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Welcome back to another Modern Warfare 3 zombies article, and today we're taking a look at the most broken thing we have seen in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and that is, of course, the flamethrower attachment. This aftermarket attachment came out absolutely ages ago for zombies, but it's only recently become really, really broken.

Health i mean just look at this thing it's actually crazy however the one thing that I will say that is a massive downfall for this aftermarket, part or the under Barrel attachment whatever you do want to call it is the fact that you can't pick ammunation up for it every time you need ammo you are going to actually have to go to an ammo crate to actually get new ammo but we've got a deciple here and here two zone no Pack-A-Punch on the gun how could I mean the fact that that's just taken down a disciple before I could even say how quickly can we take down a disciple, is actually insane like I haven't even pack-a-punched this yet I've not put legendary a for tools on or anything like that and it is dropping bosses in the tier 2 Zone.

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Within literal seconds like rapidly fast so I'm not even going to mess about in the tier 2 Zone anymore I'm going to jump straight into that tier three Zone and see how good this gun's going to be so I'm not too sure why they've broken it I don't think they've actually meant to give the flamethrower attachment as much damage as they have as they have, but this thing is just I mean you can already see just how good it is again there's no upgrades on my gun and it is melting through zombies so quickly but yeah it's actually just melting through the zombies which is ridiculous we in the tier three Zone how quickly can we get through these zombies I mean even then it's not going to look like it's going to struggle too much to get through the zombies, it's not obviously anywhere near as fast as it was.

But it still isn't bad at all, like it really, really is not bad. What about if we now just have Tier 1 Pack-a-Punch? It's in the Tier 3 zone, so we've only got our first upgrade done to it. That's the one and only upgrade that we have done to it so far. Let's find some more zombies and see how quickly we can take them out.

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And then, if we need to, we can carry on upgrading the gun as we do, and of course, at some point, I will make a Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch. Obviously, put that legendary a on, but I mean, now that is even going to make a big difference. I know my dogs just killed that zombie there, but let's go and do this Outlast contract with this.

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This guy here, I don't need to do it, got another disciple. Here we are going to melt for the disciple pretty quickly, like it will hold its own. The attachment will definitely hold its own in the Tier 3 Zone and just the Tier 1 Pack-a-Punch. Which is actually kind of crazy to say. Like you find me another gun that's going to be capable of playing in the tier three Zone at just tier one Pack-a-Punch I'll be very surprised if you can manage it but like I said I'm about to run out of ammo I've got 45 bullets left in the magazine or 45, fire bits left in the mag and then I'm out of ammo once we run out of ammo there is not much we can really do, apart from get to the nearest ammo crate, so I'm going to go ahead and tier two Pack-a-Punch it now cuz you seone it can sort of do at tier one we sort of saw the speed it will take down the zombies now we're up at tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, let's see what sort of difference it's going to make in the tier three Zone let's just try and tap them a little bit.

So again, it looks like just a couple of bullets out of the gun are going to take it down. It really doesn't look like it's going to be a lot. I mean, we've killed like three zombies there in the space of going down in 10 ammo, but as you can see, there's ammo on the floor. I can't pick it up because the ammo will not go off of that, which is quite frustrating.

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And the only downfall this thing really does have is that you need to always make sure that you know where there is some ammo CES around. Like, for me right now. I've got to run all the way down to there to actually even get some more ammo in this gun; otherwise. I will be fully out and I won't be able to take down any more zombies, but let's quickly test this mangler to see how quickly we can take a mangler out in the Tier 3 zone, so we have run out of ammo before we could fully take it out, which I mean isn't great.

We did do half of its health, which isn't terrible, like it's really not that bad for the sort of ammo that we did have. So I've now come all the way out here just to get some more ammo, but once we do get some more ammo, we are back up to 300 round magazines, which is really nice. We've got another 300 bullets to just absolutely fly through, take down the zombies, and really start testing the gun once again.

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So is there it looks like there's a mangler over here which I actually wouldn't mind trying to take out to see if we can actually do more than half of its health now so we have got it here okay so it's not got a lot of health left, we're going to take it out so quickly I mean what 11 bullets it took to take it out now if we come up against this Mega Abomination, here let's see what sort of damage we can start doing to this Mega Abomination we'll just spray the fire at it and it looks like its health is just going to actually deteriorate that was rapid.

I've never seen a mega Abomination go down that quickly with a Tier 2 Pack-A-Punch gun like that. It's actually insane how quickly that thing's just gone through another mangler. We can just tap it a little bit, take that out, and it should now go down there. It is fully gone down, so how many bullets are actually we taking the armad zombie out?

We've got 166. Let's see how long it's going to take to get it down. So we took maybe four bullets. Let's now check on a legendary apal and retest that once again, but let's try this decimal first. Let's see how quickly we can take down the decimal. It's no problem whatsoever. And I know I keep saying it, but this gun is ridiculously broken right now.

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If you need something good to use, put this under Barrel One, and it is going to make such a big difference to the times of killing any gun that you are using. It's honestly going to make every single gun you put this on just so broken. Like, I can hear Mega Abomination just roaming around. Let's see how quickly I can take it out if I manage to take it out with the bullets that I do have.

So we've got Mega Abomination, not even waiting for heads to open up. Let's see i mean, we should. Not quite finishing it off, but we have done a very good amount of damage to this mega-abomination health there, considering. We didn't even pop one of its heads or anything like that, considering we were just spraying the flamethrower.

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