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Game 1

Game 1

The Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch Crystal schematic has an insane cooldown of 3 days. Well, today we're going to play three games, one with a Tier 2 Pack-a-Punch Crystal, another with a Tier 1, one more with no Pack-a-Punch Crystal, and one more with no Pack-a-Punch Crystal, and see just how long it takes to get a Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch.

Let's get started. In game number one, we are going to start this game with a double pack-a-punch. Crystal here now clearly knows that Pack-a-Punch isn't the only thing that affects your weapon damage; you also have ether tools, and so I thought the most common ether tool everybody would have is a rare ether tool, so that's what we're going to use for these tests just to kind of keep a consistent variable here, so the name of the game here is going to be doing contracts as fast as possible, and the fastest contracts are going to be Atri GTS cargo deliveries.

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And then we can start getting into things like spor contracts, even ether extractors, and maybe raid weapon stashes. Even though this is a tier one contract, we have a tier 2 pack punch, Crystal, so that means this guy is probably going to go down pretty quickly, and just like that, he's gone. Yep, pretty darn good self-revive stamina.

Yes, we've got perks. Also, it would be more advantageous of you to do tier two contracts clearly because they have higher payouts, and in theory, that does mean you could probably go on into the tier three area and do like the cargo delivery contracts and even the spor control contracts because you don't really need guns with those two contracts.


But if the whole hypothesis, is that people aren't comfortable going into tier three without tier three Pack-a-Punch then I doubt they'd be comfortable going into tier three without any weapons at all got a quick little cargo delivery, here now even though it says 2, 000 points for this contract payout there's a little bug here that should give us 3, 000 yes indeed it did now this side of the map down here is really good I really like a lot of these contracts you get a lot of good hvts, and Sport controls and all that stuff now obviously contracts isn't the only thing you do to get money cash registers tend to have a couple hundred bucks every single time so as you're looting just be sure to check out all of the cash registers and all the loot here's a tier 2 hvt.

A little bit hard without Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch and just a blue Rarity gun compared to what I'm used to using, but not too bad. Hey, there's an epic ether tool I'm going to use with that bad boy, and that's awesome. Also, if you have the space, take these items worth a couple hundred points and sell them at buy stations, which can get you a lot more cash than you think.

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I guess now would be a good time to show you this Ram 9 build that I got going on here. It's nothing crazy, and I'm still ranking it up all right. That is another contract done, and we are so close we are one away. Now this must be a new HVT. Spot; I've never seen it up here before. Honestly, though I really like this, this is pretty cool with a double pack-a-punch.

This should go down pretty well there. We go nice and good and we got speed cool again cool now we can loot all the good stuff in here look at all the good stuff in here there's a turret circuit that we'll take there's another Quick Revive can another casmier, that's awesome another Quick Revive can dang it this place is so good for loot a large rock sack and look at that a couple more turret circuits that's amazing, but now we have points for Pack-a-Punch.

Already and so now all we need to do is fly on over there and pack a punch. Of course, there's going to be a little bit of RNG about where this Pack-a-Punch gets placed, and it looks like somebody's playing just outside of Tier 3. Not to worry, I will go get them after I go pack-a-punch. We are on the clock, and I got to get ready to stop my timer here because we got it right now.

mw3 zobmies pach a punch level 3 crystal

2825 2825 that was when we got our Pack-a-Punch 3. Now let's go save this guy; somebody else picked him up. Cool now you might say to yourself, Donuts, how good is a Pack-a-Punch 3. Blue Rarity weapon in Tier 3 anyway? Don't you need an epic or a legendary ether tool for Tier 3? Well, let's take a look.

This is a heavy-armored zombie, and it's dead. Look at how much damage we're doing with these critical shots. We are very much handling ourselves, which is very okay here. This is easily enough damage to do sport control contracts, outlast contracts, or even raid weapon stash contracts. This is very manageable.

Pack-a-Punch is way more important than rarity. Do you know my man needs help again? And I'm not going to lie, only having 30 minutes after getting Pack 3 is kind of a shock to me. I thought it would actually be faster than that, and I'll be honest too, it felt like a decent game too; it didn't feel like I was taking super long to get contracts done; it didn't feel like I was doing them super quick; it felt pretty average, which kind of makes me worried for what we're going to find in our next couple games.

Game 2

Game 2

All right game number two we are only we're still going to use our blue ether tool but we're only going to get a pack-a-punch, one Crystal here personally I feel like this is a little bit better of a spawn I like the contracts around here a little bit more and like I said this Sport control contract can be done fairly quickly especially in tier one also it spawns in a good amount of zombies so if you go for head shot you should be able to get a little bit of bonus points here a crap I just put on the purple wrench on my gun I've said it before I'll say it again TR you really need to increase that stash size, and there's a pack-a-punch one Crystal isn't that lucky, well I apologize, for the a little bit less than scientific testing that's going to be present now because of that stupid misclick I had but in all honesty it really shouldn't skew our results that bad there's an hvt.

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Down nice and quickly, there's a green ether tool; again, I think this is a new HVT. Area I kind of don't know where to go for here is it just inside, yeah there we go all right cool I feel like this is the most likely scenario, here feel like it's not too uncommon to find the pack one crystals so I bet you people have plenty of those that being said we are going to go into tier 2 now I know I didn't accidentally put my tool to Epic instead of keeping it at rare rarity but I assure you having a blue tool pack one in here is very possible, and especially when you're doing these contracts, like cargo delivery, your Pack-a-Punch weapon doesn't really matter.

The Tier 3 Pack-A-Punch crystal schematic has an insane cooldown of 3 days.
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