentries.

Note: During the fight, Mega Abominations will spawn every now and then. Those aren't too big of a deal if you know how to take them out. It's pretty simple; you just have to shoot their heads. It's like Marga from Black Ops 3. Make sure they avoid the worm's laser attacks and his grab. If he grabs you in his mouth, I don't necessarily know how to get out of it.

I just spam-jum until he lets me go and you can parachute out. It's no big deal once you get the worm all the way defeated. Everything and a reward will spawn, and you can get one of three schematics. You can either get a legendary ether tool schematic, a Flawless Crystal schematic, or the scorcher schematic, and don't worry about all the other zombies; you should be safe to get it, and don't worry about the xfill because there is one right there.

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Okay, that is the end of the guide. I mean, I can't really help. Other than that, I just gave you a general breakdown of my guide; it may not work for you. I'm sorry if it doesn't; I tried to help, but if you did enjoy it, be sure to leave a like. And subscribe, and I'll see y'all in the next one.

It is me shy, and I'm out,

In this video, I go over how to beat the red worm boss in MW3 Zombies.
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