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If you guys have been playing zombies recently, you'll know how difficult and dangerous the Tier 3 Red Zone is on Zakan. Can be now preseason 1 most rooftops were safe and you could just chill and repeat deliver cargo contracts over and over again to get schematics, really fast it was a nice simple life however that's no longer the case but in this article I'm going to be showing you all the current safe areas in monare 3 zombies in the tier 3 red zone so that you don't have to ever die again in this dangerous tier 3 zone as there's plenty of safe places it just people don't know about them now you may say there's plenty of modare zombies interactive maps online with safe areas I can just use that but the issue with that is they are unfortunately, outdated.

With many of these safe areas no longer actually safe so they're not accurate and therefore in this article I'm going to show you guys all the updated safe areas in monifer Zombies season 2 in the Red Zone including a great safe place to sit and keep grinding deliver cargo contracts over and over again easily, like we did before so if you want help with any of that then definitely stay tuned and leave a like if you find this useful so that other people can find this article too before we carry on with the article If you're looking to permanently unlock the new monifer 3 Mastery camos or play in bot lobbies to max out your guns and unlock CES quickly or get your hands on an instant delivery pre-made account then be sure to check out Mitch cactus.

Main safe spots mw3 zombies

Safe spot 1 - mw3 zombies

Safe spot 1 - mw3 zombies

Hut Rooftop in the seat town area now, this is kind of the south side of the Tier 3 Red Zone. You can access this via parachuting, from above, or climbing onto an object such as a vehicle and then onto this roof. Now, the zombies can't get you up here, but you are at risk of getting down from throwing meat at you, so it's not suitable for a long time, but it is just worth knowing that is there, especially if you need to reload, heal a bit, or just do something for a short while.

Maybe just pop out quickly. You've got time to do that for a little while with this rooftop.

Safe spot 2 - mw3 zombies

The next one is a house rooftop, again in Sea Town, and here the zombies cannot get to you; they can throw meat, but the walls are very high around the roof, so it's going to keep you well protected.

It's a very safe area, and you can either climb up from the ground or reach from above like parachuting or something like that, so this is a very good place to stay if you need to pop out either to the toilet or whatever it might be.

Safe spot 3 - mw3 zombies

This is useful. We've also got a small Hut rooftop.

Safe spot 4 - mw3 zombies

Safe spot 4 - mw3 zombies

Near the opal Palace now this Hut is basically next to the deadbolt, turret and at bottom of the road leading up to the opal Palace you'll find this Hut the zombies cannot reach you up here when you get onto it but they can unfortunately throw meat and because it's quite a small surface area and there's no walls to hide it's not the best location for a long time but it can be useful for a short time nearby to this you'll also find a digger in the courtyard specifically of the courtyard of the opal Palace, this is a great area and I'll explain why so at the bottom right of the courtyard you're going to find this Digger and you can access the underp part of the Digger from either side I'm sure at some point this will get patched but at the moment it hasn't been so you can crawl underneath it from either side and basically once you go prone and crawl inwards, you will be safe from the zombies, they can't throw meat at you and they can't hit you either the very outside.

afk mw3

Part of the space under the Digger the zombies can reach you but if you go slightly further in you will be safe, and they can't get you at all they can't hit you they can't throw me at you it's very safe you can stay here for as long as you like and it's a great place once you're finished, you should be able to go out the other way from which you came in or if there zombies blocking both areas you can always just throw something like a decoy grenade, but the likelihood, is you'll have one of the exits, will be free so this is a fantastic, place I've to go prone to you know battle pass XP or something or just if you need to go off a little while and leave your game running finally in this South cluster.

Safe spot 5 - mw3 zombies

Of the safe zones, there is another circular hut rooftop. In this opal palace courtyard, it's on the top left of the courtyard, and yet again, you can access fire from above or by climbing up from the ground. As before, the zombies can't get to you, but you're at risk of being hit by the meat, so just try and go prone.

If you can round the back from where the zombies are normally, that's the best, so that's it for the South Area. What about the rest of the Tier 3 Red Zone well in the Northeast?.

Safe spot 6 - mw3 zombies

Safe spot 6 - mw3 zombies

We've got a few buildings, so I'm first going to cover two buildings next to each other, which are very good near the Northeast. On the road coming into the Tier 3 Zone, there's a cluster of three buildings, the bottom left of the three on the map or back right in person if you're looking at it.

You need to enter. This building through the side door so what you want to do is go upstairs, and round to the right into the next room and there'll be a ladder here upstairs you want to climb the ladder up to the top floor, and then you want to kind of jump round to the outside roof now once you're there the zombies can get you but if you jump across to the building opposite which I'm going to call building one it's got like a corrugated, iron roof if you go over there the rooftop cannot be accessed VI zombies, but unfortunately they can access the rooftop you were just on and throw meat across at you basically be wary of the meat cuz they can throw it if they're up there and this can be dangerous unless you hide in The Little Shelter on that roof but even then it's not 100% , safe so I'd recommend going across to the adjacent building rooftop.

Safe spot 7 - mw3 zombies

Which is basically building two now. Once you jump across from the rooftop onto this second building, it's completely inaccessible. By zombies, they can't get up here; they can throw Meer Cross, but it's got a large surface area; it's got a very small wall around the edge. But I'd recommend if you hide behind the billboard sign in the corner, the meat can't get you, so you'll be completely safe from the meat and from any zombies too, so if you go there, it's 100% safe, and it's a very good area to hide if you're in this sort of Northeast area of the Red Zone, and you need somewhere to hide alternatively.

NEVER DIE AGAIN ALL SAFE AREAS In The Tier 3 Red Zone MW3 Zombies Season 2! All Safe Areas MW3. Here are all the safe areas in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Tier 3 Zone. This mw3 zombies tier 3 solo guide will show you how to stay alive in the tier 3 zone in mw3 zombies, by knowing the safe spots in mw3 zombies.
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