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best class for mw3 zombies

Of course these are burst pistols as we can see they're pretty powerful as well if we just go ahead and test them on a tier one zombie, we're going to take that out pretty simply and I believe it's three shots per time you press the trigger so you're going to do a decent bit of damage and as you could see it's going to do nice damage in tier one but most of the guns do as again we're never going to be testing guns in the tier one zone as of too much we're going to go straight into that tier 2 and tier three Zone, as you can see one burst to the head is easily going to drop those tier one zombies with no problem whatsoever going to drop them very easily literally have no problem we can group them all up we can start firing the double triggers, just do a whole bunch of damage cuz of course they're a Kimbo which gives us around about 100 bullets to start off with a spawn and then of course once we Pack-a-Punch it we are going to go up to 100 bullets per magazine, giving us an overall of 200 bullets in each round.

So as you can see fully kitted out ready to go I've also B in the mags of holding schematic as well cuz I want to try mags are holding on this because I feel like it could make this gun ridiculously broken from what I've heard this gun is ridiculously overpowered in all sorts of different zones, and it's also very good at getting through boss zombies as well so I thought having mags of holding might make it even more overpowered then all we've got to keep an eye on is our Reserve ammo, but let's go ahead and test it in the tier 2 Zone and see what sort of damage we are going to be able to do so we got a couple zombies here as you can see we take this hell hound out first because they're more annoying but as you can see we've got a normal tier 2 zombie, it's going to take maybe three bursts by the looks of it which I mean isn't really bad to be fair cuz there's no upgrades done to the gun at all we can just keep firing.

best class zombies

So let's go ahead and throw it up against the test on a disciple in the Tier 2 zone. So I'm very interested in seeing what this is going to be like against the high-value target. I'm not too sure if it's going to be stupidly powerful if it's going to struggle a little bit in the tier 2 zone because, again, it is only tier one Pack-a-Punch, and if it does struggle like I said before, we'll just up it to tier 2 Pack-a-Punch, and then we can sort of see what damage it's going to do.

best gun mw3 zombies

The other great thing about having a Kimbo pistols is your Sprint speed is fully maxed out basically once you've got stamina up on so you can get around the map nice and quickly, but let's find this disciple see what sort of damage we can do to it when we do come across it here is the disciple now let's just start spraying at it to see what sort of damage we can do let's try and fire at the hand it's kind of difficult to be a little bit more accurate with these guns because of course they are a Kimbo, but so far doesn't look like we're good we're going to do the craziest damage at the start and our teammate is going to come along with the flamethrower and just melt through it but at tier one, it didn't seem to be doing the most crazy damage to be totally honest so it might be a case of need to tier 2 Pack-A-Punch it so I feel like we definitely would have needed a tier 2 Pack-A-Punch there to even start doing any sort of damage because that's the one thing I will say with having a Kimbo pistols.

So let's go ahead and Chuck the legendary AA tool on now, and this should make a really nice difference to the gun and the damage it's going to do, which it looks like is going to be the case. It looks like we're going to melt through those zombies now ridiculously fast with no problems whatsoever.

best mwz gun builds

But let's start up this Outlast contract as you see got a whole bunch of zombies around me we should be able to just melt through these pretty quickly I'm not going to lie like this gun is just very powerful again it's only tier 2 Pack-A-Punch we're not even at tier three yet and we have just melted through that hoard of zombies with no problem whatsoever like we haven't run out of ammo we've still got 22 bullets in each magazine which is kind of crazy considering the amount of zombies we actually did just take out, so far I'm very impressed with the ability of this gun like it feels very powerful it feels very nice, and overall it's a very good gun already and it's taken down hord of zombies with no problems considering we're only a tier 2 Pack-A-Punch with the legendary a tool we've still got the ability to tier three Pack-a-Punch it we can still put mags of holding on it there's still a lot of upgrades we can make to this gun to make it even better and it's already doing really good damage.

best weapon mw3 zombies

As you see, we have a disciple coming in here. Let's see what sort of damage we can do to a disciple really quickly. I mean, it looks like we're going to melt through that disciple with no problem whatsoever, trying to stop it from getting those hand shots, and there we go. That disciple has been dropped, and it really didn't take us too long at all to drop a tier three disciple there again.

Tier 2 Pack-A-Punch with just a legendary all on it really, really good damage to that disciple there. And I think the key to this gun is having to be up close against the bosses so you can try and have a much better chance of hitting those critical shots because, like I said, when you're not attacking, it can become pretty difficult to hit those critical shots, which is of course what's going to drop the bosses a lot faster.

But we can just easily run through zombies with no problem whatsoever; there's no point in starting to struggle with this gun, yet we can just very easily farm through zombies. As you've seen, we can take bosses down pretty quickly, which is really, really nice. It's already given me good signs that this gun's going to be ridiculously good in the Tier 3 Zone.

best weapon mwz

But let's go ahead and tier three Pack-a-Punch it because, why not? Let's make it the best variant of itself that we can possibly have, and I was going to say. Let's do some contracts, but there aren't actually any contracts on the map right now, so we're going to have to wait for one to pop up so we can go and do one, so in the meantime, let's see if we can quickly find a mega Abomination spawn somewhere.

There's usually one that spawns over in this direction, so I'll have a little look. If we can, we'll try and have them take down the mega-abomination with these retti pistols. So it doesn't look like a mega-abomination is going to spawn, and someone's doing a Spore contract here anyway, so I'm going to stay away from that.

In this video we take a look at what happens when you pack-a-punch the renetti in mw3 zombies! Pack-A-Punching the renetti in MW3 Zombies This Happens. Pack-A-Punching the renetti in MW3 Zombies Best Weapon.
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