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Swarm a kimbos in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, if youve ever use these guns before you will know just how good these things used to be so I'm testing if they're still good in season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 zombies or not because believe me these used to be one of the best guns in the game so I'm very interested to see on how they're going to be at this time around in the season 2 update, as always we've got all the gear that we need Tier 1 tier 2 Pack-A-Punch crystals legendary a tools all of that sort of stuff to be able to make this gun the best possible version of itself and test out in that tier three and potentially even the dark ather zones, so the first few zombies we're going to come up against let's see how quickly we can get through these it really shouldn't take us too long especially in the tier one zone and it looks like it's going to get through these zombies very quickly which is exactly what I suspected, but again the tier one zone for majority of the guns in this game isn't exactly a test.

As you know, the main tests really start once we get into those tier 2 and tier 3 zones, so I'm going to start heading straight to the tier 2, off the rip, so we're straight into the tier 2 zone now, obviously, upgrades to the gun as of yet. Let's see how well we can deal with the Tier 2 zombies with no upgrades to the gun if it struggles a little bit, which doesn't look like it's going to, to be totally honest, look like it's going to melt through the zombies with no real problem whatsoever.

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We can quite easily just get through the Tier 2 zombies without this gun being upgraded at all. Now as you can see tier 2 zombies no upgrades to the gun it's going to be able to hold its own it's going to melt through the zombies without too many problems the one thing I will say that I've just noticed is I am out of ammo so because I'm out of ammo let's tier one Pack-a-Punch this we are going to go from having I believe 100 round mags on each gun up to 200 rounds on each magazine, and of course the gun name is now going to change to the a th000 stings a Kimbo we've obviously got the Dual wer kimbos 400 bullets to basically rinse through with these guns and it's going to be absolutely insane tier 2 is now going to be very easy with this gun obviously having a tier one Pack-a-Punch is going to make a nice big difference we can get through these hordes of zombies with no problem whatsoever, so what we're going to look at doing in just a moment is maybe starting a bounty contract in the tier 2 Zone trying out the guns against a bounty contract and then get straight into the tier three Zone.

best gun mw3 zombies

So, of course, what we're going to do is head towards that tier three zone and start testing this gun out on a tier 2 pack-a-punch in a tier three zone Chuck that legendary toon if necessary, and then we should also start getting enough cash together to be able to tier three pack-a-punch it, but like I said against the tier 2 zombies, no problem whatsoever; you are going to melt through them very easily.

Okay guys, here we are in the Tier 3 Zone. Let's see what sort of damage we can do to these zombies. We might need a legendary A for all of it. I'm not too sure how good it is going to be in the Tier 3 Zone without the legendary Tier 2 Pack-A-Punch. Doesn't seem to be too bad seems to be I do decent damage to the zombies but it's not taking them out ridiculously, fast it's doing okay damage like it's going to hold its own but the big difference is of course chucking that legendary a for ton and that's when this gun is going to start melting through these tier three zombies of course we're not a tier three Pack-a-Punch yet we are only at tier 2 Pack-A-Punch but that legendary AOL is going to make a huge difference when trying to move through these zombies as you can see didn't take us very long there to melt through that one particular zombie.

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So if you guys can't quite get to tier three Pack-a-Punch but you've got tier 2 Pack-A-Punch and a decent ather tool you could probably get into the tier three Zone and be able to take care of the majority of the zombies that are coming near you like I'm not really going to struggle now with any of the zombies that are going to come near me and I'm not also too far off getting the rest of the cash to give to tier three Pack-a-Punch this thing which is always a nice thing to have so there's a mega Abomination, there don't quite want to get involved with a mega Abomination fight, just yet because of course the gun's not all the way maxed out I'd like to Max the gun fully before we start taking down Mega.

best weapon mw3 zombies

Abominations as you can see tier 2 Pack-A-Punch you're going to be a to survive in the tier three Zone without many problems whatsoever to be honest again remember I do have legendary a for tool on so it's not just tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, it is tier 2 with a legendary a for Tool which is going to make a nice increase to the damage this gun is going to do and as you can see it's going to melt through the zombie so I'm super excited, to go ahead and tier three Pack-a-Punch this thing and see what sort of damage it's going to do at tier three Pack-a-Punch considering it's melting the zombies this quickly in the tier three Zone already, but guys we are now able to tier three Pack-a-Punch this I think this is where this gun's going to get very good I'm going try and join this squad in case they're doing any contracts.

There we go through tier three, Pack-a-Punch. This should now start melting through the majority of the zombies that are going to come near us. We should be able to hold off these zombies so easily now. It really should not be too much of a problem. Get yourself out of the corner. We can run around.

best weapon mwz

We got 96 bullets left in that one. Luckily, an insta kill came up, so that's always a nice time. Yeah, tier three, Pack-a-Punch. This thing is going to start melting through everything with no problem whatsoever. But as you can see now, the zombies at tier three. Pack-a-Punch legendary if at all, are just going to get obliterated, like we are going to melt through zombies, so quickly it's actually kind of crazy how fast we're going to get through these, so we do actually have a mega Abomination here, so why not try our luck against the mega Abomination already?

Just see how quickly we can take one down. Hopefully it opens its head nice and early, which is exactly what's going to happen. Get one head popped right away. really, really good start there to taking down this mega abomination. This megafight is always kind of annoying because there are always a lot of zombies around.

You do have to be careful with how much is going on around you because, as you can see, there's all sorts of stuff going on around here, but this mangler should get taken care of pretty quickly, which has been very nice. That should take care of a fair few of these zombies that are around, which it did, which is really nice and exactly what I wanted to see.

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