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Well, I did some math and found out.

Tier 1 process

Let's show you what I found. Well, I started by grabbing a weapon and shooting zombies. I know the gunsmith shows damage numbers for all the weapons, but I wasn't super confident that they were accurate for zombies. That being said, I used the WSP Stinger, the handgun variant of the WSPs, and I meticulously shot at tier one zombies.

I then took a screenshot of the zombie's health bar both before and after it was shot and literally counted how many pixels it went down. Now this is probably the biggest roadblock we have in our way; the health bar was only. 140 pixels wide, meaning if the zombie health was any more than 140, it meant that each pixel represented more than just one health point, and especially at higher tiers and boss zombies.

cod zombies

This is no doubt the case. This is important because it means that any sort of rounding the game is doing within the health bar itself means my calc calculations will be using that inaccurately rounded number. Now you might be thinking, Donuts, why not just zoom in and enhance the health bars in Photoshop?

Well, you'd be right. However, when I tried this, this happened. Do you see the shades of red in those pixels? Where do you stop counting them as part of the health bar? It's hard to tell, but keeping it at 140 pixels makes that point a little bit more obvious to me. Something I did find out was that no matter the distance the zombie seems to be away from you, the health bar is the same size on your screen, so that was really good for testing consistent variables.

We love them. Something I definitely should have done is have a Photoshop canvas of 144p. To match my game settings instead of the 1080p that I used for the canvas setting, this is something I only realized in this moment while writing this script right now. Luckily, I did many tests, shooting zombies a different number of times, calculating the new pixel count, etc., then cross-referencing and extrapolating.

Those theoretical damage numbers helped me get an idea of the general ballpark of both the damage my gun was doing and, therefore, how much health the zombie had. Now, this all started with some guesswork. The Stinger Gunsmith page stated that it does 24 damage to everything but the head. This was excellent because it meant that I didn't have to aim specifically for the upper or lower chest and still get consistent data that is being said in terms of damage range, and whether or not that number is for Real is really hard for me to know, but assuming the Stinger was doing 24 damage to her shot.

Tier 1 results

Tier 1 results

I calculated that tier one zombies. Have 200 health points. Which honestly feels like right multiplayer has enemies with 150 health points and Tier 1 zombies feel like they take a little bit longer than that, so from a feeling perspective, that lines up and it's a clean number, and I'm quite happy with that.

Tier 2 process

Now the fun part: I did the exact same testing method, only this time I went into Tier 2 and used a non-armored zombie as my target. This is problematic, though, as you see, which I underestimated. How much health do Tier 2 zombies have from shooting them with a gun that only does 24 damage? I barely moved the health bar at all, so I got some footage, and then I proceeded to rank up my weapon.

Rarity level and pack-a-punch level: don't worry, I did ensure that I did a threat level one and threat level two test every single time I made any alterations to my weapon. I got to keep some sort of scientific method in here. What I found was that if the wsp was blue rarity, it was doing 50 damage, and if it was blue rarity and pack-a-punched, it was doing 100 damage with that in mind.

Taking a look at our fancy Rarity versus Pack-a-Punch chart, it looks as though it is doing four times the base damage. This means that the base damage of the stinger is actually 25, not 24, like we thought before. These sorts of inconsistencies popped up quite a bit again. I have to assume it's due to some sort of rounding error, either on my part or the game's part.

Tier 2 results

Tier 2 results

That being said, having a weapon deal 100 flat damage was amazing for testing , so I went into Tier 2 and did some more calculations and found out that Tier 2 zombies have. 233333, 333 Health points This made me very excited because this feels like a designed number; it's clean, and it checks out with some other tests that I did.

Tier 3 process

From here, I did the same process while upgrading my gun to purple rarity and pack 2 again, making sure I shot zombies both in Tier 1 and Tier 2 to have some references from there. I figured out how much damage that gun was doing and went into Tier 3, and boy, this was way harder than Tiers 1 and 2, not only because there were more zombies, more armored zombies, but also because of the amount of health that they had calculated.

Inconsistently, I did multiple tests. I upgraded to pack three, shot more zombies, upgraded to Legendary, and shot more zombies. Keep in mind that if my number for Tier 2 zombies is anywhere near the actual correct answer, it means that each pixel of that zombie's health represents about 16.6 health points. That means that the 16.6 range of health could possibly have been multiplied by me doing these calculations, and we could get an error range in the hundreds, so for Tier 3 zombies with even more health per pixel, the calculations could be really off.

Tier 3 results

Tier 3 results

But for Tier 3 zombies, through my calculations, I found that Tier 3 zombies have a health of.

21, 000 health points. If this is true, that means that each pixel represents. 150 health points. This means that any rounding could lead to an error ranging in the thousands.

For all intents and purposes

Now I know I'm not being super confident in my numbers, and it'll probably be better for the YouTube article to be like.

I know this is right, this is totally true; you can totally believe me, but I do feel confident in the range of the numbers, and looking at them. I wouldn't doubt that these numbers are even simpler than we think. I wouldn't doubt that Tier 1 is 200, Tier 2 is 2, 000, and Tier 3 is just 20, 000. That would be simple, and honestly, for you guys, that's probably the easiest way of thinking about it.

Each tier functionally multiplies the zombie health by 10, so killing a Tier 3 zombie feels like killing 10 Tier 2 zombies or 100 Tier 1 zombies.



Now I did really want to go in and test out all the bosses, armored zombies, and mercenaries, but with such an inconsistent testing method. I wanted to get this out first and maybe get some help from you guys.

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