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As you guys will know the tyr was a very broken gun in Zombies it always has been but the one downfall that it had was the amount of ammo you had in each magazine you had about 10 bullets in each magazine after Pack-a-Punch in it I believe and it just really became pretty useless because of how often you were reloading this gun yes it was really powerful, but the one thing you had to do all the time was just simply reload and it was a very annoying thing to have to do, so now that we've got the mags of holding acquisition I thought I would jump into the game test it out in tier one tier 2 and tier three, with the mags of holding acquisition so we can just really start seeing how good this gun can be if you're not going to have to reload every 30 seconds.

So let's go ahead and Chuck mags of holding on straight away, as you can see 66 bullets in the magazine. We are now never going to have to reload this gun; we just need to make sure we are constantly picking up ammo to be able to keep using it, but as we all know, tier one is no test for any gun, so let's jump straight into that tier 2 zone and start seeing what this pistol can do, and I'm also going to try and unlock the serpent Tonite camo on this gun.

That will get me closer to unlocking Mary Camo for zombies. So in the Tier 2 zone now we have some Tier 2 zombies in front of us again, no Pack-A-Punch on the gun or anything like that, but we should be able to get through these zombies, to be honest, pretty easily without having to have any Pack-A-Punch on the gun.

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As you can see, we're going to do crazy, crazy damage to the zombies. Yes, all right, we might run out of ammo pretty quickly just firing at them like this, but we are going to get through them without too many problems in the Tier 2 zone. As you can see, the Tier 2 zombies are going to get melted pretty quickly without any upgrades on the gun.

Again, we will test out against another tier 2 zombie, so it's going to be about two shots of both guns to the head of the T, the base zombies, and then, of course, the armored zombies are probably going to be a little bit more, but now that we've run out of ammo, let's just go ahead and tear one pack-a-punch.

We have now got 135, Bullets in the magazine, and we can start dropping through these zombies very quickly now with no problem. I mean, as you can see, it's going to take about two shots to the head of a base zombie, and then if we take about three shots to the head of an armored zombie, it's really going to be very powerful.

best gun mw3 zombies

In Tier 2, in the tier 2 so not going to struggle at all; it's going to quite easily just melt through the zombies we're coming up against at the moment. And again, don't forget that this is only tier one pack-a-punch and tier two, though we're not tier 2 pack-punch or anything like that, and this gun is very, very powerful.

It's going to do very good damage to the zombies, and I do want to try and find a high-value target or at least a boss zombie in the Tier 2 zone and see how quickly we can drop one of those. And the great thing about a Kimbo pistol is that your sprint speed is still pretty fast, especially when you've got stamina up.

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You're basically running at full speed, so the mobility on these is also going to be really, really fast, which is absolutely amazing. Okay, so it looks like we have a mangler coming up here. Let's see how much damage we can do to a mangler with just tier one. Pack-a-Punch i mean even at tier one that melted through that Mangler with no real problems to be totally honest that done a really good job at getting through that mang's health and just totally taking out of the game again remember, tier one Pack-a-Punch we're not yet at tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, let's actually go ahead and tier two Pack-a-Punch as there's another Mangler so we can get a better test on how this Mangler is going to go down at tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, rather than tier one we can just keep spraying at this Mangler and it is going to get absolutely dropped this is what I love about the tyrs taking down boss zombies they are just so ridiculously, strong but also now the fact we've got mags of holding on it we don't have to reload the gun which means it's going to do even more damage and be to take them out even faster.

best weapon mw3 zombies

I mean, as you can see against normal zombies as well, it's now just going to be very powerful in the tier 2 zone, so all around now this gun's going to start becoming a bit of a beast, and we're just going to look to jump into the tier three zone to see what sort of damage we can do to the tier three zombies if it's not doing the craziest damage I will go ahead and put that legendary a for tool on because that is going to make a big difference to the damage we're going to do, so let's see if we can find any tier three zombies that we can quickly go ahead and test this gun out on so let's see what we can do against this armored zombie.

really, not bad damage—to be honest, really, really not bad damage. We're going to do quite nice damage to the zombies, which can take them out pretty quickly. It's not the fastest, but again, there's only tier 2 Pack-A-Punch in the tier three zone, so considering that it's not a bad tck on the guns already, if we wanted to, we could go ahead and Chuck that legendary a for tool on and just make it a little bit more powerful.

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And that's when it's going to start melting through these tier-three zombies. As you can see, the armored zombie in the Tier 3 zone took one shot out of both bullets. Yeah, we're going to start melting through these zombies really, really quickly now, so what I might try to do is find something like a bounty contract or anything like that, but as you can see, there's a lot of people in the Tier 3 zone, so I might have to join up with a different squad in hopes of actually getting a contract to be able to complete.

But already without even tier three in these guns they just feel ridiculously, powerful they feel are going to do some crazy damage we've actually got disciple in front of us see what sort of damage we can do to this disciple, if we just do start spraying at it rid of that dog we just keep spraying at this disciple yeah looks like it's going to do really nice damage to the disciple not going to take too long to take down at all there to be totally honest again considering it tier two Pack-a-Punch and the tier three Zone that was not bad at all I've used definitely used worse guns than that really was not a bad TT count that disciple, and again with mags of holding we can just keep spraying and do really nice damage to the zombies take out any of the zombies that pull up the bosses are going to get dropped quickly, all around it's just a very strong and very powerful, gun.

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